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Hello. I recently installed version 95h. I can't find any guides for this version so I came here asking for help.

I have 25 effects, but I'm having trouble getting the Eyebomb, Trombone, and Polygon.

I don't know how to get to the Nail World in this version, and I the other guides for effects on the wiki aren't that specific.

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This is a good as it gets at least for english website.
as for the nail world, you can get there via the christmas world by finding the smallest tree and clicking on it. After which, you are brought to glass tank world where the robot that takes you to white nail world can be found to which you can get to red nail world. Then go off the the nail path and find the solidarity patch of nails with red blood takes you to factory and cardboard cutout world. finally, you have to enter the factory and reach the top floor to get the polygon effect.

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did they move twintail?
when i go to the town and kill the phone, the guy doesn't come over when i equip phone effect
am i doing something wrong?

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I'm pretty certain that they haven't moved it. You have to be very patient--the purple person moves rather slowly. You have to wait a for a bit after you get the effect, before you can move again.

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whenever i try to get the twintail effect, the guy comes over and answers my phone. it says i got it, but then when i move one step my character freezes and i can't even access the menu... I was using 0.095i, the one right before 0.096.

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