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Hello Uboachan. I have returned...With a theory!

Okie dokie. People have made theories about madotsuki's NASU, her pillows, bed, and everything else BUT...
There is a huge fucking bookcase. Right there.

You see, because Mado never leaves her home, and that her TV is out, there is no way for her to dream about deserts, malls, and forests because she has never really seen them before.
However, it seems that Mado is well read. And when you read a book and it talks about something you dont know about, it is hard to visualize in your head.
When madotsuki reads of such places, her way of imagining it is limited.

If she read about the mall, the book probably said there was a lot of people.

To madotsuki, a few random people wandering is a lot.

Sorry if this is badly worded, i suck at organizing ideas.

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Well, there is a " mall " in her dream world..

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Wait, wait, wait, waiiiiit. This makes... So much sense. Wow.

Wow. Nice find. [slow clapping]

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i like this theory. :^D

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So basically, you're saying that Madotsuki's odd dreams are her perception of things she's read? Hm... you may be up to something.

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This makes quite a lot of sense, actually.

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Bump for interest

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Hmm so her dreams might actually be how she perceives "real" or "normal" life...

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But she may have been out in the real world before she became a hikikomori. I don't think people are born shut-ins.

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Because if they were born shut-ins, they wouldn't leave the womb.

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Mado was not BORN a shut in. But that dosent mean she has seen all these places. Her life was probably boring.

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Good theory... and of course the books could of had pictures. I think as someone said earlier that at one time, Suki could of been outside and seen some of the world, but hated it or something and chooses the life of a hikkimori. I just hate how a wonderful girl like her is a hikkimori.

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She could have been born a shut in if she was conceived and raised in the house, she could even have had a sister, she would still be a shut in if her mother never lef-...

Madotsuki's mother's gash-covered, pregnant body is on the other side of that door. Poniko is Madotsuki's unborn sister, who ignores her for stealing away her chance at life. Uboa is Madotsuki's mother's mangled face screaming in pain.

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What? Shut up. We're talking about books here

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I can't control when I have my epiphinies :<

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That place with all the shadow people could mean she read about Japanese-American internment camps.

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Odd that you Mado never actually seems to read the books, which is probably just because the game's incomplete, but if not...

Whoa. I just looked at all those papers lying around and thought about what they might be, and it's probably dream diary pages. What if she -wrote- those books? Well, that doesn't explain how she got them bound, but hey, if the "real" world is supposed to be symbolic too, then it makes perfect sense.

Does it mean anything? Well, it would at least indicate that she's been in there a LONG time.

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Those look like cushions rather than papers...

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Le bump

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Everyone who plays this game will have a different adventure through the dream...

What if the bookshelf is other Madotsukis' diaries?!

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>Mado's life was boring

I don't think we're on the same page here. You don't have that many messed up dreams, unless she watches a lot of TV. (She can't the TV's dead.)

OP is right, it is her perception of the world. Unconscious or not.

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Just passing by.

The "book" theory is the first thing I came up after 10 minutes of gameplay, a girl who doesn(t leave her room and so the only thing she could do is read (because the TV is broken and there is a bookshelf), so all of her dreams are made of her readings and imagination. This way I understand the ending: maybe in one book, she read something about death, and because she had no social contact and real understanding of death, she commited suicide thinking "something" might happen if she does so ...(after collecting stuff for a reason...)

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But Mado might be terminally ill, which is why she stays in her room all the time. She's just too unwell to leave the house. She never goes into the other room either, because she's ashamed and maybe considers herself a burden? She thinks her family hates her for being so ill and 'useless'. Especially if we consider Madotsuki to be japanese I think this could be very plausible.

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