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So today I went to Jerome.

I went into a shop and noticed they had various miniature death memorials on displaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAあああああああああああああ

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...now that I look at the photo quality (I took it with my phone) it looks shopped, but I assure you that it ain't.

It was kind of a "look over shoulder, HOLY SHIT what is this I don't even" moment.

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Uboa always looks so gorgeous dressed in white.

also, we believe you. As completely and utterly unplausible as having an actual scary face on a ghost would be.

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New Theory:

Uboa is Jennie Bauters.

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I has one of those too :x

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I have one of those too.
And I'm really tempted to dye the white sheet-thing on it black and change the eyes.
Uboa beenie baby heck yes.

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