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so what are peoples theories about the strange aztec art in some of the areas
and especially the full screen aztec monkey event?

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Ozomatli, the companion spirit in Aztec Astrology/Mythology. It could symbolize that Mado is to never be alone for some reason, as it is just about in most of the ares of the game. It is also the servant to Xochipilli the god of Music and Dance, which could certainly be Mado as reference to the Flute/Piano(Masada) thingy. Ozomatli is also associated with arts, games, and fun. Mado being a neet sums up the whole gaming thing, with her famicom(world) and whatnot. ~Hooray for first theory posts~ :3

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pretty good post here, i'm a bit rusty in aztec/mayan mythology but those murals sure make you think

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>>Nasu itself comes from a japanese belief. It's considered good luck if your first dream of the year has Mount Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant.

Well, at least that explains Ice Climber.

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also i think eggplant is a fertility symbol in japan.. which is kind of weird D:

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Will add a pic as soon as I have access to anything besides this iPad.

Since Urotsuki's dreams have such inconstancy, no universal theme, and don't seem to be related to each other, it's hard to form a theory about her. But I have one.

Urotsuki played Yume Nikki, and wanted to have lucid dreams like her. However, since she was a middle-to-upper class person with no traumatic experiences, she didn't have very interesting dreams.

So she used a program on her computer to absorb the brain waves of other dreamers and emit them into Urotsuki's dreams. One who was afraid of spiders, one who feared clowns, another with a bad experience with a teacher... They all were absorbed and the dreams now contained Urotsuki instead of the original dreamers. The computer has too much influence on the dreams to be unrelated. The ^v^ game has some trance-inducing qualities, too.

It's worth noting that a majority of the dreams are bad dreams. There are also some which may not have a overtly nightmarish setting but are just bad for some reason. (For example, the Shinto shrine. And Geometry World, which is TOO WEIRD.) I'm sure you've actually had a dream like that once. The few that aren't, like Mushroom World (I always loved that place because of this) will eventually lead to a real nightmare if you explore enough. (Grimdark Mushroom World is still pretty happy, ironically, but some of the other places aren't so friendly.) There's also Japan Town, which is a bit creepy to get to, and, while it isn't particularly scary on its own, everywhere you can go from there is, which adds a new dimension to the place. Swamp World is nice, but it gets odd. And let's not forget the Fairytale Window... Anyway, Urotsuki's computer mostly captures bad dreams. Like a reverse dreamcatcher! Urotsuki seems to find it important that there at least be a few nice dreams, for all the better the shock when she gets to a creepy part.

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Last edited 11/06/10(Fri)18:33.

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Is that the one with the FUCKING CLOWNS?

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No, it's the one in Urotsuki's apartments.

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Hey I'm not sure if this is /t/ material, but it's a theory, so I guess it fits?

I think toriningen's boobs point in different directions.

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woha man

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Now what if poniko was eaten by uboa and its like in Doctor Who with the weeping angels. they only move when you can't see them, case in point, when the lights are out.

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It had concealed itself somewhere in the room, and destroyed Poniko first chance it got.

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but... uboa moves when you use cat

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The cat effect uses the magical power of fuckin' magnets.

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Pic related

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What's wrong with Madotsuki just being insane?
Her parents are in some sort of social position where it's unacceptable to have a mentally ill daughter, so they lock her up in her room, leaving the balcony unlocked because they hope that she'll jump off/fall off and spare them the shame of having such a daughter. The dreams are her hallucinations of the real world, based on her scarce knowledge of it. Masada and Monoko/Monoe are imaginary friends she dreamt up so she wouldn't be lonely. Poniko is her mother - somebody so ashamed to have given birth to Madotsuki she can't even bear to look at her, effectively erasing her from existance (in her mother's mind.) Uboa is her father, who screams at her everytime she sees him. If she so much as touches him, he knocks her out - she vomits up blood later (the thing in the background of the monochrome world), but the blandness of it in general is because when she's knocked out she isn't hallucinating/dreaming. KyuKyu and other sexually-themed monsters/objects/pregnant monsters are the results of her entering early puberty and being confused by her sexual urges. Eventually, she goes outside, believes that she can fly and escape her 'prison' and hallucinations, and jumps.

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You win the internet.

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Damn good job coming up with that theory.

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a question i have for madotsuki
pic related

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So, it occured to me that this game could just be a huge clusterfuck of...stuff? xD But like, it really could just be that she has crazy dreams that she gets sick of, so she kills herself. -SHOT-

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hnnngh, op, I don't think so, considering uboachanners have emailed kikiyama and he says that he knew mado irl.

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since when?
no really screen caps are needed, this is /t/'s absolution

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Somehow I knew >>2977 wouldn't deliver. Sigh.

