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1.) the game is at 0.10, probably will never update, but that isnt 1.00, in otherwords a full first version, so if it was ever updated further than 0.10, yume nikki may of become more clear, right?
2.) Madotsuki goes to an all girls school, where there are really shy girl that open up only when she is cute (near the lake, if you use cat effect on the girls their faces litterally OPEN) but then when Madotsuki befriends them, girls that are jelous lock her in her dorm room, which is why she cannot leave,but some of the others were against it, yet did nothing, (so like the Torinigen the girls were) so therefore Madotsuki begins to feel secluded and alone, since none of her so called "friends" try to help her,and just recently her best freind, Poniko had moved overseas, (so she would be considered a foreigner to Madotsuki, feeling alone and trapped.) So in her dreams she would translate the shy girls to be about the same, the ones that locked her in her room like the Torinigen since if she gets in contact with a wild one, she is teleported to a closed place she cant get out of (like her room) and poniko is in a far place that needs balloons (airplanes) and going through water (ships) to get to.

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