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They changed It's location.
Where can I find it again?

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Can you be more specific, I don't know what you are talking about. Is it the location of the image or are you referring to the where the chainsaw effect is?

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The chainsaw effect of course

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Location of image, please! :D

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What? No, it's at the same place as always.
Grave -> vomiting heart -> 10th door on the corridor -> outside -> navigating through the vomiting shapes.

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I believe that's just an unlockable wallpaper

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well you are wrong on that account. You get by chainsawing the black sheep in the shore area to which after view the image in the op you promptly get out of your bed.

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Shore area as in with the wolf? that is the only shore I can think of besides the one with the big, creepy, realistic looking images.

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Do you mean that area south of room you are transported to after interacting with the black grand piano?

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to answer bluntly, I mean the realistic shore line and yes you be needing the fairy effect and chainsaw to get to this. Unless you go by the blue teleportation maze or misty lake aka foggy dock maze. You can get here from the underwater area south of the piano if you find the exit near the bottom of the map. This takes to the other end of where you would normal enter the realistic shoreline and you need the penguin effect to go back to the underwater area. Hopefully this proves helpful.

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So, sheep > chainsaw?

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