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Anyone know how to get fairy and twintails effect?
I can't find the monster in guts world and fairy effect location has changed since they moved the forest around. Thanks

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The fairy one is actually kind of the same. Instead of going through that little hole you just need to keep going right on the highway. Then you should go down and then when you find the robot guy, it's the same from there.

Twintails will glitch out your game. But you have to find the shoes in guts world, then go up a little, then right. There should be a purple guy there with a phone. You should kill the phone and stand there where the phone once was with the phone effect on. The dude should answer you and then twintails get. Though the event is glitchy it's okay. Just press W and choose wake up as normal, and wait a little. Though I think that glitches out too, so you might want to press Q and save when you wake up.

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How do I get past the robot guy? I know the penguin spam thing but I don't remember anything about the robot guy. I'll try the guts world thing but I don't remember seeing ANY npcs in there.

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There are no NPCs, just a pair of shoes in guts world.

As for the robot dude, uh, never stand a two tiles away from him. You have to walk directly infront of him. There used to be flowers there that you could step on then walk over but they removed them. Still, just do the same thing. Nothing's really changed about that.

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