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As a few of you may have noticed, I'm a newfag here.

I might sound like a total idiot, but I thought I might share some theories about "Mars-san", some of which I've picked up from other places:

-He is simply an alien found abandoned in a train wreck, his parents possibly left him there either on purpose or accident.

-He is a representation of someone Madotsuki knew in reality who did something bad to her, but deeply regrets it.

-He is a tempting spirit who cries until someone finds it, then reels them in and binds them, never letting them leave their side. [Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. I don't know how else to explain it.]

-He is Seccom Masada-sensei himself, only a different part of him that Madotsuki sees as another representation. Since Masada is also an alien, he could be a shape-shifter, and Mars-san is still him, making Madotsuki feel guilty about crashing Masada's ship.

The last two ideas are completely original. If you found them anywhere else, it's coincidence.

Again, sorry if I sound like an idiot. I have been known to be "bad" at posting on imageboards, even though I always think I'm doing everything just fine...

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I like the last theory, actually. Since Masada's space ship crashes, and Mars-san stands near a train wreck there's definitely some sort of a connection there, at least in my mind.
Maybe Masada in real life died in a train crash? Or got really hurt, maybe hurt his leg and/or eyes? He does look a bit mangled, and if we consider Mars-san to be him as well, he's also bleeding and/or crying.
Him flying a spaceship could represent his lost freedom (if he's really hurt and bed-bound for the rest of his life) or his afterlife (if he died).
Eh. I'm just throwing around ideas as they popped up.

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Those are some good ideas. I definitely saw the connection with Masada and Mars-san with the train crash and ship crash being around the same time.

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I always thought Mar-san looked like a piano on its side with a ghost coming out of it.

Assuming the theory that masada had something to do with pianos and that this played a role in mado's life, maybe the death/ crash of masada was the death of music (or even a career in music?) for mado?

I dunno lol my theory needs some work.

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This is quite a theory. I love it

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I always thought Mars-san was representative of Madotsuki's self-guilt for being raped, worrying that maybe she brought it upon herself. She was never able to open up about the tragic event to everyone, and she basically locked those memories away inside the room where she was raped. Masada wanted her to face these tragic memories, in the hopes of helping her overcome the tragedy, and finding the strength to finally go on with her life, so he took her back there.

TL;DR the room is where she was raped, Mars-san is her finally able to cry about the event. That's just my 2 cents though~

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this i can get behind.
i also like the idea that he was in a train crash, i'll be mulling it over, there are a few different takes that are in mind like
he just couldn't handle things and tried killing himself but ended up just badly mangled in a vegetated state.
or simply that mado has had people around her get into freak accidents and she's in depression, convinced that she's some kind of curse.

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