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Honest to all the powers that be, I just couldn't think of a picture to go with this, but here's a theory for you. Ever considered the idea that Madotsuki wasn't meant to die? That in the creators mind it isn't cannon? (It probably is) Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. "We've heard this a hundred times before and you're in denial." Let's get something straight though... there is nothing in this game that suggests Madotsuki is in fact depressed. It's a dream world, some of it good, some of it bad, some of it ambiguous, and some of it down right terrifying. The only reason we think the character is so depressed is because the ending that was fed to us, well I say nay.

Here's my case. The game is version .10, I repeat .10, why in gods name is everyone convinced this is the cannon ending? According to Kikiyama's website, it's been two years since there has been any semblance of an update.

Versions 09. and .10 were made within unreasonable time frames, occasionally he came out with an update within the span of a month, but a major version upgrade usually happened every 2 to 3 (on average) months within a three year period.

In 2005/12/17 we received version .09. This was the first version to feature it's famed ending.

It took two more years for version .10 to come out. Ask yourself, why? The creator abandoned this game in 2005 but returned to it very briefly in 2008, perhaps with some nostalgic interest. However, it was in 2005 that it was originally abandoned, so what better ending to show that he won't work on the game anymore then to make the main character do as she did at the end? It was only version .09 when the ending was added, what was he going to add? Would there have been dialog? Would there have been more rooms? Would you have left the apartment? Just because she shakes her head and doesn't want to go outside doesn't mean she's depressed... perhaps it was just the authors way of being funny. Most people's theories are really based on conjecture, while sound, is still not the opinion of the artist.

It was a symbol, the creator abandoned the game. It was only version .09. The creator had obviously wanted more for it but like so many people the fatigue of creating something got to kikiyama. The steam ran out, so he gave it the ending most fitting. Most games just fade away into nothingness... but not Kikiyama's... he killed it. After all, this isn't uncommon for some games. Lot's of games don't receive the ending the author intended as a result of the game having not turned out the way they wanted, or not having time... while rare, still happens.

The nail in the coffin? One year later in 2008, the only update we got was, "The website has been updated"

Madotsuki didn't die... the creator's ambition did. And whether she would have died either way... I highly doubt the author wanted it to be like this... not if he had added more.

How's that for theory?

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It does make you think, doesn't it. I never really considered that, but who knows if Kikiyama will pick it up again. It would be nice to think that the game was meant to stretch more and become a more immersive, deep experience.

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There has been rumors about the author picking it up again but I don't think anyone has built up the courage to email him, and if they did, hasn't responded. As popular as this game is I'm sure Kikiyama probably gets his fair share of email. It would be nice to know what happened, or what was going through the author's mind. I understand the deep and profound implications, both from a social stand point, and that the way the game ended turns it into a morbid poster child for people who have problems in today's world, but also the creators ambitions strongly being tied to the game, but a little closure would be nice. We've had our fun... but I can't help but feeling there was meant to be more...

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