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Ok here's my theory, by collecting all the effects Madotsuki reached a state of drem-reality where his dreams and real world crash and merges. the blood i'ts just made by bucket-kun

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What is this I don't even

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Seems legit.

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Eh, better than the theory that Uboa is Mado's realisation that her significant other only cared about sex.

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i think that maybe when madotsuki was younger, she witnessed a train crash. she might have chose to put that crash in mars which could represent all the way back in her mind where she could forget about it. i think Mars-san represents all the sadness and hopelessness from the relatives of the people in the crash or just from people that witnessed the crash

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So what if Madotsuki was already dead?
Ok so you may not have heard of Dimethyltryptamine, aka DMT. This is a naturally occurring chemical found in some psychadelics, but it is also produced by the human brain in certain circumstances. Mainly those circumstances being death (or near death).
It takes the human brain longer to die than it does the body. Right before function ceases, your brain releases this chemical and you get to hallucinate one last time. Obviously not much is known about this process, but the hallucinations can seem to last for any length of time when in reality you're only around for a few seconds.

So what if the entire game was Madotsuki's dying hallucination? In those last few seconds of brain function, her mind stretched the time to hours of her exploring her own little dream world (hence why she can't go outside while "awake" and magically appearing stepstools). Of course, that doesn't explain why she was dying in the first place, whether it be jumping or something else.


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This could be possible, seeing as you have 12 minutes of brain life after you die, in which your brain hallucinates or dreams.. and we know time is severely warped when we dream.

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Maybe she just died and had a hallucination where she just died and had a hallucination where she just died and had a hallucination where she just died and had a hallucination where she just died and had a hallucination where she just died and had a hallucination where she will eventually die and have a hallucination. At some point she'll introvert so far that her mind will become a black hole.

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Hello people. My thought is that Madotsuki might be in a comatous state and is aware of it. There are some hints that gave me the idea.
First off, in an igloo in the snow world, there is a girl(Kamakurako) that can be found that is in a profound sleep. She just looks like Madotsuki with long hair, which my represent her in her sleep.
Another hint for it is that Mafurako also looks a lot like Madotsuki with hat and scarf and long hair after having used the stoplight effect on her. The usage of the stoplight effect might be a hint that Madotsuki was involved in the over 9000 times theorized car accident at a stop light and that this might be the reason why she fell in coma. The invisibility might be a representation of the thought that she doesn't have the feeling of existing while in coma.
Then, there's the transparent her in hell, which only boosts this thought.
Another indication for her being in coma is that some effects that can be retrieved in the game have something to do with ghosts or death: The triangle kerchief, which symbolises death() she feels like she's not truly alive)/ the severed head(same thing here)/the faceless ghost/ the yuki-onna(yuki-onna in japanese popular belief is a Yokai. Yokais are part of the Obake or also known as Bakemono, which are traditionnal Ghosts and monsters in japanese mythology, if what I read was right. Due to her looks I would say she falls more into the ghost category. Tell me if I'm wrong I'm a noob in japanese mythology) The hat and scarf is just there to make the connection between her and the hat and scarf girl and the long hairs to the igloo girl too.
I interpret her death more as the awakening from her coma. So, what's your opinion?

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Ah yeah, I forgot one more thing: Although I can find all these hints for her being in coma, I don't know why she's aware of it. Maybe she can remember the accident and she's simply concluding? I don't know

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This is a pretty decent one, but as far as coma theories go, I'm still going to stick with >>2424

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Madotsuki can simply create and destroy any effect and area of her dreamworld at will.

This may be evident that Kikiyama is trying to update this game and presumably adding stuff to it.

And none of the stuff is set in stone.
They may also raise more questions than answer it.

ps: What if Kikiyama removes one thing?
Even one piece of grass in the wilderness?

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I approve. Also, if Kikiyama removed even one thing, or added one thing, may it be anything at all, maybe an amoeba (yes, that's what they look like to me) thing from chalk ghost place, or a piece of grass from the wilderness... We would all notice and DIE.

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What if Kikiyama fixes the chair glitch? The world will surely come to an end.

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Op is a new fag, long time lurker, yes yes.

Okay, everyone knows how Masada is monochrome, but he's in mall world/mars right? Yeah. And Kyukyu is rainbow but he's in numbers world. So, keep that in mind. Madotsuki, having nice dreams, being a normal girl and such had a serious, traumatizing event happening in her life (Seeing a person die; Monoko, etc.) so, she became a hikkikomori. With that done, her dreams morphed into nightmares and things moved "out of place". (Cue bringing that Masada/Kyukyu-kun thought back.... Now!) So, originally Masada was in Monochrome place and Kyukyu-kun was in Neon/Multicolored Disco land.
Also, penis, rape baby, and evil midgets.
Oh yes, and bird ladies. Lots of them.
I'dunno Mado was on drugs. lol.

