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The memories haunt her even as she gets shitfaced on some green shit served by a white blob. Will she ever find happiness?

Anyway, discuss the pic.

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How'd you get here?

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Marijuana Goddess World > Pink and Purple Building > Stairs > Sewers > Peaceful Japan town > different part of sewers > Door all the way to the left

I think that part means "drowning your sorrows does nothing"

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Was the library loli, the masked kid, and the blue thing always there? I don't remember it from earlier versions.

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>making another thread about something every 2kkifag and their grandma has seen
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Does your grandma play Yume *kki? Cool man, mine too. We should set them up for a play date.

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.93i didn't have the faceless book girl

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Or even better: a real date!

>> No.2239   [Delete]   [Edit]


and somehow we get lesbian grandmas playing freaky hipster games out of a thread about a murderous hikki tripping bawls, passing out, and remembering the people she killed. ahh, ubuuchan. you so crazy.

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Uhhh, yeah. and those two girls in the theater in the pink and purple house. The one that's blueish and the other grayish one. They're there too if you kill them

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Oh, who the fuck puts a bar in a sewer?

>> No.2244   [Delete]   [Edit]

.flow has its bar in the sewers as well.

>> No.2245   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hmmm, I don't believe that I've seen that yet. Sounds like it's .flow time.

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