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what was ur reaction when you first encountered uboa?

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I said, "YES! I got him!" Only took me ten or so tries.

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I'd seen Uboa before, so I kinda knew what to expect. Took me two tries, he showed up so I went and knifed him. I didn't know that he'd fuck me up if I touched him at the time, that surprised me.

I tried to show a friend of mine and spent 90 minutes running in and out and flicking that light switch. I bet Poniko was pissed :<

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File: 1236897760642.png -(26.3 KiB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I jumped, felt happy it took less tries to get Uboa than I thought, and then Uboa got me.

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I near flew off of my seat, shook for a good minute or two, and then touched him. Never seen him before, never knew what to expect. Bricks were shat.

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It took me forever to get this bitch... returned to the area like 4 times out of masochism to get brix. When it finally appeared, I was so bored waiting for it that it actually startled me.

Afterwards, I didn't know what to do with it...

>> No.210   [Delete]   [Edit]

Is it wrong that I've done the same thing as that pic?

As for a honest answer to the question,
I went "HELL YEAH!!". During work, no less.

Yea, got spoiled early on and wanted to see him/her/it myself D:

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File: 1237106270909.jpg -(186.7 KiB, 1300x1069) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i came.

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I think I got him on third try, and I jumped quite a bit. Then I touched him and went to that place that makes me think of periods :C

>> No.264   [Delete]   [Edit]

I was multitasking at the time, chatting with friends on my XP Desktop, and playing Yume Nikki on my Vista Laptop (because Windows XP doesn't want to install japanese language files to let me. When Uboa appeared, I only caught it out the corner of my eye, but I jumped nonetheless.

>> No.273   [Delete]   [Edit]

I shat bricks when I got him the first time. I wasn't even trying.

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I was trying to get him, and I had seen it a couple times on Youtube. I thought I was ready.

I was wrong. I shat a fucking cinder block.

>> No.357   [Delete]   [Edit]

Took about 20 tries or so, and I knew what to expect, from the let's play on youtube. But I still wasn't totally there when it happened, so I made my heart pound. The little... shaking to the room along with the music kinda gave me the willies. I actually had to inch over to him. D:

>> No.398   [Delete]   [Edit]

I flicked the lights on and off 64 times. Then I left the house, went back in, and right when I turned them off for the 65th there he was. I jumped, moved towards him and pressed z, expecting a noise or some such. The endless plains were pretty creepy.

>> No.402   [Delete]   [Edit]

To be honest, I just went 'oh'. I saw Uboa on a Let's Play before, so I knew what to expect; still, I thought it would be more scary.

>> No.421   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, I'd been trying to get Uboa to appear for about 4 hours when he appeared, so I was more like "FINALLY!" than anything else. There was no Brix.

>> No.454   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, when I first played Yume Nikki, I was scared, but Uboa was the first time the game got intense on me.

My friend told me to turn the lightswitch on and off, all that.

On my eight try, I fell back on my seat, causing it to knock over, and I hit my head on the wall. No big injury, but you could say that Uboa KO'd me.


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>> No.456   [Delete]   [Edit]

I jumped. :I

>> No.457   [Delete]   [Edit]

I brix'd a couple houses and almost fell. Then I kind of mindlessly stabbed him, and when I got to the weird blood-spewing-multi-armed-grabby thing's dimension I spammed 9 out of there.

I had to leave the lights on at night for like a week :c Now I think he's adorable. wtf.

>> No.458   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd heard of him before and had seen him (Thanks, Loudman), but that didn't stop me from going "HOLYSHIT" and jumping. Then I poked him (didn't have the knife yet), and spent about 20 minutes walking around the weird cum/water mixture before pinching myself awake -.-

>> No.609   [Delete]   [Edit]


This game's pretty new. This would mean you're either 10-12...

>> No.610   [Delete]   [Edit]

or being fucking stupid and lying about everything

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File: 1247945527092.png -(326.9 KiB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I laughed. Then I tried showing Uboa to my younger brother and he made me to it 20 times because he thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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I'm retarded and can't look on /ot/ where she posted her age.
Specifically, post no. 386.

Last edited 09/07/18(Sat)14:56.

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I don't know, but whoever posted it removed it. It was probably a little sibling or something. -shrug-
I don't mean to sound evil, but I lol'd. I lol'd very hard.

Last edited 09/07/25(Sat)15:05.

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I just recently found out about Yume Nikki, but I watched LoudMan's LP on it; actually the first one I watched was Uboa since someone else posted a pic in another chan I go to and I was intrigued.

So I went to Poniko's house to try it myself, and I was like, "lol, uboa can't scare me, it didn't seem so scary when I watched it on YT"

I got Uboa on my ~20th or so try and got creeped the fuck out. Jesus. I didn't think he'd actually scare me...

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That post is still on /ot/
The post here is gone...

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I thought, "So THAT'S what that thing is from!"
I had seen it before in some people's icons, but had never played the game before.

>> No.722   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've seen him a few times on Youtube, then I got around to getting Yume Nikki installed, played through it a bit, came to Poniko's house, killed her, did the lightswitch game about 500 times, finally got him and said "Wow. That's it?" Then I walked into him and hung out in the weird arm blood period cum land for a while.

>> No.725   [Delete]   [Edit]

A friend of mine was doing a gaming livestream, and I showed him Uboa. Here's his reaction:

>> No.742   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had already heard of Uboa so I knew what to expect. but I was thinking "Jesus, this is taking FOREVER to work. I kill her, turn off the lights and then nothing happens! This will never work-WHAT THE SHIT... I DID IT! FINALLY!"
and then I stabbed Uboa in the face and freaked out

>> No.753   [Delete]   [Edit]

You should compress that video. It's hueg file.

EDIT: I did this on a stream too, and they thought I was just trollin' like you. Freakout factor was meh. They said a nigger broke in the house.

Last edited 09/08/24(Mon)13:27.

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cursed my self in fear and went to have smoke break

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Was expecting to have shitty luck and get take forever to get to him. Turns out I got him on my 10th try and I was so shocked and I had to walk away from my computer for a moment. It surprised me real good.

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