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Urotsuki was such a lonely child. ;___;
Putting on the glasses shows the true nature of those people passing by.

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That or she got lost when she was little.
I found this part so sad... ;~;

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H-How do you find this part of the game..? ;~;

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  1. Marijuana goddess world
  2. left until you find something then up until you see a door
  3. right and right to the stage
  4. talk to the girl to get sent to the bridge with the organ
  5. scare the other girl away with the boy effect (KILL HER AND I'LL PERSONALLY KILL YOU)
  6. go into that door and touch the piano to go underwater
  7. go up one screen, equip the fairy effect and go into the little opening
  8. go right until you change maps
  9. find your way through the crowd, going right until you change maps once again
  10. have a good time on the amusement park-like things, preferentially not killing any clowns or going too much to the north
  11. go back to the entrance, the huge thing in the middle should have さようなら! or something like that scrolling on it

11a. (if it doesn't, just go up to play with something and then back again, and keep repeating that until it does)
12. say hello to it!

I thought about using my usual a -> b -> c scheme, but it would have become a bit too huge to be useful enough.

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