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I've heard that sometimes you end up randomly turning into that same blob even when you don't do the thing with the bathing, is this really rare or something? Is there something that makes it happen? Does anyone have more details?

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Yep, it most certainly does happen--I've had it happen to me once--though, I'm not certain if it's something of random chance or certain conditions need to be met. (I guess it's the former.) I don't know enough about programming in RPG Maker to see what causes this.

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Just some advice around this effect. It happened to me twice in one night. It seems the original event might be activated and you must take back your clothes right after waking up. If on the dependences of the Hotel(inside, but on the stairwells/backstages) you've began listening a cricket-like sound... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE OR YOU'LL TURN INTO THAT BLOB AGAIN.

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No such luck after following those directions, maybe I'm reading them wrong or there's something much more complex at work here, fascinating.

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I got that when I went through the closet into that crazy "closet slamming" world. As soon as I stepped in, she got slower and suddenly turned into that. I was like, "OH GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING." So I tried using the bike effect and that turned her back to normal.

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3064 here. I had the change occur the first time I ever entered the front hallway outside of the hotel rooms. (I had yet to enter any of the hotel rooms and didn't enter the bath during that playthrough.) I can't remember if any crickets chirped prior to the change, but I'll keep an ear out for that sound the next time I enter that area.

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when the transformation is in progress, you listen the same noises that you would listen on the bathtub. The difference is, these sounds are playing OUTSIDE of the room.

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From what I can tell there's some sort of variable thing going on but a lot of the event switches and stuff come up as nonjapanese gibberish since the English rpgmaker2003 program doesn't handle Japanese text well in some cases, for a mostly atmospheric event this has some interesting mechanics.

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