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there are probably 9567 typos in this but i really don't care anymore
feel free to point out any plotholes or things that don't make sense btw
okay i won't bother explaining mado because all of the other characters will explain why she is how she is.

toriningen (bird people) - they're the bullies that mado had to face at school (which is the fanon theory anyway). the fact that they don't die when you stab them is because mado has never been able to get rid of them ever, and they go crazy when you stab them because they bullied her more when she tried to fight back. the picnic is also the fanon thing too - the grass purposely in the way was to show that mado couldn't join in things that the popular kids did.

poniko - a person who tried to be mado's friend, but she valued her social image to others as well, so when the populars (torinigens) saw that she was being nice to mado, she would suddenly be mean to her to make herself look tough. uboa is poniko's 'dark side', and the reason why he teleports her to that place is because, when poni is being mean to mado, it reminds her that she is isolated from the social norm for most things.

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bump b/c i want input, people 3:<

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Damn OP, I really like this. A lot of it was really creative(such as the music on Shitai's radio, Masada's sci-fi obsession and the kidnapping). Very nice work.

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why thank-you :>

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Greeting to everyone on Uboachan. This is my first time actually posting here, before I just only watched the posts. I do not know Yume Nikki since that long (it's around 3 months I think) but I had done and seen everything known about in the game. I had been done some researches like what others think and I had gone into deep thinking too and came up with my own theories. I do know possibly every possible topic have been discussed someway already but I still would like to share my theories as I find the ones I have somewhat different then the ones which float around on the internet. But let's get on business now.
At this time I would like to concentrate on Madotsuki's relationship with the other kids, not just like in school but in overall. What kind of life she had/have there and what kind of results it could cause.
On first there is the all popular Toriningen. People call them all sort of things like tormentors, other people or the other kids. I found it strange enough though that nobody actually really find anything important about that every Toriningen is actually female. There is no male Toriningen seen in the game, in my opinion that pretty much disqualify the chance to make them represent the people or all the kids. They are sort of tormentors alright, even a blind can tell that but I do believe the Toriningen are suppose to represent in her dreams ONLY the other girls. Even just by fact that usually girls mostly only gets bullied by other girls and boys gets bullied by other boys proves it that Toriningen suppose to be girls. If it would wanna be every other kid then I am sure there would have been at least a few male Toriningen. The Toriningen character style reminds me of the girls whos laughing at you, talk you out behind your back, always sarcastic with you and enjoy humiliating you. The whole tall skinny bird people with their wicked smile just so much suits it. Most likely Madotsuki was picked on by other girls a lot, maybe she was too much shy and it was difficult for her to make friends, maybe she was much shorter then other girls or just different in some other way what made her a good target for others. it is possible that they may had locked Madotsuki up inside her locker. It is actually a common bully stuff what is pulled off and it is very common among girls. They grab you and trap you inside your locker. It could have happen very often to Madotsuki what could explain when the Toriningen catch you, you get trapped inside a small area. There is that checkerboard road place where is a small sealed away area with a wardrobe what if you open you can see Madotsuki curled up inside, it is possible that tries to give you a hint about that too.

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Last edited 11/05/19(Thu)05:40.

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>There is no refrigerator or anything where she could keep food or drink in her room

Delivery financed by her parents

>she also needs to visit the bathroom time to time

So i too think that Toriningen were the older visitors of her school who bullied her.
Probably because she has longer hair than them all. The reason why there are no male toriningen is simply because boys didn't bully her and she didn't care for them at all, in her age.
The toriningen sending you to a remote place symbolises how they were the reason madotsuki shut herself in.
They probably shut her into a locker, too.
See -> Bed Room, Guillotine Room.
A calm Toriningen wanders around there, probably standing guard.

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File: 1306529147258.gif -(236.6 KiB, 554x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I like to imagine Mado has a huge stash of chips and candy under her bed. You know, like a proper NEET would.

