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I DID NOT WRITE THIS. It was posted on /v/ today by a writefag. Posting it here for posterity. It's kinda long, so bear with me.

OK, there is a LOT of symbolism in this game. Most of it is too erratic or random to put into words (the bird-girls, the Octopus Balloon, etc.). However, there are multiple symbols/ideas that appear far too many times to simply have no meaning, or that specifically stand out both to players and to Madotsuki. The major ones are the following characters:

  1. Monoko. The mutilated, five-armed girl who responds to your traffic light ability.
  2. Poniko. The seemingly innocent 'sister' of Madotsuki who conceals the game's most infamous secret.
  3. Masada. The humble pianist who avoids Madotsuki when she has the knife.
  4. Monoe. The 'elder sister' of Monoko who gives you a chilling look and then vanishes when you try to talk to her.

Now, these four characters are by no means the ONLY ones in the game, but they ARE the most prominent humans aside from yourself. And four of the game's main ideas/hints to Madotsuki's backstory seem to all coincidentally connect with one or more of these people:

  1. Auto accident. The fact that you not only get a stoplight ability, but it specifically affects Monoko - revealing her as the disfigured corpse she really is- leads many people to believe that prior to the game, Madotsuki witnessed or was involved in some sort of car accident. Early in the game, the player comes across a rainy street with a stray bloody corpse lying alongside of it as well...
  2. Rape/pregnancy. Many of the game's backgrounds and other sprites feature misshapen creatures with distended bellies, colorful blobs resembling developing fetii, and of course, a certain pole-rubbing creature we all are well aware of... However, KyuuKyuu-Kun is most certainly not a rapist. Not a human one, anyway. Are there any other possible candidates in the game?
  3. Introversion/antisocial behavior. Several creatures in Madotsuki's dreams attack her, but most of them either ignore her, pass her by, or in some cases, actually abandon her for no reason other than her attempting to interact with them. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume the birdlike Toriningen that attack her are possible bullies from her school years, but since they play a small role in all of this, there's no real need to analyze them.

So how do we link these four mysterious people in Madotsuki's dreams and the many possible reasons for her unstable, reclusive condition? Well, I believe it goes something like this...

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Madotsuki lived a life as most teenage girls in Japan do. She had a sister near her own age (possibly a fraternal twin) named Poniko, and her best friend was a younger girl named Monoko. Monoko had an elder sister named Monoe who loved her like a mother, and who saw Madotsuki as a good friend for Monoko, yet not one to be fully trusted due to her... psychological history (I have nothing really fleshed out here, but a few in-game areas, effects, and one character resembling Madotsuki seem to indicate that she lived somewhere cold when she was younger, and that this may have contributed to her mental deterioration at a younger age. But this is all speculation.).

She went to school and had no real difficulties or grand achievements, but she has an effect that allows her to play the flute... This leads me to believe that she enjoyed her music classes and, lacking any real male friends in her life, she connected to the young music teacher, Masada. This connection grew into a bond, and eventually a shaky love interest. Not quite Fatal Attraction, but definitely more obsessive than healthy.

The timid pianist Masada was not sure how to deal with his love interest, and as his swirly eyes indicate, he may not have been the brightest bulb in the box, either. Whatever the circumstances, it is his presence as the only definable male in the game, and one who seems just as lonely and unpredictable in his mental capabilities as Madotsuki, who he seems even scared of when she shows a knife to him, that leads me to believe that in a consensual yet totally unplanned and unwanted twist of events, that he and Madotsuki fucked up (literally), and Madotsuki soon found herself carrying his child.

Madotsuki was panicked. She couldn't be a mother at her age, and with her mental problems. What if she gave birth to a child with a handicap? Or worse, what if she bore a perfectly healthy child with two unprepared, impaired parents and no way to support it?

Whether she told her friends and sister or not is unimportant. What is important is what her anxiety over the situation inevitably led to...

