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FACE is a colorful Rorschach test card. End of story.

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face is a drug trip of a colorful rorschach test


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And madotsuki interprets it as a penis. Hence KyuuKyuu-kun.

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moe moe kyun

but seriously, i really love sleeping igloo girl I wonder why madotsuki doesn't have the Zs like igloo girl does?

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she doesn't snore

I wish mado would cuddle up with her to warm her up,then some yuri talk about how sex would warm both up for good;
then mado saying " but girls can't have sex can they? "

>kamakurako's face when
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I just think that's adorable.

My belief is that she is the hat and scarf wandering around the blocky world, while she is dreaming in the igloo. (Use the stop light effect, and I'm pretty sure this confirms it.)

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sooo, what if takofuusen is monoe? monoe has same eyes...take awhile to find ( or atleast tako does ). Monoe is trying to communicate with the outside, but cant find her way outside the cave, so she tries to to communicate by telepathy or some shit and turns into this ugly thing.

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I see them as ghost stories told by the female classmates of Madotsuki. "They say there is girl that looks like any normal girl but when you're not looking she gets" err disabled looking? Although I do agree with the theory that we used to be Madotsuki's friends although why would Madotsuki dream her friend in such a scary form?

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I personally think Monoe is meant to be an eerie ghost based off horror books/movies or just stories Madotsuki has read. She has all the staples (long black hair, extremely pale skin, apparently young, etc).
Plus fading and appearing in a different place IS pretty reminscent of those cliche movie ghosts.

Hey, that's an idea. Maybe Maddy has such fucked up dreams because she reads horror books all the time? It even fits in with the bookcase.

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And plus normally looking at the comp or TV before going to bed gives you pretty fucked up dreams. Maybe it's the same for Books?

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Not that farfetched, considering the girl in the igloo may be astral projection (or some shit) as the hat and scarf girl.

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~le homestuck entry

don't read if you're gonna hate on the hamstacks

madotsuki is actually terezi in an alternate universe where she’s human

she’s blind and has no idea what the real world looks like, thus all the screwed up imagery and color barf

if you use the cat effect it’s the only time she ever opens her eyes, and they’re bright red

poniko is dead!aradia, who contacts her through her dreams, and a popular kid at school - she’s indifferent to everything and doesn’t care what anyone says because she’s busy being dead until someone ticks her off, in which case she RAEGS (robohatesnog anyone?)

kyukyu is lil cal just because he’s kyukyu and face is your reaction when you figure out cal was alive the whole time

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Interesting, but meh. Yume Nikki was released before Homestuck, and this doesn't make as much sense when you consider it. :P

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I don't think mado's cushions from her room are pillows for her bed. I know, it's like masada's theory for his chairs and what not. Anyone have any ideas?

Last edited 11/06/25(Sat)22:52.

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Well, what I'm trying to say is that I don't really think she's alone. The fact that there's so many makes me think that perhaps she actually does get guests once in a while or possibly outside the door lives others.

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Maybe they were her friends before she became a hermit/or they die.d

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Funny, I always saw them as pieces of paper.

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File: 1311422943239.jpg -(11.1 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

..from a diary maybe..

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I was hesitant on whether to put this here on the the flow board but it seemed more fitting here.
My theory is based on my first impressions of the game back when it was still in the earlier versions and how the game has developed, along with my theory. This is incredibly long and way too detailed and I will probably add more stuff later. I apologize for my choppy sentences and abuse of commas.

Sabitsuki was/is a creation of some sort. Her along with others were created for tests or even to be a separate race. Sabi was probably the first Perfect child created while everyone else was imperfect and put through more brutal tests. The main creator was the Doctor found in the clinic behind the Sugar Hole, while Oreko might have been a fellow worker/spy for him.
There are many types of children found behind his clinic, in which I classify in several groups. The first ones are the 'normal' ones with no signs of abuse and normal colored hair. These kids however are turned into the 'ideal' ones with white hair, however the transformation involves many forms of abuse, and while the stable ones are kept in one hall, the others are piled into another wing where they die or revert back. The ones that revert back or didn't transform at all are turned into Viscera girls.
The Viscera girls are seen in different areas in the game but are mainly found in Womb world. The doctor treated these girls more brutally than all the rest since they failed to transform, conducting more sanguinary test and mutilating their bodies completely. They appear to be unstable in form and would suddenly open up in sores and erupt in bloody sores. They mainly stand still and move seldom. There are several of these girls found in areas with the other children: one in the large white area where many of the kids walk in unison, one in one of the halls, and the event where one of the halls takes you to the Large erupted Viscera girl. However, the fact one of the halls is found behind the clinic with abused children and another is found in the Plant caverns with unharmed children leads to my theory about the last group of children.

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And I'm not the same person as the OP. p: Though there's little I can do to convince you of that.

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I did! It didn't show until I posted the second time! D:

(I'm a newfag to chan boards, posting wise, so I don't exactly know how to do the >>link to previous post thing.)

