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Does anyone have some theories about Big Red? Because I never heard them.

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Yep, the area's name in the game files is literally "Red"

if it matters, Big Red's map name is "The Red Room"

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"Big Red" is a nickname for the devil. So it could be possible that he is the devil. Or at least represents a person who "acts" like the devil. I don't know, maybe acting like a horrible person? And eating Mado? It could also represent a friend/thing that eats everything. Including people.

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Pretty sure that Big Red is a fan name, too.

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Hey all,
Was watching a Gainax humor anime, Ebichu Oruchuban, and in the tenth mini-episode-thing, apparently "The Red King" is an unusual euphemism for a penis.

I'm watching the sub. The actual japanese words may be different, which would shoot the ass off this theory.


Pic entirely unrelate, I couldn't find anything good.

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I believe I heard that somewhere, too.

Also, Ebichu is funny as fuck.

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-Recycles what I typed on my dA submission of a Witch (animated .gif of her there, if wanted)-

Madotsuki may have had some kind of interest with the idea of witches, and they might be present in a group because she considers them to be her "friends." It may have gotten to the point where she stared to follow the Wicca religion. Because of her interests and imaginations involving witches and their practices (of course, paired up with the other obsessions of hers that she might have had), she may have been harassed and made fun of about it, this harassment getting bad enough to be able to force her into isolation.

The fact that they're all solitary and not speaking when talked to may represent Madotsuki's lifestyle shortly before going into isolation. She may have developed some kind of dark and distant mindset, shown in the witches. Their lack of a face may represent Madotsuki's view on herself, that she's not important enough to be identified by other people. Their horrific change when the Cat effect is used around them may also back up the idea that Madotsuki thinks that she is "ugly," giving her more of a reason to hide herself from society.

((Aaaand there's my pathetic attempt at making the Witch a fan character like Masada or Poniko.))

It's my first theory on anything in the game, sorry if it's a bit unusual. Discuss?

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um i think this theory is totally ghey and shud die

No I'm just kidding. <3 It's a good theory, I sort of think of it the same way. C:

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Mado is actually Mal from Inception

Last edited 11/04/10(Sun)15:11.

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I know, I know, I'm a genius.

Also oops i'm OP

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There was a better thread a while ago with a better explanation.

I tried to find it, but I couldn't. :(

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Protip: this thread wasn't meant to be taken serious.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. :(

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Were you, perhaps, thinking of >>2425 ?

If so, I'm proud of myself, that was me.

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This isn't quite a theory, but more of a thought on forming a theory - has anyone thought about using from freudian psychology on this? (If anyone has, sorry for repeating the topic) Psycho analytic theory was developed by freud, and if anyone could help us solve the mystery of madotsukis dreams, maybe his work can. <3 He has some out there theories, and this game is also very out there as well. I have a hard time believing that a game with this much about dreams and phallus symbolism wouldnt be DEVELOPED with freud in mind, either. Kikiyama seems to have a taste for psychology, so why not, right? Any thoughts? Read the link guys, even if you only scan through it. A LOT of what freud theorized matches up to this game perfectly.

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Of course it's Freudian, that's why rape vagina hymen blood penis rubbing pole and Mado is a boy.

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I have a teory of the backgrounds in the game. I all so mean the floor in the door room and the rave box . It's because of the mat that Madotsuki has on her floor in her own room. The design of the mat is very similar to the figures in the backround of many areas in the game.

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No shit, sherlock.

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I think one of the most overlooked things in Yume Nikki is that kissing sound you hear when interacting with the devil. Any theories on that?

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File: 1304213948819.png -(161.9 KiB, 476x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Her lover

He is in the basement of the FC house because they had secret meeting, but she dreams him as a demon because he...
a) Her parents forbid their love and convinced her he was the devil, which is why she wont leave her room.
b) He raped her

Either way its a cute story~

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Happens with Buyo Buyo too. LOL Madotsuki is a slut

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Arranged marriage.

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In all seriousness, it's probably because it's an FC character that lets you effect get.

