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The reason Madotsuki has so much aztec imagery in her dreams is because of her carpet.

The thing on mars is based off her lamp.

Post more things that explain crap in her dreams without the whole "LOLOLOLOL MADOTSUKI GOT RAPED AND HAS A PENIS"

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Well I guess that makes some sense

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Poniko was Madotsuki's IRL friend, and they had a falling out. Madotsuki viewed this as Poniko having "faked" being a good friend, and when she saw who Poniko was "in the dark", she was figuratively monstrous. Madotsuki never got over the percieved offence and retreated into self-isolation, hence finding Uboa locks you in the room and sends you to a tiny, limited, empty world, where the only real features are you, Uboa, and a nameless ugliness hanging over everything.

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Madotsuki played some Mons type of game once upon a time, and Takofuusen is a super-rare Mon.

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The Red King is sleep paralysis; his juxtaposition to Kyuukyuukun is a coincidence.

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I'll one-up that. The rail in Mado's house is varnished, and squeaks against the flesh as one moves one's hand down it. Mado hears her parent's getting up in the night (to use the restroom etc) and chalks the squeaking up to a monster who lives under the stairs and likes to rub the rail to hear the noise. You may think Kyuukyu-kun looks like a penis, but the thought never occurred to Mado.

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And then Uboa was Mado's penis

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