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Am I the only one that finds it a little gruesome the fact that Madotsuki can summon UFO's right after Masada crashes his?

following the masada lover theory its weird that, right after Masada's crash, Madotsuki can use her cat effect (which I suppose represents her charm, to attract other NPCs to her) to lure more UFOs to Mars, maybe to make them crash like Masada did :/

It has probably been posted before, if so, I'm sorry :c

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Hmm. Maybe. That does put a rather mean twist on it. Luring the others closer to put her own grieving at ease with other's pain.... Hmm.

Or, on a sweeter line, since Masada is still "alive" (Moving and beeping, at least), she wanted to use her charm-y cat effect to get UFOs to help him. He's hurt, maybe dying, and she tries to get him help. It doesn't work; she's too late, and Mars is telling her that, which is why it's crying...

/brain vomit

I dunno.

Pic Pretty much unrelated.

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