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Monochrome desert and Neon World are already nightmares, i think?

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>>2611 Well, I think Mado had dreams like that regularly, like she still had her nexus and stuff but things weren't as... demented.

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Taking it further;

Masada and Kyuukyuu are out place, Madotsuki's life is not in order. Masada is wandering in the world, he doesn't know what to do.
And KyuuKyuu is confused. He doesn't know what to do either, he starts rubbing a pole because he feels awkward. He doesn't want to be stared at, it makes him bashful. He probably looks different when you're not in the room!

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Hey /t/

Do you think it's possible that Kikiyama had absolutely no idea of a background story for Mado and her dreams and just put whatever weird fucked up stuff he/she thought of at the moment?

I always reserve this stance after seeing so many people trying to analyze paintings or books out the wazoo, and then when they ask the creator what it all meant they just go 'idklol I thought it looked cool'

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Some people might think it's fun?

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Of course. I was just wondering if anyone else thought this way and made their own personal ideas or if everyone was really trying to figure out the 'true' meaning.

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lol you are not the first to bring this up

in fact you are probably in the third hundredth

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Pic from http://yumenikki.wikia.com.

On the first impression you can directly tell that Mado hated math in real life. Let me explain why.

So, Numbers world is a class or school of Mado, consisting of many corridors, separate rooms, swimming pools and exit to the school yard (The Lamp World).

1.) Environment.
Everywhere we are surrounded by walls with a stupid (or smug) mouths and googly (or smug) eyes. This is the personification of classmates Mado, who are laughs and teasing her. They are teasing because of the fact that Mado does not understand math, and that she is different from other children. Also, scattered arms and legs on the walls is a signs of sexual abuse in the school. Floating reflection on the floor means that the school corridors covered with mirrors. Scattered in a chaotic order numbers on the floor mean muddle of Mado in solving tasks or examples.

2.) Сreatures
• Rounds with legs.

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OP wasn't good at math it seems

>What does this mean? Teacher, engaging math with Mado, had hinted to her sexual relationship, and a naive girl tried to banish these thoughts and go on to solve the examples that were confused in her head. Teacher was terribly evil, but he continued to smile and increasingly had hinted at sex, waiting for the consent of Mado, breathlessly.

Please don't state is as a fact, please.
And no " Obviously " s either.

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Oh, ok ^^'

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After hearing about the death and apparent lifestory of Maddie-kins on the TV, Euro-Chewky went "Hey, that's TOOOOTALLY what my life was all about! I'm going to do the same thing as you did so I could come in terms with myself! I'll try lucid dreaming too!"

Despite having a MUCH easier life than Maddie-kins, like having an SNES and a humble arrange of games instead of Maddie's NES. With only one game. And it isn't even good.

Euro-chewky has had enough outside time to have a representation of the apartment's hallways in her dreams. She has met enough people to exceed double the people Maddie-kins has met. Maddie-kins has Masada, Poniko, Monoe, Monoko, Kamakurako, and Mafurako, and the Toriningen, while the rest are barely human. Euro-chewky, however, has a LOT more humanoid-shaped things in her dreams, meaning she has had a LOT more human contact.

Maddie sees VERY traumatizing events as simple representations. Like possible rape, seeing death of a friend, more possible rape, being picked on, etc. whilst Euro-chewky sees simple events as dramatic things. Like the boy who dumped her in the snow, and the boy who pretended to drown and bleed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I can argue about the motorcycle (At some point in life, every teenaged girl wanted to drive a motorcycle! ...kinda.) but I can't argue about Maiko. Implying, in this theory set, that she really did have that kind of mindset, I don't think she'd be interested in being a Maiko.

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What about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewhc2Hj8qOA
Not my video, but apparently Urotsuki is not happy all the time.

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First part: Nosebleeds
Second Part: Going home at night in fear of being raped
Third part: Animal Dissection, Puking, or Botfly Maggots. Can also translate to Nosebleeds.

Everything can be explained with Nosebleeds.

>> No.2615   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, I do agree with this. I mean...maybe if you thought about it, Mado and Uro were friends? Or maybe Uro somehow studied Mado's dreams? (I'm poking at this because of those random walls with UBOAAA and shit on them.)

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Mado, was sleeping in a bad position, so she has a neck ache.

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That actually happened to me a few times. If you try to turn it the right way, it hurts. And it takes like... 1~3 days so it goes away. Shit sucks yo.

>> No.2614   [Delete]   [Edit]

Even though it doesn't really affect gameplay, shit is annoying bro.

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