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I wasn't there for it but I saw it in my logs!!

<Clouds> i mean im pretty sure that he wouldnt want to be emailed, all the fans of his game, hes like, "man i made that in 2005, im not updating anymore... its done im doing other things"
<POPkun> mado is his self-crated waifu
<kikiyama> I can speak in english and answer questions
<kikiyama> ask away guys
<POPkun> inspired by his gf who died
<Clouds> lol
<SandWraith> !who last
<kikiyama> sorry Mado isn't inspired by my dead gf, she is another story
<Clouds> Wut IS MAZATDA?
<mrsusan> kikiyama google chrome pros and cons
<Saya-chan> matsuda?
<lilybeaul> even still, he must know it's been rising in popularity
<kikiyama> Kyukyukun is not actually a reference to anything. I just thought it would be dreamlike to have a pole-like creature polishing a pole.
<Saya-chan> well
<-- kuri____ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<Saya-chan> I'm going to pley some more touhou mother
<POPkun> pley
<POPkun> hee hee
<lilybeaul> how many ____s has kuri needed to use?
<Saya-chan> intentional typo
<POPkun> i like how that sounds
<Saya-chan> lol
<Clouds> idk
<Clouds> who cares :p
<kikiyama> Masada is exactly as he seems. An alien who is shy and incompetent. That's why he crashes.
<POPkun> <kuri__________________________________> as many as i want
<Clouds> YE
<Saya-chan> masada is windows
<Saya-chan> that's why he crashes
<Clouds> OMG MAZATDS CRASHED???? i thot he LADNED
<mrsusan> :|
<kikiyama> Nope, it was a crash on mars.
<mrsusan> kikiyama what is UBOA
<kikiyama> Uboa is a difficult experience...
<kikiyama> I've had nightmares since I was little, thinking about NEETs and loneliness.
--> Jethro (cgiirc@6EF1A93C.A9F40C05.FF9E63D2.IP) has joined #uboachan
<kikiyama> Uboa is a sort of Icon of fear for those things.
<kikiyama> When you see it, that is what I wanted to make you feel, at least.
<Jethro> Hello, friendships
<mrsusan> [deep]
<POPkun> hi new man
<kuri> why is HE here
<lilybeaul> who
<mrsusan> who is HE
<kuri> kuri____
<lilybeaul> there's no guys on ubuu
<mrsusan> what
<POPkun> you pinged out
<lilybeaul> except for praesul
<POPkun> didn't you
<lilybeaul> we're his harem
<POPkun> i'm a guy ;_;
<lilybeaul> lies
<lilybeaul> rule whatever of the internet - there are no girls on the internet.
<lilybeaul> they're all exiled here.
<POPkun> that actually makes a lot of sense
<kuri> no i didnt ping
<POPkun> uboachan is like 50% wimmin
<Clouds> there are
<Clouds> a lot of guys on uboachan
<Clouds> i think we had a pretty even spread until recently
<Clouds> actually it was dominated by guys 3 years ago
<Jethro> ... Who names their kid Jethro?
<mrsusan> your parents
<SandWraith> huehuehuehue
<kikiyama> I would have thought there would have been more questions from my fans.
<kikiyama> If that is all, I'll take my leave.
<mrsusan> kikiyama i think yume nikki should have more guns
<SandWraith> Yea I want to shoot those bastards that teleport me to nowhere.
<Saya-chan> :3
<Phonesul> Yay
<Phonesul> My harem
<kikiyama> Monoe and Monoko aer sisters, but they're both unique.
<lilybeaul> :3
<Jethro> I think you should sell the rights Yume Nikki to Square Enix
<kikiyama> They are trapped in their world, which is like a death home.
<kikiyama> Both of them had suffered strange deaths, and must wander their regrets and griefs.
<POPkun> :((
<lilybeaul> squeenx would make it 90% walking and pretty graphics and-
<lilybeaul> ...
<lilybeaul> hm.
<kikiyama> I'd like to keep the rest of their stories secret.
<kikiyama> I'm very busy so I must be going now. Goodbye.
<-- kikiyama has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

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Legit? Can anybody confirm Kikiyama speaks English? Should we care?

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Considering Yume Nikki's popularity, if Kikiyama spoke English, we would have had an official translation.

>> No.3249   [Delete]   [Edit]


Totally legit. It's clear Kikiyama would waste his time answering some faggot who's going "OMGAWW OMGAWWWWWW IS KIEWKIEWKOON" etc

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Me thinks its fake, some of kikiyama's answers are too coincidental for me to believe.

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Kikiyama doesn't use mibbit.

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