Madotsuki had recently gotten her driver's license, and was now the designated chauffer for her friends. Perhaps Poniko and Monoe could drive as well, but Madotsuki was the one behind the wheel that fateful day, when she... She was a few months pregnant. She would begin to show soon. She was a wreck, unable to sleep, eat, or think of anything but her unborn child and whatever monster it might be, how her family would react, how she would raise it, or if she should... no, she couldn't get rid of it. Could she?

She was so engrossed in her anxiety, that she didn't even notice the light ahead of her had changed... She was snapped out of her thoughts by an ear-splitting screech and a loud honk, followed by the jarring sensation of the vehicle around her being crushed like a soda can and torn in half.

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When Madotsuki came to, she was greeted by the worst sight imaginable. Her stomach and head hurt terribly. A light rain was falling. She couldn't see the other car; only its driver, face-down on the shoulder of the road, blood splattered around his twisted body. On her right was her best friend's mangled body, blood dripping from an eye and her mouth, her arms fractured so badly they looked like they'd split in half. Her brains and heart hung out, still warm and beating... like drums...

At the hospital, Madotsuki's stomach turned to ice when they told her the full extent of the damage: Monoko was dead, having taken the full brunt of the passenger's-side collision. Monoe, farthest from the impact, had escaped with only minor bruises and superficial wounds. Behind Madotsuki had sat her own sister, whose face had been nearly shaved off by the passing car plowing through the vehicle right in front of her. Shrapnel and friction worked their horrid magic and left her head in blood-stained bandages, her matted black hair and her misshapen mouth and eyeholes the only signs of her former visage. And as she had suspected, her unborn child was lost.

From that day onward, Madotsuki's life became a living nightmare. Her best friend's mangled body haunted her dreams. Monoe blamed Madotsuki for the loss of her beloved sister and would avoid her whenever possible, giving her only the most frigid, blank face whenever the two made eye contact. Poniko had become a shell of her former self, a ghostly figure that struck terror into Madotsuki's heart when she saw her white bandaged face in the dark... When she heard the raspy 'ooooooowaaaa' and 'aaaaaaaaaaooooo' of her breath. Everytime she touched her sister, she could feel the hopelessness... The void within her once bright and cheery demeanor. Her face would twist, her bandages would ooze thick white pus... Eventually Madotsuki resigned herself to simply remain locked away in her room, where she thought she would be safe from the outside world and the monsters inhabiting it... Monsters that picked on her, and now monsters that she had made herself. Her only solace was her NASU, and her balcony, which she could occasionally see Masada from in his flat several blocks away. Always the starving artist... He had been the only supporter Madotsuki had had after the disaster, but he had recently been growing distant, as though giving up on her. Madotsuki was alone now, alone with her thoughts.

Madotsuki grew more and more despondent as time went on. She eventually seemed to become agoraphobic, refusing to leave her room at all unless absolutely necessary. Her parent(s) or sister would bring her food, she would refrain from going to the bathroom for as long as possible (This coupled with her pants-shitting dreams leads to a rather unfortunate explanation for the 'poop hair' effect...), and she would spend almost all of her day playing a single puzzle game on her NASU... probably the one thing she could still find joyful/addicting in her life, or just sleeping. We all know this part... But this is where a question is raised.

Yes, in her dreams, Madotsuki is plagued by nightmares... But what are these nightmares, really? There is no shortage of strange images in Madotsuki's dream world, but are these entities really nightmares, or are they commonplace encounters for this girl's disturbed mind? In her waking hours, she is too terrified to even set foot outside her room. Yet in this bizarre dreamscape, she can walk anywhere without even flinching. She can cross frozen wastelands and frightening deserts. She can walk up to the haughty, birdlike squawking manifestations of the bullies from her old life and interact with them, enter their dance party, or if she is inclined... Even kill them. In this dream world, she's not a simple victim: She is a goddess.

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This is especially evidenced in two areas: the first is places like the Nexus and Hell. Places her life could conceivably go, and a place she feels at the moment she is destined to wind up in... But she can go where she pleases, and she can leave any time. She could stay in the safety of a waiting room or in the Nexus; instead she goes in search of things that she needs in order to move on in life.

