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What if Madotsuki isn't hikkikomori at all?

Judge yourself: Madotsuki is on her own, when we save and exit. And when she's on her own, she can eat, bathe, go to work/school/whatever and do other stuff. She can have abnormal schedule, what explains, that she may sleep whole day/night.
And when we load, Madotsuki thinks: "Oh, time to read my diary" and "reads". And her refusal to come out is "I'm tired already, I want to relax. I want to sleep, I had a hard day"

"I'm working, please wait until I return home"

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O SHI-thenwhydidshethrowherselfoffherbalcony?

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Since when suicide allowed to NEETs only?

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shitty work, no love-life since she never brings guys home, depressed over the fact that the most exciting thing in her life are her dreams

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I... actually really like this theory. :| It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

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It doesn't make sense if you play the game from beginning to end without saving (which would only take like an hour if you knew what you were doing) you can clearly see that she's alone for days.

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Why? 8 hours of sleeping (1-whatever hours of playing) => suicide.


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Haha, she'd have to go like

"ahh I'm tired alright let's see what my dreams look like oh fuck oh fuck what is this ARGH OH GOD MY EYES fuck this shit fuck life" splat

Record breaking speed for developing suicidal thoughts

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Wait, wait, now I've got it. She's on acid.
"WITCH EFFECT GET, time to flyyyyyyyyy"

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Playing the game start to end, she's visible alone for several days. Go out on the patio.

On the other hand, OP mentioned the idea of an odd or unpredictable work schedule, which just HAPPENS to coincide with whatever the player's doing.

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