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First time poster, long time lurker, so here we go.
I have a theory on just about every character (Character, not effects) And some random places, too. (This theory will be written somewhat like a story.)
So, Masada and Madotsuki are somewhat of a couple (I just like this pairing, like most people. Ignore what I said if you don't like the pairing) So Masa and Mado were just happily driving along the road when suddenly Masada/Madotsuki (either one) didn't break at a red light and they hit two people (Corpse-san and Monoko; which explains Corpse having the stoplight effect and him being on the road and the stoplight affecting Monoko) Now, I agree with what most people say about Monoko, her extra limbs are just what Mado interpreted her organs/blood to be, also, I think Monoe is what Madotsuki thought Monoko looked like before the crash. She was an average, happy girl. (Later or Before) Masada was on drugs (I like this theory) and his spaceship represents him being high. And then he "crashed". (Maybe after the crash he is still panicking because he was having a seizure or something I don't know.) So, Madotsuki leaves his "spaceship" and sees the outside world. The only way to see her memories is to shrink herself and look back on the past. (Midget) The train parts represent Madotsuki's thoughts on the literal "crash" of Masada. Mars-san is the memory of Masada. (I don't know how, that's just what I think.) But, before Masada died, he impregnated her. (Yes, Uboachan, I know you love the rape theories.) With no life partner to take care of her child, she thinks about getting an abortion (Hence fetus imagery) A few years after her son is born, she can no longer hold up with her son, so she decides to take her friend, Poniko's offer to raise her son for a while. While living at Poniko's house, Madotsuki's son was abused. Forced to wear a mask, 'Uboa' was beaten by his 'mother' daily. (The mask part is based on gijinka fan art, but the alternative to that is that Uboa inherited his fathers traits and his face is because of Poniko's constant slapping and punching.) Madotsuki later decides to visit Poniko, to see how Uboa is doing. With this known by Poniko, she stops abusing Uboa when the lightswitch is on. She only feels comfortable when the light is off and she knows no one will disturb her (1/64th of the time) So, when Madotsuki checks in (during that 1/64th) she sees the mask on her son and Poniko abusing him. (Uboa only shown because he is trying to defend himself because he notices Madotsuki) And the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa is obviously him screaming for help. When interacting with Uboa, you're teleported to the Giant Colossal God place. That, because when Mado tried to reach for her son, he accidentally hit her, knocking her out. Uboa's stiffened and fearful face being the last thing she saw. (The actual Colossal Bleeding God could be the image of Poniko abusing Uboa?) Honestly, I think Poniko was always a bad best friend. Poniko touched her inappropriately or in ways Madotsuki hated (Hence all the hands and arms) and she always had the feeling of being watched. (And maybe Mado wanted to be cool, so she acted cool all the time to please Poniko, because she knew she was watching?) And I was watching ghost adventures the other day and they were talking about these people who had to go to the mental hospital and died there. I think Mado was one of the people in that time period where having a mentally unstable family member was not acceptable, and her family couldn't afford a mental hospital, so they locked her in her room instead.

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>I think Mado was one of the people in that time period where having a mentally unstable family member was not acceptable, and her family couldn't afford a mental hospital, so they locked her in her room instead.

Only logical thing in your theory, OP.
But i heard that theory before, it was more elaborate, though.
I might search for it.

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Bumped it to the front


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Hi Uboachan /t/, i have a theory of theories. All worlds resemble to somekind of personality levels. Just think - neat worlds are on top - that could mean that Madoshowed up in reality. But there are Numbers and Candle world that look like a fear's place and somekind of mental shelter. And all scary or strange worlds are hard-reach, Monochrome and Sewers for example. So here we discuss what world could represent in Mado's personality

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File: 1306531927156.jpg -(64.8 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

BTT guys
Personality meh,
but more like experiences.

> Just think - neat worlds are on top - that could mean that Madoshowed up in reality.

Please explain.

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File: 1306561035116.png -(469.4 KiB, 851x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

well, everyone have traits of character and thoughts that showed in real world, and also, trere is something we don't say about - maybe suicidal, killing wish or gay

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slender woman....?

sorry that was distracting but that's never happened before....Maybe it's due to have kind of an old version...

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oh, thats just pic unrelated

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imo, we should all just miraculously find Kikiyama irl and interrogate him for the true meaning to every little thing in YN <3

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i want one.


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I want to see that thing opened.
Now brb painting my DS.

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File: 1307570752341.png -(356.8 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw i could've easily painted my every thing of interest in these colours and patterns

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The twelve doors are the twelve apostles and Nikki is Jesus and she died for our sins.

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File: 1306033766204.jpg -(64.3 KiB, 390x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i knew a girl named nikki
i guess you could say she was a sex fiend

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Completely disregarding OP

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The Christian population of Japan is less than one percent.

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The only water that OP can hold was there suppose to be a door in the Book of Revelation (Rev 4:1) and the author of Revelation is John (a disciple of Christ) and he said there were 12 represents there including him seeing himself. I am going to assume the OP just read/heard some of the game and assumed or he made a typo...doesn't really matter. As far as the whole Suki being a Christ... doesn't hold water. But it wouldn't be so bad if she was God.

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