She finds a bicycle and a knife. They grant her speed and power. They grant her access to unreachable places.

She finds different hairstyles... Memories of her friends changing her hair in different ways as a child. Good memories.

She finds Monoe, and though she won't talk to the girl who caused her sister's death, Madotsuki continues to seek her out, trying to help both of them to pick up the pieces and start over. For Monoko's sake.

She finds her flute, and later Masada himself, in an even lonelier place than she has been in. When he sees the knife, he trembles in fear of Madotsuki, afraid that losing their child has caused her to finally snap. But she puts it away and produces the flute... And they play together once again, and they leave and be happy together, alone.

In a wasteland of frightening imagery and bizarre sights and sounds, Madotsuki finds her sister, face as pristine as the day she was born. In one dream, the horrible bandage mask may consume her. That touch of desperation and hopelessness may consume her like a void. A monstrous pit where she wades through her sister's pus and tears... but this is only rarely the case. Often her sister is normal. Things are well. Things are as they once were here...

Through all her misery, Madotsuki has come out on top. After countless hours in the Hell that is her mind, she has found lights in the darkness... In some form or another, she has rediscovered 24 things about herself. her friends. her family. Her entire life. By confronting the demons within her mind, she has become a stronger person. But by no means has she fully recovered... She has been through a lifetime's worth of trauma. She has lost loved ones, she has lost a child, she has lost much of her sanity... Yet through it all, in some form or another, she has stayed alive and sane within the madness of her mind.

But her mind is just her. No one man (or woman) is an island... And upon waking up from her final dream, documenting the final glimmering egg she has found in her diary, she walks to her door feeling a sense of hope for the future, for the first time in a long time.

Yet she still freezes in places when she reaches to open the door leading out of her bedroom. As demented as her dreams were, they offered strange instances of comfort familiarity. Is she ready to face the unknown again...?

That's when it hits her. There IS another way out of her room. Her glance shifts from her door to the balcony behind her...

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Madotsuki steels her nerves. She has to get out of this room... This self-imposed prison. Or else the dreams will continue. This demented, perverted excuse for a life, in a backwards and imaginary world of old memories and old terrors.

The time has come to move on.

She turns her back on that accursed door and walks across her room, legs shaking, tears in her eyes and streaming down her face in utter terror, yet an odd sense of peace...

The time has come to let go of the past.

She walks out onto the balcony and climbs onto the railing, the wind blowing around her. She can hear a distant music being carried by it... the soft melody of a slightly out-of-tune piano.

The time has come... The time of acceptance.

Madotsuki outstretches her arms and goes limp, allowing gravity to take over. As she ever so slowly begins to fall forward, that out of tune piano seems to pick up. A soft whistle now accompanies it. The whistle of a flute.

The time has come for the dream to end.

Madotsuki opens her eyes... She doesn't even remember hitting the ground. She must have, though. She is in the hospital, once again in the same room as after the accident... And her bandages are in the same spots.
Her brief confusion is quickly forgotten as a female figure hugs her. Her sister! Her warm, loving sister is back! Her face is still bandaged, but it has healed greatly. But how?
That's what happens in seven weeks of recovery, is her sister's tearful reply.
Several hours and tearful family reunions later, Madotsuki finally learns that the car crash had not just taken her child, but it had also nearly claimed her: The impact had put her into a coma for nearly 2 months. She wasn't expected to wake up for a long time, if at all... It would seem that her leap of faith had paid off. But would it be just the first of many? She may be alive, but her sister is likely permanenetly disfigured. Monoko is dead, and Monoe will likely never speak to her again. Perhaps like in her dream, Monoe will avoid her... And perhaps like her dream, the avoidance will inevitably end... And perhaps she'll be able to pay off the hospital bills... and the accident she caused, there's legal trouble there, for sure.
But after the tearful reunions and explanations and nightmares have all ended, none of that seems to matter right now. And for the first time in weeks, Madotsuki finally manages to lay her head on her pillow, a little easier. Soon, she has drifted off into a somewhat peaceful sleep, the faint sound of a piano lulling her into slumber... and a few hours later, waking her up with the sunrise.


