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Has anyone else noticed that there is no visible diary on Mado's desk? Thoughts?

Picture not really related.

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I noticed that too. Maybe she keeps it in a drawer.

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I would think so too, but the desk seems like a simple piece with only the lamp on top and the legs below it. I would think that drawers would be easy to add in, if needed. And the pixels underneath the desktop is kind of shady, which kind of shows that there's nothing underneath.I'm making too much of a big deal about that xD

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Maybe she carries the diary around with her? Keeps it in a pocket or something.

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Then why can she only write at her desk?

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The diary is a ghost. Like the invisible computer in Pokemon Red & Blue.

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You know it's easier to write things on a desk, and there's one right next to her bed, so why not...?

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