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I dunno, I find all three games kinda scary.

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it really depends on what you consider 'scary'. alot of people think YN is scary, but many others just say it's just disturbing. Same for .flow and 2kki. everyone has their own definition of "scary"

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So I really am alone in not finding either game scary or disturbing? I've always thought of them as a fun romp through a surreal playland.

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No, you're not. These three games are pretty much the most direct works of "Videogame art" I've seen in my time. That said, art is completely subjective; everyone has their own perception of what they think in beautiful, as mentioned in the few posts before me.

I, myself see the games as a break, as a relaxation method. I'd rather not draw any form of symbolism, because I'd rather let myself experience this game from an entirely non-biased point of view.

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Because I don't see any threads for it on this board and I love collecting Yume nikki/fangame fanart
So post whatever fan art you like for /tikki/!

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What's with all the fixes to 093i did they completely break the game 3 fucking times?
Pic unrelated ofc. Note the facepalm-like behaviour)

Last edited 11/02/21(Mon)04:36.

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Eh, it just needs work. Like most games.

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I actually don't remember posting this o.o"
Considering it says it was 4AM...Hmm...

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Get a grip man.

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I was actually going to delete this thread but I forgot what the password for it was.
use sage next time when replying in useless threads btw.

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Anyone else been here? It leads to this highway with face-like landmarks.

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Well >>2134 looks like an old man taking a huge dump, so I just can't find it "scary". Epic beard man >>2132 seems kinda Ernest Hemingway-ish, so still meh. But goddamn that woman, having her scary head lying in some red desert, looking down upon me.

Still have no idea what's the meaning of all this. Can be possibly connected to >>1261 and that shadow hangman in one of the houses, meaning those are suicide victim's heads. But that's for /t/ discussion.

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>implying anything in this game has a meaning


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It clearly means that Urotsuki is a transgendered furry who murdered a bunch of people and then was raped until her eyes went all googly.

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File: 1299374868558.png -(4940 B, 50x50) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is the most agreeable thing I have ever agreed upon.

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I would like to submit music for Yume 2kki, but can't find any info on contact.

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I don't have contact, persay, probably psiwolf would have that.

I do, however, suggest that you know good japanese or know someone who is a translator. In that little opening thing when you start a fresh game in Y2kki tells you that you should speak japanese clearly. And uh, Babelshit and Google Translator are not very accurate. So at least know that first...

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Camellia could help you with that. She's helped translate suggestions and sent wallpapers to the creators of the game. But the thing is, she hasn't posted since Christmas. You could still post at >>551 if you feel like it.

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Dear god that game is awful. Playing as a volcano that moves at 1 pixel per second to erupt under falling birds? Fuck, who produced that crap? You know that shit isn't Licensed by Nintendo.

No wonder your kids are fucking crazy hikkis Japan.

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It's in the latest release, 0.093i.

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finally figured out how to unlock this game.
not worth it at all imo.
not to mention its glitchy as hell (you can open the menu while playing)

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You know NASU isn't licensed by Nintendo, either.

Mado's "Family Game" (that's what the kana says) looks like a Famicom, but NASU is Atari-quality. You know that such a game would never be licensed by Nintendo. Unless it's still in beta...


Last edited 11/02/24(Thu)17:41.

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Does anyone have a good downloadible version of RPG maker 2000? I can't find one and I want to download it for yume 2kki and .flow. I have RPG maker 2003 but it dosent seem to work very well.
And if not is there another application i can download thats better?

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is someone making a let's play?

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File: 1288023579009.png -(134.3 KiB, 527x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Some people watch LPs looking for tutorials, but personally I think half the fun of it is for the "player" to offer commentary or their experience of the game, like a live action review.

I'm biased of course because I have a huge boner of an axe to grind about Yume 2kki.

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File: 1296935571709.jpg -(201.5 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Reviving this, seeing as I'm lazy and not been doing much. I'm gonna stream tonight at 9PM GMT('bout an hour from now) @ http://livestream.com/fdjkkdjf for anyone who's that bored.

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Hey, you're that guy! I like your youtube lets plays.

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I am the best that guy

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Do glasses do anything or are they just useless effects?

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Good god what VERSION are you using?

Glasses can do some stuff, it's useful for... finding stretch effect and seeing things you normally don't see. And it scares or attracts some certain characters.

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Im using a pretty old version.
Im gonna update it right now

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Go find the eyeball monster things, ask them what they think of glasses.

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody had put the latest version of 2kki into a RAR file just like the original YN with the folder of all the programming stuff and then the app directly. RPGMaker 2000 won't install on Vista from what I've heard, and I've tried, and I was wondering if there wasn't an app for the game directly yet, could anybody that knows how and who has an extreme amount of generousity convert 2kki completley into a RAR file for me and anybody else who encounters the same problem?

...Or is this impossible to do?

Oh, and, if I'm wrong and RPGMaker 2000 CAN install on Vista, could anybody tell me what's wrong? Basically the installer stops at 44%, tells me a file is incorrect, and doesn't allow it to be installed.

Last edited 10/10/20(Wed)22:09.

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I can only figure two things..

the rtp archive is broken (it hasn't downloaded completely). Try getting it again.

Or change your system locale to Japanese just for the rtp. Here's what I posted in the first thread:

"Okay, if you're going nuts with applocale, try changing your system locale to japanese (this doesn't change everything to another language, just non-unicode things, aka the japanese rtp)

For Win 7:
Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative tab > Change System Locale

Select "Japan", let your pc restart, and THEN install the rtp. Keep in mind the english rtp and Japanese rtp are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Install both if you're unsure.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Okay, almost done, not gonna give up on it now, so just bear with me on this, okay?

I got as far as getting to downloading the newest version files for Yume2kki, so I got the RTP to run and everything. Now, in the Yume2kki folder where the tutorial says to run the RPG_RT with Apploc, instead of being a .exe it says it's a "configuration settings" file, and then there's two more after it that are .ldb and .lmt. So I assumed I should just download the .exe from the link provided in your- OMG IT WORKED :DDDDDDDDD Effing thank you :3 You can't even begin to imagine the trouble I've been going through to get this to work, I feel like my life is fufilled and completed now xD Thank you so damn much, if I could give you something in return I would, but just know how happy I is now ^-^ .....

Yeah. thanks xD

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I am having a bit of a problem. I changed my locale to japan and I tried to reinstall the RTP. It said the syntax label was incorrect right off the bat. I'm using Windows 7 if anyone has advice please?

>> No.2034   [Delete]   [Edit]

See the thread about getting it up and running, but I'm running Windows 7 Home and here's what worked for me:

or Windows 7 Home users: to install the language pack, follow the instructions here, then proceed as normal: http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-language-pack-in-windows-7-home-premium/

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