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Mado was a relatively normal young woman with issues distinguishing fantasy from reality. Taking an interest in lucid dreaming, she locked herself in her room for one night (note that it doesn't seem to be dawn until the end of the game) after some dabbling in lucid dreaming and explored her dreams.
She woke sporadically to journal them. They became increasingly convincing to her until she couldn't determine where reality ended and dreams began. Dazedly she leapt off the balcony of the apartment she shared with her roommate, Poniko. Perhaps she even was even sleepwalking when she jumped to her death, explaining the stepladder.

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Never noticed. That pointed out, in theory she might have locked herself in her room for days. Before anyone mentions food/bathroom ect I'm not even gonna go into detail with that on account that she's a video game character, and why would kikiyama bother with such a miniscule and pointless detail?

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But why would he otherwise bother placing things like bathroom stalls and vending machines in obscure places?

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Well that's just it, they're obscure places. If they meant anything they'd be more prominent. Also, as a thing, I haven't seen many theories about why the vending machines are there, so I'm gonna hijack my own thread and ask /t/ if they have any theories as to those.

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