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Okay so, /t/, I was being a useless NEET today and watching End of Eva and I suddenly realised that a lot of Eva and YN imagery matches up. And lo, a theory was born.

Madotsuki is Asuka. Or rather, an AU Asuka. She's an Ex-Eva pilot, prematurely retired after her mindrape at the hand of an Angel. Remember Asuka's mindrape? Disjointed images, words and, oh -- doors. Lots of doors. And what is Mado's Nexus full of?

Mado had a better grip on herself than Asuka, and therefore was better able to deal with the effects of the mindrape. Perhaps she went through a self-hypnosis.. thing, and suppressed the memories, so they only cropped up when she sleeps.

Everything in YN is a fucked up version of an actual memory, twisted by Angel mindrape. In an attempt to stabilize her mind, Mado subconsciously creates the 24 effects and deludes herself into believing that collecting all of them will 'fix' her.

But of course, it doesn't. Driven close to the edge from the trauma of her Angel-raped memories, Mado takes the only way out.

Going down.

Your thoughts, /t/?

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But where are her memories of the EVAs, Angels, hot blue-haired girls or anything that points to the NGE universe?

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Poniko is possibly Rei or.. that.. dude who's an Angel who's goddamn name I always forget. I'm leaning towards Rei; a seemingly ordinary, if ignorant girl who turns into a monster (Giant Naked Rei). The area Uboa sends you to is the Sea of LCL.

The human characters scattered through the world could be the other Eva pilots.

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And the bloody creature in the background of Uboa's world is Lilith's decomposing body. Fits nicely

But seriously, even if you assume Mado was from a NERV branch other than Japan's, there are no images of Angels or giant frickin robot things. Nor any of the other stuff, like the Lance, AT Field, or even a sort of high-tech area (which would certainly be present in her mind seeing as she'd be used to a NERV Headquarters's technologically imposing ambiance)

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Neon world could be NERV headquarters as Mado saw it; it seems very unclosed and all the bleeping and stuff could simply be NERV being, well, NERV. The Toriningen could be NERV staff, sending her to some sort of quarantine room whenever she freaks out over what she does and sees.

Monochrome World could be that... Eva graveyard that I don't think is ever named.

As for Angels; Kalimbas? Aztec Rave Monkey? Thing with the Quivering Jaw? FACE? KyuKyu?

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>As for Angels; Kalimbas? Aztec Rave Monkey? Thing with the Quivering Jaw? FACE? KyuKyu?

If we're making this much of a stretch, we could very much make a comparison between just about half the animes out there and YN

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I should probably clarify that the question marks were less 'how about this' and more 'how could you miss this, duh?'

also, why are you taking this theory so srsbsns

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I'm sorry, didn't realize you didn't want to be taken seriously

In that case, PERFECT theory sir

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