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Sure I´m late to the party but I left Urotsuki in the bath of the hotel where you can put her thew swimsuit and suddendly the screen turned white and she became this!

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Then a black shadow entered and he hust clinged to me and the next thing I new was this...
I felt raped(??)

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This can happen seemingly randomly in that area even without taking a bath, but nobody's really figured out what actually makes it happen, if it isn't actually just random.

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Ok now I GOT to start playing again.

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What room is that?

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It's in the hotel in Japantown

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Does it matter what hotel room? There's quite a lot of bathrooms! Or is there just one empty one?

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I did it in the one you see a swimsuit hanging fom the wall. If you interact with it, Urotsuki will change into it. Then I walked along the tub and it happened. i´m no sure if it´s the only room where ir works or not.

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In other news, attempting to figure out the other method of blobbing is driving me nuts, digging around in all the events on that map in rpgmaker 2003 is resulting in no favorable results, it'd be nice to get more intelligence on it beyond "it happens randomly sometimes", since it's nice to get a good "odds of happening" reading at least.

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how do you guys get here? is it random chance that you can enter that part? It sais i have the newest version but the one door is always blocked off..

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Are you sure you have the latest version? It's been unblocked for quite a few versions now.

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