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> The Toriningen character style reminds me of the girls whos laughing at you, talk you out behind your back, always sarcastic with you and enjoy humiliating you. The whole tall skinny bird people with their wicked smile just so much suits it. Most likely Madotsuki was picked on by other girls a lot, maybe she was too much shy and it was difficult for her to make friends, maybe she was much shorter then other girls or just different in some other way what made her a good target for others

That seems quite possible to me and even explains the Toriningen picnic that can be found in a place of the wilderness And that you can't enter. The toriningen seem to get along. Bullies often stick together against one person and therefore have somewhat of a good relationship between each other. Madotsuki, who however is bullied, can't be friends with them and therefore can't picnic with the toriningen in the wilderness.

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madotsuki cannot into picnic

And that's why i don't think the toriningen party as an easter egg, but more a really saddening place.
They might just as well try to look human by dressing up and doing human things and jobs - like the toriningen next to the flute player room, the one in the Bed Room etc.

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What if Nikki is an alien, and "dream" is actually the her real world and the real world is her dream?

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I agree, the diary is definitely an alien.

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>>The Diary is an alien
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>implying madotsuki is called "Nikki"

doesn't afraid of anything, eh?

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has anyone thought that maybe...

mado isn't a hikiki and she just doesn't want to leave her room because she doesn't want to?.

and maybe her dreams literally reflect outside world, meaning what she sees in her dreams are happening outside for example:
maybe all the girls have beaks but her.
maybe monsters and demons actually exist outside.
maybe the world is just a weird place where people can be monochrome and have 5 arms.

or maybe shes a shut in because shes not a monster like everyone else in that world and she killed herself because she didn't wish to live in that world. i mean being the only human would stinking suck if you ask me.

and being the only human she probably wanted to have human children and sex but could not.

but this is my own cracked up theory so test away.

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Last edited 11/05/25(Wed)09:54.

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ah so it is hikky ^^ thanks and what i meant was maybe shes just tired or its a Saturday and shes like "EEEEF THIS i want to stay inside!"

BUT i do have a second theory

theres a manga i read called Nightmare inspector...
in it there's a baku called tskshiro and he tampers with Nightmares to make them more taster for him to eat so maybe...Mados one of his victims (note this a joke theory) because in the story most of shiros victims commit suicide

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I read that, too. Mado should go see him.

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File: 1306497061108.jpg -(44.3 KiB, 406x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hes the cause of mados horrible nightmares! i know it OxO

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hi guys, i have my own theory for Madotsuki's dream journal.
in the game, it is used to save the game, but in real life, ppl often wrote their own dream on their dream journal in order to have something called lucid dream.
I'm not good at explaining things so just read them here --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream

for the short, you can have your conciousness in your dream and you can do anything you like in your dream, like creating things, summon other ppl, build anything, etc.

so maybe Madotsuki is learning how to do a lucid dream, and she feel the dream is so real. Maybe she is happier in her dream so she decided to sleep forever.

sorry for the bad english :/
i hv another theory for relationship between Madotsuki and Seccom Masada-sensei but I'll post it another time lol

Last edited 11/05/26(Thu)07:31.

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hmmm so its like shes in her own "sandbox"game eh?.
this theory's really good man A+ owo

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Semen stains the mountaintops.

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that too

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File: 1305778763210.jpg -(39.4 KiB, 450x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Zoroark, what are you doing in my Yume Nikki?

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The first thing that jumped to my mind when i saw it in full size.
Didn't thought i'd get reactions from it.
So Yume Nikki came out before Zoroark i guess?
That would mean he is based on Uboa's semen land.

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Subconscious inspiration for Zoroark?

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Hopefully the picture works, used a file name from before.
I found these machine creatures in the Neon World, interacting with them will have them emit a sound that resembles Masada's 'sad sound' you would get from him once him and Madotsuki crash on the other planet.

Perhaps outside of her dreams, Madotsuki would have to go to a rehab home, or maybe even a jail house just to speak to Masada, who got caught either being involved with drug-related crimes, or perhaps something worse than that.

These machines represent the booth that Madotsuki sat outside of just to talk to her friend, who was regretting what he did and wants to get out.

This is just me spouting nonsense.

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File: 1283906981947.jpg -(16.6 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>This is just me spouting nonsense.

