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what do you guys think of my awesome new UBOA shirt?

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I want one. ;_;

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Do very want.

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fucking awesome. unfortunately very few people will see that and shit bricks

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Oh boy. I'd wear that.

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is the print high quality? i'm scared of doing it through online printing shops, since most do iron-on transfers.

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ahaha, I wore mine to megacon.

one person recognized it, it was awesome.

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Does it glow in the dark? 'Cause damn, then it'd really make people shit bricks!

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File: 1238222093625.jpg -(445.9 KiB, 2048x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I just have this.
Made it a long time ago back when I still worked with this one print company.
I still know the guys there though, and I could probably still get more made easily.
It's fairly high quality, you can run it through the wash multiple times and it won't peel or anything.

Plus the white part's kinda fuzzy :>

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Awesome. That's the one I'd like to own.

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Do want.
Very badly.

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Sell them on ebay so I can have one!

>> No.287   [Delete]   [Edit]


i want it.

(fuzzy uboa! eeeee!!)

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Someone should make a glow in the dark uboa shirt.

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