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jesus christ urotsuki

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I've seen that bit of programming listed as an event in RPGMaker2k (and I really don't understand much with the programming), but I haven't been able to replicate that in gameplay. How did you get Urotsuki's "ghost" to appear in that room?

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i'm not entirely sure. i'm no expert in programming or toying around with rpg maker, nor did i get an unusual copy of the game (downloaded off of loda.jp with the patch). after going back again, uro's ghost was still there. i chainsawed the anteater's back open before going into the second room (the one in the picture) but i doubt that made a difference.

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I guess she was chilling in the chair next to the guy...freaky.

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It must be a random event. The first time I went there, I saw the "ghost" Urotsuki and kept trying to see if different effects would work on her. I think I was able to chainsaw her, but it only happened one time, so I might be mistaken. I've gone back a few times and she didn't pop up, so, I don't know. Hope we find out though, it's interesting.

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