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Any theories on the Guillotine Room?

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Maybe avoiding punishment?

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Those damn lockers, they laugh at your face.
It's hard to get out of that room.
I was scared the most in that room.
I never expected the uboa scream and a metric fuckton of lunatic toriningen. Never.
Punishment at its best.

There were some theories about a traffic accident, and there are quite a few severed heads in this game.

So someone got beheaded as a punishment?
You enter this room from the bed room ( bleeding wall part ) and i think it is supposed to frighten you.
Maybe Madotsuki hid in closets whenever she was frightened?

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I like it. It's hectic, and I like to see how long I can avoid the Toriningens.

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But i couldn't avoid them long, after i took the severed head effect.
To think of, i never even used it once..

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Monoko's beat is a remix of the beginning of Touhou's "Bad Apple!!".

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Haha no way hoesay

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Yes. Also, the flying things outside the stairs to the sky garden? It's Reimu Hakurei.

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Masada is actually ZUN. He's grumpy and not willing to play his magic keyboard because he's out of booze/hungover/lost his godly hat.

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Perhaps Seccom Masada wasn't Madotsuki's piano teacher.

Maybe he was one of her close friends or family members that she knew.

Outside of her dreams, Masada might have had an addition to drugs which would be symbolized in her dream as the reason for his crossed eyes and space ship piloting.

Likewise, the "crash" of Masada's spaceship and his lowered pitch after the event would symbolize his "crash" from coming down from a high outside of the dream world.

Since Masada reacts with fear to Madotsuki's knife, it makes him appear even more human and familiar with her.

As for the piano playing. Maybe it was just his hobby, or perhaps he would play it for Madotsuki. Or maybe he could only play the piano well when he was high. I don't know. lol.

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Him and this guy http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Dave_Spector

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Well, it's still like Masada is saying "Whoa, what are you doing with that knife?"

See, you wouldn't be suspicious if a close friend was holding a knife in the proper culinary way. But she holds it as a weapon.

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OR Madotsuki feels guilty for killing Masada and her guilt is Uboa.

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I realize there are no alternate endings etc. but I did have a sudden thought- suppose the balcony isn't the end of the game?

Think about it, Yume Nikki is only ten percent finished, everything that we have seen so far could just be the very beginning of something much, much bigger than we could have ever imagined.

Yeah, I know at this point it's unlikely that the game will ever get past 0.10, but maybe Kikiyama's original intention was to make a game about the afterlife. Mado's dreams and eventual suicide? The beginning. The first ten percent.

Last edited 11/04/04(Mon)09:10.

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That's not a bad way to look at things

Do bear in mind that even though the game's version is only 0.10, the current game version probably represents a much greater part of the complete work than 10%; usually a game/program whose version is 0.10 is plagued with terrible flaws, or otherwise so incomplete that it is in an almost unplayable/unusable state (pre-alpha version)

That being said, I've always thought the eventual finished version would have alternative endings, such as Mado finally being able to leave her room if she saw all the dream-world events. Or maybe she'd jump in that case, seeing as a lot of people believe her "real world" is a part of her dream

As far as afterlife goes, I honestly believe if it was Kikiyama's intention he would have either made a portion of it available, or at the very least a small event where she arrived at whichever afterlife location he would choose her to be, and then roll the credits. But the fact is there aren't even any unfinished "heaven"/whatever maps in the game when you open it on rpg maker

Do bear in mind that this is only my 2 cents on the matter, but as far as I'm concerned I don't really think continuing into the afterlife was the game maker's intention

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Maybe all that happened to Madotsuki was BEFORE she jumps off the balcony. Then, she entered in a coma and lived all again.

After she jumps (again), she would return to the reality. Thoughs on this?

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a metric fuckton, that's how many

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But look at her eyes! It looks so good!

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Oh god, there's only this image on this board!
I love april fools!

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File: 1301767182780.png -(791.8 KiB, 1000x681) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i think that was there before yesterday

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are there any theories on the fat effect?
just some self-image problems or...? it could have something to do with the whole rape/pregnancy ideas (???) but who knows

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Yeah but most games have breaks in the action (like staying at inns, etc.) where characters would have plenty of time to do that sort of stuff. Mado only uses the restroom when she's asle- OH GOD NO D8

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I think this really wasn't important for the game, so kikiyama thought: "whatever man".

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It's probably worth noting that OP actually mentioned the rape theory. S/he kind of brought this on him/herself.

>> No.2574   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm aware, but pretty much every thread on the front page, rape related or not, has comments like this. It's getting as tiresome as the rape theories themselves.

