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I'm new to Yume Nikki, I was wondering, why do people consider Uboa beign a male?

And what is this about "filtering the voice" or something, so I can hear AAAAAA, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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To answer your first question, Uboa occured to me as a masculine name initially, therefore "he."

Secondly, I recommend looking up Uboa on youtube to hear a prefiltered version of his voice. I can't personally tell you, unfortunately.

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Might be a language thing then, where I'm from I considered it a female..

Thanks for the help.

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Well true, typically a word or name ending in "a" denotes femininity, even in English (but that's because English is the bastard child of other languages). For me personally it was more the sound.

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I actually consider Uboa to be genderless
But in portuguese we kinda HAVE to choose a gender to refer to people, so we end up having to choose between "him" or "her" when refering to Uboa.

Last edited 10/05/21(Fri)14:47.

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OP here, I'm from Brazil, that's exactly why I had this doubt..

Anyway, thanks for the answers, I'll just keep calling it a "she" in portuguese and "it" in english. Simple enough.

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Wow, Brazilian YN fans are showing up a lot lately. Where are you from?

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Hooray for the Brazillian YN fans!
Uboa for me looks like a female creature, I dunno why...

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Oh wow, you mean there are more? Would never have guessed.. I'm from Rio de Janeiro.

I've downloaded Yume Nikki like 1 year ago and completely forgot about it.. Last week I decided to give it a go, started playing it, reading about it, and now I'm addicted, especially because I found a way to connect my laptop with the TV, now I play it on the living room every night, heh..

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Bah, you're so far awaaay D= There seems to be no fans at São Paulo other than my friends...

And GOD I wish I could play on my TV. Sounds so awesome.

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What do you mean "far away", if you live in São Paulo our states are just next to each other XD

Anyway I followed you on twitter, hope it's alright.

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wait...If you all consider Uboa a male...Then dont you think he looks a little like masada?

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always thought it was a girl.

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Why yes, yes I do. It would appear that you seem to enjoy it yourself.

me too

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Most of the "monsters" are depicted as male, it just fits better. His voice is too manly anyways. I think he looks more like a male.

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I'm from São Paulo too, and i'm totally addicted to YN, this game is awesome. Brazilian YN fans keep growing!
I think Uboa is a male, 'cause it's the first impression i got of Uboa

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Also, on a more on-topic note, it's true that most monsters are depicted as male. I have never in my life seen a female Kyukkyu, for example. Female Uboa is more common due to it being half-Poniko, though. My visions of them are that they are genderless, though they're mostly "male-like genderles"... orz

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File: 1287779276297.png -(133.2 KiB, 309x292) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mostly "male-like genderles"... orz

Like Transformers, or at least the obviously-not-female ones. Agreed, I've always thought Uboa was male in gender, but with no actual physical sex (inb4 Uboa porn). I don't think of Uboa as physically existing at all, actually... Strange.

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Pelo amor de deus, os BRBRs malditos estão invadindo meu Uboachan!

Vão estragar meu disfarce de gringo!

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Uboa... genderless.

"Seu" Uboachan?

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Vamos dominar o Ubuuchan, resistir é inútil 8DDD

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bitches don't know about mah chanspeak

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Uh... vai ser fácil como impedir a entrada de drogas em uma favela. ._.

Oh you Anon. Calling people "bitches" won't make you better, happier or stronger. Think about it.

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wow, bitches takin offense at my chanspeak

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es koch die Eifersucht?

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Versuch nicht deutsch zu sprechen, wenn du es nicht kannst, mann

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Nein, Ich nich sprechen die Deutsch. Mein Deutsch ist kaputt.

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I know it's been said a million times, and I know it belongs in /t/, but I think Uboa is Poniko. It makes a lot more sense than "girl disappears and creepy figure appears in exact same place", I think they're both her. So in other words, female.

>OP's pic

lol, I'm just now realizing that Madotsuki is scarier than Uboa.

Last edited 10/11/29(Mon)17:52.

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Wie wäre es mit Groß- und Rechtschreibung?

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In both the game and the image, Uboa is the one screaming, kinda makes you wonder which one the player should be scared of.

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It IS a Female...
She came from Poniko who is a Girl.
Uboa is Poniko's true form.
That proves that Uboa is Female.
I heard something about 'Giyboa'
What in earth is that? 0___0

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