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What if Mado is blind? That would explain her eyes being closed all the time and why so much in her dream world is so disfigured. She might have a fear of what people actually look like in the world. She might be afraid of going down onto the street below because as a child she was frightened by all the noise. She might have be able to feel safe with her kind piano teacher, who taught her to be a token blind piano player. and because of the soothing nature of the piano's music she was not frightened by the sound. That would also explain why Masada is in space, there would be no noise other than him talking and the sound of the piano. HUH

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But then writing in a dream diary would be really useless, since you can't read it back.

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She writes in brail

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Mystery solved

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but she has a videogame in her room??

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Yeah no arguing with that. Admittedly it would be very cool/interesting if she was blind, but unfortunately it's not meant to be.

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She likes to listen to the music.

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Nasu's gravity engine makes it hard to play, this could be simulating that she is blind.

This theory has been mentioned so many times before, but you've explained better than anyone, Kudos.

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Why would anyone want to listen to Nasu's music? I mean the game in itself is bad enough as it is, but the music really crowns it as the most depressing mini-game ever. If I would play a game like that, I would be constantly depressed and even consider suicide. This theory has no...


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What about the rave monkey then?

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This picture actually makes me think of a really stupid theory. What if two of the eyes in the eyeball world are her eyes, and she keeps her eyes closed because she has none?

Or she could just be blind.

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