No, its not, this is a very clever observation you made

(<---I fucking love this picture)

Last edited 10/09/07(Tue)17:49.

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Well, it sounds plausible. Notice the machine seems to have googly eyes. But then again, googley eyes are everywhere in YN.

>> No.2797   [Delete]   [Edit]

if you look at the pic you put up it looks like the both has googley eyes as well.

>> No.2806   [Delete]   [Edit]

oh god i'm so glad i'm not the only person who noticed this
i like this theory a lot :>

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Madosuki is blind.

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Who is Madostuki?

.. Madosuki has a desk lamp

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Sorry I am blind

>> No.2783   [Delete]   [Edit]

Does Madostuki like disco?

>> No.2792   [Delete]   [Edit]

Mado stu kills you

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Hello...I am new, but I have just finished this wonderful game. I wanted to share what I thought happened...here goes...

Madotsuki is a deeply troubled girl, as we all can figure out easily. She absolutely refuses to to enter the real world, because she just can not handle it. So she does what she can to not go completely insane...she dreams. But she can control it enough that these dreams are like a fun game were she has the power of magic effects, and the freedom to murder those she so wants to. Although her troubled mind litters this game with disturbing characters, dark/depressing scenery, she perseveres, and adapts to these things, so they become normal to her. She begins to love this world to the point of obsession. This is the only world she now knows to be liveable to her, besides the mundane video game she plays when sleep is not possible.

As with any game as a true gamer knows, you want to beat it, you want to complete the task at hand. Well, she does so, collecting every effect that she can in this world her twisted mind has created. She finds she has done what she set out to do...what now? She realizes, its all over. This game she has played and made her life is complete, and now over. She also realizes the complete picture of what her mind has created...she can't take that, nor can she take the fact that it is now all over.

So in her madness, sadness, and insanity for what she created...and lost...she jumps from her building in the reality that she refuses to have anything to do with, because the game is now over...

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(first namefag post, don't taze me bro. :C)

Okay, I might sound retarded, but..what if uboa is a representation of a tornado? The world where Poniko lives seems to be relatively flat, and typically tornadoes form in flat area (before you yell "BUT BUT THERE'S WATER AND STUFF", there have been instances where tornadoes have crossed over bodies of water). It also contains a lot of pink, and since pink is a warm color, it could be Mado's trippy dream interpretation of a warm flat place. The lights flickering could either represent the storm fucking around with the electricity or the two girls' wavering hope for survival ("Oh we'll be alright! ..Oh my god WE'RE GONNA DIE ASFHDSKSD..wait no we're not.."), and the burst of light as you turn off the lights one last time could be the fuse blowing or the lightbulb actually breaking/exploding. The "screaming" in the background is actually the tornado roaring (I've always likened it to the sound of a tornado anyways, hurr) and the shaking is the house getting tossed and turned by the strong winds. Uboa's eerie looking sprite in the place of Poniko is Madotsuki's fear of losing her friend or the lack of light (tornadoes are pretty damn dark inside from all the dust; only lightning will illuminate them) causing her to see strange things, which is also the reason for the strange faces and eyes all over the house.
After she gets hit by debris from a destroyed wall (which is represented by her touching Uboa and Uboa's sprite distorting), Maddysuki passes out and wakes up outside of the house, where the destruction and death caused by the tornado is represented by the blood barfing grope monster in the background and the overall desolate feel of the place. The monochrome ocean she's walking in could be flood water from the intense rain.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It could've been the winds blowing it shut. Dunno, this is just a theory about a trippy game bro.

>> No.2714   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like this theory.

>> No.2732   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lol no, everyone knows Uboa is Mado's realisation that her significant other only cares about sex.

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Just about every outdoor area in Yume Nikki seems flat, really, but this theory's cool nonetheless.
What about the balloons and multicolored cones, then? Perhaps the balloons could symbolize fragility; defenseless against a storm, or time running out to find shelter before they burst: destruction? I don't have any interesting ideas about the cones, though. And then there are those weird Y-shaped things coming out of the pink sand...

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