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I have this theory that actually has some simple thinking to back it up. No conjecture on the symbolism or anything like that. Assuming that most of kikiyama's game is most just random mindfucking which is what I believe. Think about this, few and far between are the places that we are familiar with in Yume Nikki. The park is one example, and there are others. There are familiar PLACES in Yume Nikki, but not familiar creatures. I think that this is part of what kikiyama designed, although there are places we can briefly connect with, there are no living things to make us feel at home in the world. Thus, the perpetual feeling of alienation from the game. Uboa is kikiyama's "close but no cigar" part of the game. Its a place that is FINALLY familiar and almost inviting, but right before we grow comfortable, BAM, all that familiarity is taken from us in a flash of light and we are back on an alien world with strange creatures.

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I ride on the train called " Uboa=father, Poniko=mother ", but i like your theory.

When mado hits the ground, jellyfish creatures appear around them. I think there is an alien infestation outside going on, malevolent aliens. So she locked her door. The aliens in-game are not quite better, though..

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