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why and how to you think mado writes her in dream dairy?
i think she doodles in it the things that are most prominent to her and discribes the rest in detail aswell as thoughs doodles. why? beacuse she want's something to to while she dies, she wants something to leave behind for when people break open her room they'll see her torment and what led her to die.

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She doesn't speak a word, so i believe she draws in her diary.
Disregard the blind-theories for now.

As a narcoleptic, she looks sleepy all the time and spends most of her time sleeping.
That's why she dreams every time, that is her way of living, or her way of being awake.
She needs to wake up at some point to fulfill some needs, eating etc.
At that time, she documents her life, explicit or not. I think she doesn't care about what other people would think of that diary.
Some kids write in a diary, things like " what happened today ".
For mado, that would be a dream diary then.
Just a hobby i think.

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>she doesn't speak a word

damé! muri! damé! damé! damé! muri! muri! damé! muri!

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I bet that's exactly what she writes in her diary, huh?

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...Dream dairy? LOL WUT

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Okay, guys. I'm not here to post a theory, I want to bash a theory. This theory is:

"Madotsuki was not born blind, but became blind over time."

1st of all, I'm pretty sure a blind girl can't write in a diary.
2nd, You may assume this since her sprite appears to have closed eyes. But it's a 16-bit sprite, and she's Asian. So, just because those things in Mario with the checkerboard pattern-thingies look like gingerbread, they automatically are gingerbread?

EDIT: Added images of the gingerbread dealies

Last edited by moderator 11/03/27(Sun)21:31.

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>Well I can't see anything but, bah, what the heck, I'll just keep turning this lamp on every time I write in my diary, you know, just to fuck with everyone.
>> No.2582   [Delete]   [Edit]

plz read: >>2561

>Some blind people can see light and shadow, just not definite shapes. some people can also see colour but in real soft blurs
>> No.2662   [Delete]   [Edit]


But how would turning on a lamp help her write in her diary if she was blind?

>> No.2663   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah, if she couldn't see definite shapes, she wouldn't be able to read her writing, therefore turning the lamp on would be totally pointless. If she needs a lamp to write, she is not blind, end of story.

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So far, I've always assumed that FACE must be the most terrifying thing possible for Modo, since it's the only thing that wakes her up from the sight of it alone. But then I happened to realize that its Japanese name, The Red King, refers to a character from Through the Looking Glass. In it, it's said that Alice may be a part of his dream, and if he wakes up, she'll no longer exist.

That's not quite how it works in the game of course, but it can't be a coincidence that he's named after a dreaming character in a famous book, and Modo abruptly wakes up when she sees him. Also, the face itself does resemble how he's illustrated in the book. No idea what any of this has to do with Kyukyu-kun.

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(how does i quote lol)
""Eizo", which means image/reflection/silhouette"

When I read that, I got the idea that maybe FACE could be a little more literal than we all think. I don't know where the name FACE came from, so I can only imagine it's fan made (same as the Red King, which I've only heard sparingly), but what if Madotsuki is literally coming face to FACE with her own face?

She gets to FACE by cutting a hole in the very fabric of her dream and winds up in this fairly empty area with a staircase and just a single observer (Kyukyu-kun), and when she enters the door at the top there's FACE. Could it be that Madotsuki is seeing her own FACE, distorted by her dreams, and it startles her awake?

The "reflection" translation is particularly interesting, because it could mean that Madotsuki is afraid to look at herself which could, in turn, make for another whole slew of theories about who she is and why she's a shut in.

>> No.2655   [Delete]   [Edit]


>that would be greentext maybe?

Madotsuki is afraid of herself..hm, i like this.

>> No.2659   [Delete]   [Edit]

Reflection theory makes a lot of sense, too. I don't think it's literally supposed to be her own face or anyone else's, more like an emotional manifestation of how her current situation feels to her; she sees it when she enters the door to her own room. The fact it wakes her up when so many other things don't hints at the level of dispair involved in that.

>> No.2661   [Delete]   [Edit]


Her having to cut a whole in her dream to get to FACE is pretty interesting. It could be the it is the FACE of someone very unpleasant to her, and the dreamworld itself was designed to keep Mado away from such an unpleasant figure.

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