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These are the key theories I've heard of so far, anyone have anything to add to the table?

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throw in some rape and STDs for sabi, and i think we're in the clear

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Don't forget to add transgender.

Where does the 'only a doll' theory come from? Seems interesting.

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I picked that based on this:

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I think there's also a theory that Sabi is an expiriment.
and it isn't commonly talked about but I think you should add transgender to urotsuki's list, because as much as people baww'd about MAdo being trans, Urotsuki is the only one who has any actual hints at her having some kind of gender-anything...

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1 effect away from the ending. I'll check it out later though. :)

I agree with you. Madotsuki going into a boys bathroom and girls bathroom is really grasping. However Urotsuki actually uses the male bathroom, and has a boy effect.

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it also seems like most of her effects are from genderless or masculine characters, like she is gaining more effects to "pass" as male or whatever.. oh and she also has that uniform and cape effect that looks a lot like a male school uniform from like the forties.

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>terminal disease
>gang member
>(failed/only successful)experiment
>sabi is more lesbian than mado could ever be. think oreko
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I have one more for Yume 2kki. Not sure if I should have made a seperate thread, but uboachan doesn't get many posts anyways so I'll just put it here.

Urotsuki is actually a fan of Yume Nikki. It's metafiction. There's an icon called 'Yume' with an RPG Maker icon on her desktop computer. She isn't particularily disturbed compared to other fangames like .flow and Yume Nikki. She wast just inspired by the game. Or it could work the opposite way, and she created Yume Nikki, which is why it's on her computer. Or, she created her own game based on her dream experiences...which is Yume 2kki.

My head hurts.

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I like thinking of her as a fan girl/boy? with pretty light hearted dreams. Personally I love Yume 2kki the best because a lot of its areas actually seem a lot more light hearted and are really gorgeous. There are scary areas tho. I just like thinking of her as having a really big and wonderful imagination.

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I think there's a part in .flow where there's this white room with a bloody mess, and Sabi refuses to go into the next room, then when you try to leave, she freaks out and dies, whatever was in the next room must have been like FACEx1000

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there is also the theory for sabi that she's pregnant...agh.

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i wouldn't exactly call this a theory, but rather a standard thing that you can apply to any character or game that isn't completely explained.
people see what they like to see.

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The Rust creatures in .flow could be Pisacas/Rakashakas (Flesh eating demons). Every time Sabitsuki touches one her appearance degrades, even to the point where she lost most of her face.

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>Every time Sabitsuki touches one her appearance degrades

Haven't checked the menu lately since dropping all of your effects, have you?

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Haven't noticed the menu's character sprite doesn't match the in-game sprite, have you?

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