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I'm not sure what you mean with what I posted being ground breaking and speculating less. I based most of it on the way the maps are connected with one another and the characters found in them.
and I'm unsure what you're getting at with the cleaner part in my theory. And what do you mean "my country?" I theorized the Cleaners and Kaibutsu teaming up since the area where you obtain the Tumbling Doll effect is full Kaibutsu with the Cleaner that has the Chainsaw.
As for the evidence, as I mentioned before, it is mainly in the map flow, the characters in the maps, the behavior of the characters in the maps, and the moods the maps give.
But thank you for your feedback.
As for >>3028, I am glad you agreed and liked parts of mine and the same thing happened to me when I first started posting.

No wait, I see what you were trying to say now

Last edited 11/07/15(Fri)13:34.

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Random thoughts. Not really a theory, more like a headcanon.

Madotsuki commited suicide, and yes, now she's in dreamland. Stuck there forever.
But she can't dream her own dreams, so she watches (and maybe influences) other people's dreams.
Cue fangames.

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Each *tsuki is from a different country, such as Mado - Japan; Uro - America; Sabi - United Kingdom...

Urotsuki isn't really a hikki, the game just takes place on different nights.

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Well shit, we need to make these games region-appropriate, then. Take all the violence, drugs, suggestibility, and Japaneseness out of 2kki and give Urotsuki some angry eyes. Meanwhile, replace all of the human characters in .flow with robots, take out anything sad or evil, and change its name to "Probodreamer".

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I would like to know the other fan games. Except .Flow and 2kki.

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File: 1311132919691.png -(5939 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Usotsuki is Dutch.

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are there any theories about how in yume nisshi ( i think thats the one) the door is locked, rather than usotsuki(i havent played in soooo long oh gosh) refusing to leave when awake?
or any theories about the game i am speaking of, i would like to hear them.. art unrelated.

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Are you saying that Yume Nisshi is the only spawn of Yume Nikki where the main character does not leave their room when awake? Your word choice is a bit confusing.

>> No.3035   [Delete]   [Edit]

OP here. I am not saying that. im saying that while the other characters tend to shake their head all "no i wont go out", in yume nisshi the door makes a clicking noise, like its locked. she doesnt shake her head because she has no choice, she's locked in.

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Okay so here's my theory for .flow /t/ it's long but bear with me, put a bit of thought into it.

Sabi was a blonde haired girl who enjoyed video games and the average things a teenager would but she hung around the wrong kind of crowd, as in the kind of punks that like to do nothing but trouble. All she really wanted was to be a part of a group. She felt the need to stick around. But she had someone in the group that she could actually talk to, someone who was nicer. He was a little older than her and had to watch over his litte sister since they were all they had for each other. So the day came where the gang decide to start some trouble... They planned an attack on their school.
Sabi was very reluctant to to do anything, but she would do anything to just fit into the crowd. The Boy who watched over his sister wanted no part in the operation that was to take place. But the gang needed as many people as they could to pull this off. They knew he had a younger sibling to look after, and they planned to use that fact to their advantage. He knew what they would do to her If continued in trying to back out or stop them. So he was forced into being involved.
Sabi understood what he had to go through for all this but did nothing, He felt disappointed in her for not stepping up to stop them but deep down he expected the reaction she would give.
Bleaching their hair white and putting red symbols over their eyes for a sort of disguise and stopping by a scrap yard for supplies to use as weapons, such as Hooks, Hammers, and Pipes...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Theory. And I want to be heard out.
Madotsuki was an introvert who was in love with a man. In this case, I'll say it's Shitai, because it fits with my theory. At any rate, she fell in love with him and got pregnant with twins. One of them would have TRAP disease, and so she would have a C-section to remove them because the healthy twin would have a high risk of dying.( Thus Takofuusen which looks like a TRAP fetus, (http://uboachan.net/c/src/1297809423874.gif) AND the pregnant looking things with mouths on their bellies.(Which in my mind represents a C-section. Plus the lack of head, which is a symptom of TRAP) ) She would have a few close friends that she would cry to, because she was upset. Masada would be a druggie that died from OD. Poniko would be a shy girl that hid underneath a "mask", and died of suicide. Shiitai and Monoko would both be hit by cars. (And the loss of her lover would have driven her even farther.) Monoe would be a runaway that hadn't been found.
Anyway, the point is that she was so disturbed by all of her misfortune that she would shut herself inside of her room, and dread the day she got pregnant, which would reflect in her dreams. She would also dread the loss of her friends, and that would ALSO show in her dreams. Her eyes are closed because she wants to deny all the misfortune, meaning she would turn away from it all. Her diary would be her one last resort to get out her feelings. The items in the game reflect moments or things that happened with her friends, and eventually, she would get so sad from her re-occurring dreams, and decide to kill herself.

What does everyone think?

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Shitai isn't dead anyway, if you use the cat effect near him he twitches. Run over, but still alive.

>> No.2700   [Delete]   [Edit]

Or perhaps just having a nap.

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JESUS CHRIST, I didn't come here to get nightmares!
Well, actually... I kind of did. Srsly, that's one fucked up pic, never actually saw that before

>> No.3018   [Delete]   [Edit]

GAH, FUCK! The picture of that THING is high octane Nightmare fuel cranked up to eleven!

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