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Recently completed it and was scared shitless near the end. You?

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I...never really got what I was supposed to do in it.

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Brief walkthrough if you really want it:

Go to the room on the left with all the tiles. Stand on the tiles and try to make all of them the same as the one on the wall by pressing Z when standing on them. When you've done that go up to the wall tile and press Z so the half-pictures in frames stick together.

Go into the room on the right now and walk over to the upper right corner of this room and press Z which opens up the door for you. Go in and walk down to the four walls with pictures on. Go up to them all and press Z until all the pictures are on the big red carpet thing on the wall and go up to the black square between the two half-pictures again and press Z, merging those together. Now you can go through the door in the first room.

There's a little cutscene where someone in a dog mask walks up behind you, but you just sort of ignore him and go onwards. This is the hard part. Next up is some sort of maze. You've got to keep moving and find the right path (dead ends represented by big freaking holes in the floor) until you find a pair of doors to go in. The bad thing is that the dog guy is constantly running after you really fast so you can't stop otherwise you get possessed by them and have to start over again. Once you find the doors, just quickly run down the two stairways (The dog guy doesn't give up that easily) and run through the door.

Aaaand that's basically it. And you win a nice wallpaper for your computer as a prize.

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That's the whole game!? I always thought the message at the end was something like "this is still a WIP" or something.. oh well. ):

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