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Post places you absolutely hate in this game, for whatever reason -- whether it's the graphics, music, lack of things to do, anything.

I hate this place because I've combed through it and can't find ANYTHING there, and the music is grating as shit. Worst of all, I always somehow forget where it is and end up there on accident asdfljghdfjh

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Hate alien space mushroom place.

mfw i get stuck in that place.

Also combed through it. It is vast, but really, there aint shit.

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I'm pretty fricking sure there's absolutely nothing in there. I hate it too D:

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Yeah, that area is actually empty. Last time I checked in RPG Maker, there was nothing there. It's just one of the many troll areas in 2kki.

Now the areas I hate are most of the large-as-fuck areas that have barely anything in them and make you get completely lost in (with a select few exceptions), and goddamn mazes. No YN game has managed to make mazes not a pain in the bum.

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2kki's seems especially awful, there's absolutely nothing of interest in there.
And if there is, it's pretty damn hidden.

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i feel a part of me die inside when i get teleported here because i'm not fucking paying attention

also, that one area with a black and white face in the background that changes suddenly at any given time, you get there via a crack in the world in the blue and red cubes world, having the blue cubes "activated" of course.

fuck that area, i can't stand it. i can totally handle practically anything .flow will fling at my face but that mother fucking area mentioned above... i don't know how to deal with it. and i probably never will.

oh and the maze where medabomb is. fuck man i get so lost you don't even know

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With the exception of the Hand Hub, I dislike just about any map HAL has designed. These areas look shoddy and have lousy music--if there is any music.

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I hate this area because it hurts my eyes and the music sucks (it's probably the noise that Intestine Man is making).

Speaking of intestines, that intestinal maze is a bitch to navigate and grosses me out. There's also too many things that lead into that place.

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File: 1312940912508.jpg -(108.9 KiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's something about the apartments make me want to kill myself/throw up. Not Urotsuki's apartment, the other, gray one.

The music is irritating, the graphics are bland and uninteresting, the events stand out too much, and there is almost no point in being there.

Also, the majority of maps with .MIDI background music bother me.

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FFF, why did this get past anyone?

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I was going to use that place as my topic starter but I couldn't even stand to fucking go back there.

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File: 1313049585275.png -(17.2 KiB, 552x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lol. I have the actual map but not a screenshot of me in that place...

Just...this fucking place. The, you know, maze in...was it Geometry World? You grow and shrink there. It's hard to tell where you're going unless you constantly look at the map, it's frustrating and has no music and has been changed a million times forcing everyone to relive the horror of searching for Eyeball Bomb again.

I'm probably exaggerating a lot here; point is, I hate this place.

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I've somehow memorized the shortest route to get to the bomb, which is at the middle of the second 6.
The only thing I really dislike about that area is the high number of secret passages and invisible walls. Why the hell do you even need a map if half of the paths in it don't exist?

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If you look carefully at the map, you can see the small sections of the walls that are different from the others. Those are the secret passages.
Shoot, I got long in that place for a long time, couldn't get through it. Saw the eyeball thing but just could not get to it! I was like, "IT'S RIGHT THERE, WHY CAN'T I GET OVER THERE." May have to try again. AUGH.

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I finally got the motherfucking eyeball effect from here.

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