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check it.

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File: 1282153345601.jpg -(42.7 KiB, 641x482) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now you can use the wolf effect while using the motorcycle effect

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found a glitch with wolf effect while using the bike effect when using ladders. It cause the game to freeze.

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there is a patch for .092b now as well

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another patch for .092b now available if you did not get it already.

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+high quality soundfiles for those who want them!
(the size was getting too big so they lowered the music quality)

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Looks like you only need the second patch, and it includes a change to the normal dream house and the evil bear world.
It also apparently lets you mix the glasses effect with the wolf+bike effect.

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I also noticed that the Title screen and Save music is alot more flowy now.
Sounds alot better now.

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