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Does anyone remember that old theory about Madotsuki being God or something and creating the universe by dropping the effects in the nexus?

Pic unrelated.

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Or rather she dies along with them?

>> No.2546   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hahaha, I see your point.

Ah, I found it, it was on the Yume Nikki WMG page on TVtropes, just do a ctrl+f for "Building off the After The End theory;"
Bah, the theory wasn't as good as I remember it. Oh well.

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Love dat thread title

also oh god overused pic

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Oh god why didn't i know this site before.
The theory " Madotsuki is depressed because she accidentally killed someone, possibly Poniko. "
..made me laugh for a good while.
Thanks, bro.

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Dont you think that Madotsukis room is like the places the Torinigen send you to? all locked up.. no way out.. which may be why she jumped? Lets say it this way, I guess maybe she may of thought that its die of starvation, or possibly get out by jumping, or being killed by the fall.
Then with the places the toringen send you to, you are trapped again, only way to get out is use a effect or wake up, effect= get out by jumping. Wake up= killed by the fall(because she is fully exiting those dreams like the killed by the fall is exiting her life.

Last edited by moderator 11/03/27(Sun)21:32.

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o.o definitely agree. Pinching her cheek and jumping to get out of the trap goes together

>> No.2542   [Delete]   [Edit]

I always said that,
I think the Toriningen are the people who excluded her from activities or bullied her, forcing mado to shut herself in - that's why they are sending her to a remote place in her world.
Also, Toriningen party.
You can't join the party.

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Can I please have some theories about the midget effect? I haven't seen theories or pictures of the effect anywhere.

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Well, here's my theories.

  1. Mado is short. She feels small compared to other people as represented by the effect.
  2. Mado was bullied when she was in school and felt belittled and powerless because of it, but grouped up with her friends to overtake the bullies as represented by the multiplication.
  3. Kikiyama needed a way to get Mado to crawl under things and was like "screw it, I'll just make a midget effect".
  4. Mado's into it. Shrinking gets her hot.
  5. Mars is a vagina, the hole in mars is a cervix, Masada's ship is semen and midget Mado is sperm cells. Also dicks, transsexuality, blindness, and rape.
>> No.2531   [Delete]   [Edit]

Madotsuki suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).
The midgets are a symbolic way of representing her constant creating and destroying of personalities, which she does to keep herself sane.

Last edited 11/03/18(Fri)08:29.

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Well yeah the title suck but I have this new theory of mine (or yours, I dunno) about yume nikki

this theory isn't about the characters in the game,it's about you! YES! YOU!!

Madotsuki is your guide to yourself ...as if this game is readily made for those depressed guys/gals or just people that is just lost in life :)

Im sure everyone knows the Christmas carol..right? It's kinda like that..but only the future

the future where You, yourself has given up on life... the worlds are the situations that happened to you..the events that happened to you that causes your depression or sense of direction in life..the doors are connected to each other.

for example, Lets take a trip to mars, what do we need a bed, When your depressed, you want to sleep,when you sleep in your dream you go "down" using staircase..this is where you choose, a dream (it also connect you to the mall, where you can fly in witch form) or a nightmare as.. Madotsuki-guide gives you a dream where you go far away from the earth as far as possible, you crashed landed (meaning you could have suicide)... as you roam Mars, you couldn't see anything but dirt (may signify aloneness, the feeling where nobody loves you) but when you look closely there is a hole, and when you enter that hole, you'll see a crying "thing" (it may represent your friends or your love ones)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited by moderator 11/03/27(Sun)21:33.

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Someone already tried to post a thread with a similar theory. basically asking people to relate the game to their own life experiences. someone on /o/ didthis too I think, based their gijinkas of the minor characters on their life/people they know.. I think the idea is great actually. Especially since Kikiyama said himself that the game was just exploring, why not make it an exploration of yourself?

>> No.2521   [Delete]   [Edit]


Oh..Really? Darn..XD

well my theory is about life also, but describes Yume Nikki as a psychological treatment/device for those who are depressed and has lost their sense of direction in life... maybe that makes my theory unique? XD


>> No.2527   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh i didnt mean to say your theory was bad or anything, I'd like to hear what your interpretation would be if you were to relate the events and characters to your own life, actually, if you're not afraid of being personal.

>> No.2530   [Delete]   [Edit]


Huh? I dont get it? you didn't say it was bad at all, i just wished it was unique...thats all

My Interpretation? Well i guess i haven't really thought of that myself...well not a full interpretation i mean XD

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