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Something .94h related is on the uploader, I think... I'm no good at confirming things, but I sure hope this is something interesting.

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Okay so there is a .94h thing there, but I'm having trouble running it. It appears they're doing something cleverer so they don't have to change things constantly, or something.

Picture Unrelated as hell.

Last edited 11/07/16(Sat)12:37.

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It's a link to the actual download, which is apparently hosted on dropbox. Just click it.
I wonder if they got scared of reaching the 2GB limit loda.jp has, or something like that.

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what the actual fuck? I tried copypasta'ing my save file as usual, got the error, and thought nothing of it.


did they dick around with it so you actually have to go and find ALL of the effects again with each new version, instead of the good ol' copy + paste? if this is true, pic will forever be >mfw

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Uh.. You DID check the trophy room at the end of the hall outside Urotsuki's dream room, right?

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..oh for the love of-
I am a complete dumbass, hurr derp a derp. thanks for telling me about that. I'd assumed the trophy room was useless because of older versions, and I didn't think to translate the change log.
excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall for a bit.

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has anyone noticed that .094h has no accompanying changelog entry associated with it.

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Yeah, that has happened a few times in the past too.

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Could someone please provide a link?

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For access to the most recent uploader, go to:

For direct access to version 0.094h, go to:

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From what I could tell, HAL had made some minor changes to his/her maps in 0.094g and 0.094h. There seem to be some "mechanical" changes in 0.094g, particularly with the trophy room; I'm not certain if 0.094h has had changes of this nature or not. Overall, both of these updates are disappointing in terms of new game play.

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I posted another thread, if that's uneccisary I could try to delete it. I ended up installing like E, G, and now H because I didn't realize they were the most recent versions.

How do I move my save files? If I copy all the files from one folder to the other, will it erase the actual updated content?

Thank you.

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File: 1311094992932.png -(169.5 KiB, 1384x999) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ahhh...everytime I warp to the highway something glitchy happens.

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Where is your save files located?

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Ugh Nevermind. Found the save files. Not sure if the areas are still glitched up. Is there an effects guide for this version? I can't seem to find anything. Are updates always this frustrating? :p

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File: 1311096615358.png -(194.2 KiB, 1289x744) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh no...blue hand world is gone. :( I'll stop posting now.

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The blue "hand hub" is still there, you just have to find it by other means...

I think there's some route through the art gallery or something, I don't know, I'm bad with directions

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Has anyone found any new locations for .94h, or is it mostly just mechanical stuff?

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If anyone knows wear blue hand world is I'd be happy.

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Remember the other exits? Well, they're now entrances.
The ones of easiest access, I believe, are from the park (go to the gallery, there are at least two or three ways there) and the bug world (hint: the mushroom world has a portal that leads there).

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Thanks...I think that helps. I've only been playing for about a week, so I was relying pretty heavily on the blue hand hub.

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