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Just had a little crazy thought but what if Masada's ship was Takofuusen? This was initially thought up with the shape of Masada's windows and how similar they look compared to the atmosphere beast's eyes. They both fly extremely fast (fast enough that you can see the stars move quickly) and I suppose the reason it's so hard to find Takofuusen is that he's mainly in space. This is just a little thought though.

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The thought of Masada constantly flying that thing in circles over the monochrome desert is HILARIOUS.

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That theory does explain why he and his ship is white and black, the same colors as the white desert. That's been bothering me lately.

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So... is Takofuusen a space travelling alien? And then... what happens when it lands on mars?

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Well, it could be! I mean, we don't see it anywhere else and when we see it:


The little sound kinda sounds like it's putting along like a ship.

Now when it lands on mars.. I don't know orz.

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someone should land on mars and then return back to the white dessert and see if takofuusen still appears

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Sadly, I looked at it with the RPG Maker and there SEEMS (can't be sure since Yume Nikki's RPG Maker project is so confusing) to be nothing on the Takofuusen event that impedes him from showing up. However I did notice that his random variable for showing is stored on the slot 0011; one of the game's earliest events?

Somehow I really like this theory. It's funny to think we're inside Takofuusen the whole time we're in Masada's ship~

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