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;_; This story is awesome.

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Tears were almost shed. On the inside, they were definantly shed.

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this... this was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

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I never take theories seriously, but I cried. Tears of joy.

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This is truth to me. I shall accept no other explanation!

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Bravo to whoever took all the time to type this. Awesome theory.

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Oh hey that's an awesome theory and-

finishes reading and looks at the OP pic

bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww )":

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>That's when it hits her. There IS another way out of her room. Her glance shifts from her door to the balcony behind her...

If you stop reading there the story is much better, the rest is a cop-out.

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Sucks :/

>> No.1258   [Delete]   [Edit]

I agree the end was a bit of a cop-out.

Up till then, though. Perfect. A depressing end to a heart wrenchingly sad story. That's the Yume Nikki I recognise.

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Why is this so amazing? No, I literally mean why? It's just like every other generic, misinterpreting theory. The writing is beautiful, but it suffers from the stretches of logic and unrealistic "I-pulled-this-out-of-my-ass"-type ideas of just about any other theory I've ever seen.

But the ending was adorable. Overly melodramatic, but cute.

inb4 haterz gonna hate baww why would you be so critical you meanie etc. I'm just telling it like it is :U

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Oh my god. THIS.
EDIT: Except I would say "why does everyone think this is so amazing?"

Last edited 10/07/15(Thu)21:23.

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thank you. thank you so much. ;___; <3

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meh. it's a theory.

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Approve ALL the theory.
The only thing I hate is the ending. It's Yume Nikki, the girl killed herself. No happy ending.

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Finally! The game has been explained!

Never heard of Young!Masada but I like it more than MiddleAged!Masada...At least it's not as creepy.

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I feel like crying now. Awesome story.

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jesus christ this is the most beautiful piece of writing i have ever seen.

Last edited 10/11/03(Wed)15:45.

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OHMYGOD! This is amazing! And I totally agree with the theory (except then end. I like it but in the game she DID kill herself and was not in a coma. But it was good for the story.) Whoever wrote this: I LOVE YOU!

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that's really awesome story, i like all the story and now i can imagine how these event and character are really connected to her real life, the ending is pretty good, but still less than happy ending
what an amazing theory ,though, except for pregnancy

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>>but in the game she DID kill herself and was not in a coma

no. been talked to death.

Unless flights of steps magically appear on your balcony every so often, and creatures from one's dreams float around his/her dead body at the time of death, she was in a coma/sleeping

Last edited 10/12/16(Thu)09:00.

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poniko is the character that represents what mado wants to be: a normal girl

and Uboa is the negative feelings she has because of not being

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pic very related

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The entire game until the end was a single dream. Mado wakes up when you put the effects in place. Herp derp.

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disregarding the general lack of intelligence of your post, it's still awesome how you just failed to address half of what that guy wrote. fail much?

>> No.2237   [Delete]   [Edit]

Funny thing. I don't recall seeing a dead body in the ending. Or anything that wasn't already in the dream environment before. Suppose she was knocked unconscious and put into a coma from the attempted suicide, that would explain that final scene with the jellyfish, she's dreaming again.

Last edited 11/01/05(Wed)20:30.

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Woah, I've never thought of it that way, her suicide attempt has failed and she just can't escape her dreamworld.

This is now what I believe.

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You know, now that I think about it, if you believe she survived and go by the "Mado's home is in the middle of nowhere" theory, this could potentially be an even more tragic ending than a successful suicide attempt. Suppose she was knocked unconscious and paralyzed, and nobody was around to help her, if she woke up, all she would be able to do is lay there, broken and bleeding, and slowly die of starvation.

Granted, I'd like to think the building is near some form of society, and she survived, slipped into a coma, was discovered, and was put on life support. That would be the happiest ending possible for me. She would have escaped from whatever harsh reality had driven her to suicide, and in her mind, she would be the same little girl running around in a world of imagination for the rest of her life.

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File: 1315776169333.png -(80.6 KiB, 260x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I legitimately cried to this. I love you man/gal.

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