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Does anybody know what this guy's called? He's cute in a weird, Mad Hatterish way.

Also, I was wondering what to call the "pregnant" woman in the same rack of apartments. I found her a while ago, and her room disturbed me deeply enough to make me call it a day... as well as make me a little sick to my stomach. Therefore, no picture. I'd still like to know her name, though.

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Ooh, location?

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I dunno. I found it my first try at playing the game, and I really don't remember how I found it. I think you can access it by entering your room through the nexus and then going back out again, but that may only work after you find it the hard way.

Last edited 10/07/30(Fri)07:43.

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His sprite sheet calls him bane_jack and from what I've gathered, bane means spring. So Spring Jack?

Pregnant lady I don't think has a name. But some disturbing trivia about the room- you can hear her 'baby' giggling every now and then.

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Thanks for the info. Spring Jack is a fitting name. And the pregnant lady... I wouldn't have gotten so disturbed if it wasn't for the baby giggling. I'm tempted to call her Echidna, after the mother of all monsters in Greek mythology. But I'll check around a little more first.

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Well, I know that his Japanese name is "Bane-Kun"

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I think we should call the pregnant woman Mamako. Why not? It's just "mother" and the japanese ending to most names. Mamako is cute anyway, and I personally fint Mamako sort of cute.

Or we could just call her Mama... Idk. Miss Mom? Miss Mama?

I'm just spewing names now.

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Mamako sounds good... better than Echidna anyway. She creeps me out, but gives me a few ideas as to her origin. But would Yume 2kki theories still go in /t/?

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Since we seem to be naming things here, what do you think the name of that annoying woman dressed in black is? You know - the one looking like she just came from a funeral and goes nuts if you chainsaw her and trolls you like everywhere you go?


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They're witches or thats what most people have been calling them anyway.

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Witches? But they don't have pointy hats..


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I've been calling them a Lady in Black or Grim Lady. I guess I'm weird and they just don't look that witch-like to me. :P

I've been giving a lot of random NPCs my own names, though...

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Lady in Black or Grim Lady sounds better than referring to them as witches.

Their dresses look like the dresses from the 1800's, imo.

I'm tempted to stay with "PMS-chan" lol.

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File: 1281736314191.png -(144.5 KiB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

does she already has a name ?=)

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I wanna call her Usagi-chan but that's a bit unoriginal..

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...I might have been playing Blazblue shortly before encountering her for the first time. >_>;

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I just call her Odoriko. Means girl dancer.

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How about Odorika?
I know it's a stupid pun and not original at all.
Just puttin' something out there.

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I just call her China.

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Was I the only one who was instantly reminded of Leela from Futurama?

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Holy shit. I don't know why I didn't realize the resemblance until now lol.

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adadsfsadfds here are my names for these guys, please tell me what they are actually called in the files:

I call the Clown Pennywise, and the lady in the dress has always been the Shadow Lady to me, and the other three are Crowdude (no points for guessing this one), Fats (squatting blobby dude with small arms) and Gonk (Derpy kinda guy)

and does anyone know if the weird guy who shows up in Line Drawing world (accessible from Nexus by the cube object) who gets stoned when he enter his mouth and leave is called anything? I'll post a pic later...

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and this is the guy I'm talking about... I just call him "Smokin' Hal" because HAL is what's in the filename and he looks like he be smokin' somethin'. Of course, HAL is probably what the guy who drew him is called...

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>I call the Clown Pennywise
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File: 1285204935516.png -(41.5 KiB, 646x511) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I liked her XD

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Where did you find that> When I found her in red street lamps world, nothing happened when I interacted with her...

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Use the Geisha effect on her.

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File: 1285511138033.png -(2266 B, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

nobody wants to investigate if "Smokin' Hal" has any name apart from this shitty nickname I've got for him?

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File: 1285704988512.jpg -(74.8 KiB, 345x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I dunno, but doesn't the bird guy look like Mothman to you? O:

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