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I´m having some issues, for example I can´t hear Urotsuki´s steps anymore nor even when she´s on the bycicle.

Also in the wallpaper menu the "new" icon appears over locked or no data wallpapers. Also I can´t play the puzzle game in her consoles since when I start it won´t let me move the pieces.

Can anybody help? Thanks!

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I would just download the latest version and copy my save file over to that one? It sounds like you're missing quite a few files for some reason or another.

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Just walk over the Theatre on Marijuana Goddess World. The sterring sound will return and the "New" icons will go off.

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I downloaded the latest version and copied my saved file but it didn´t work...thanks anyway!

I will try this, thank you~

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Same OP. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a prank but it really worked! Thanks!!

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