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Any theories about this place in 2kki?

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Haven't played yet;

but i looks like a puppet theatre, and maybe a place that Urotsuki can't reach but wants to.

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kinda reminds me of the little stone shrines they put by the road in japan for spirits to live in, and the pole-things remind me of tomb stones.

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Maybe it's her desire to be with her mother and father. (Who are distorted in this picture, like her relationship with them which is almost nonexistent.)

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Judging from the fact that this place is buried deep in the sea, along with (possibly) other childhood memories, and the sad music that plays in this area, she probably doesn't want to be with them at all, and that's why she sees them as some kind of monsters. Or at least this is what I have always thought.

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Looks like a typical perfect family portrait, but she saw her mother and father as alien to her (hence the cyclops part), its in that japanease shrine-graveyard thing and under the sea because that seemingly perfect picture is dead/buried or whatever, but that's my guess XD

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Maybe the reason the parental figures on each side are cyclops, is to make the entire figure look like a creepy face. The mouth is the girl. (Too many -suki names I can't remember them all.)

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Ever thought of that house being a .. house?
Uro& her family living in her house.
End of story.

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I think that the family portrait idea is right, buuut i think that the crack down the middle of the house that goes through her, means that she came inbetween her parents, like caused them to break up, if you get me? cause that little girl looks like urotsuki

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Probably doesn't help much, but the wallpaper about this event is called "Someone (or something?) sunk to the bottom".

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that is urotsuki and it's not a portrait, but a house.
are you all blind or what?

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I meant it figuratively

what I meant is that, at first glimpse it looks like a perfect family ('mom', 'father' and daughter are present), but to Urotsuki, it is not

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So there's the possibility that she lost her parents when she was a little child, and she can't even remember their faces.

But as far as I know, if somebody dreams about people he/she can't recall their faces, they will appear completely faceless in his/her dreams. I've actually read about this somewhere as well.

And just with the glasses effect enabled, they will appear faceless, but they'll reveal their "true" faces when using the effect, so I guess even if they appear to be a perfect family at first sight, something is actually wrong with her parents.

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Her parents could've been very observing, maybe trying to catch her smoking weed?

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