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Ignore me, I wanted to show this to a friend and didn't know where else to post it.

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please use /ot/ for that
there are plenty of random images threads

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Okay, so here's what happened. We've got a new board: (you're on it)
I tried to move the old 2kki thread here and somehow half the thread vanished and attached itself to a different thread. When I tried moving it back here it stuck about 600 posts on the end of >>3881 somehow. The thread was still mostly intact once you open it but it'd wrapped around on itself, so the OP was about half-way through the thread. My only option was to nuke the whole thing.
I'm very sorry for this, it's my fuck-up and if you guys want to get shitty with me you're well and truly welcome to. I deserve it.
In the meantime, I did save a copy of the wrapped thread, and I've done the best I can to restore it. All the posts are still there, no information has been lost or anything. If I can somehow re-insert it into the database I'll do whatever it takes to get that done, but there will at least be a hard-copy available to view.

tl;dr I'm a faget, here's the missing thread.

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