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The entire game is a dream.


Madotsuki finally discovers this once she's collected everything, so she kills herself to wake up. It's not a BAD END after all.

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Try that on for size, eh?

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Go to the balcony, press 9.

Not a dream.

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yup, it's a dream

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Ohohoho, I myself have an ability to wake up from dreams at will like Madotsuki, but recently I had a dream where my wake-up trick didn't work so I thought I was awake in it. So it's still possible that everything's a dream, because for once her wake-up pinch didn't wake her.


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Toriningen look like Plague Doctors.

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>Also, why did Mado kill herself if she was just sick? She wanted all the pain to end?

that of all things would ACTUALLY make sense.

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Maybe they're clearing the plague out of Madotsuki's dreams. Maybe Madtsuki eventually BECOMES the plague.

Sorry if it's already been stated, don't have time to read all these posts.

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What if Madosuki's parents won't let her see the outside world? The shut of her cable, lock her in her room, and force her to stay isolated.
I knew a girl who went to a mental hospital, and the forced alone time made her loopy for a while.

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What is there to discuss?

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any theories on the hand like shapes in the back ground or the "floor"?

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Yay, I inspired a new theory! :)
May eventually explain how those steps got there eh?

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someone put them there? maybe, but who would? the only people who are out to get Mado are the bird women, or Uboa. since it's figured that the bird women embody her tormentors (Uboa all hoplessness) then her tormentors were so cruel to assist her death?
i think i just explained it to myself...

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i always thought madotsuki was psychotic so 'they' locked her in her room
and then she tried to find another door to escape
she gets fooled once by the door near kyukyu
she keeps exploring then she realizez the only way is to jump off the balcony

she's not dead, she's just fucking out there


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Maybe this amy explain the key shapes too. showing that she is in a way, trapped, and cant leave without being grabbed, maybe also why the bird women teloport her to small secluded areas in the game.. similiar to her own bedroom in a way.

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When Madotsuki sleeps, she gets to a room full of doors. In some doors, there are some different people.

Isn't Madotsuki traveling in the dreams of the others?

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Like This Man, perhaps?

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Ooh, good point.

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I had always thought it was based on the thought of her dreams showing more about herself as a character, in a sort of dream interpretation. in some cases the deeper you get into her own mind the more disturbing it got, white desert etc. while other places show her own feelings on things. for example, masada is alone, but at the same time has his ship outfitted for 2. in a way this shows while she does feel the need to have contact with people she sees it as wrong or an incorrect way of thinking "making Masada's eyes incorrect and a pale backwards person"

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This sounds familiar...

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Go go go!

(Shortened post due to fags being smartasses. Settle down, internet tough guys. e_e)

Last edited 09/10/06(Tue)13:02.

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Wangst is from 4chan. Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on it.

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No wait, not ED. It's on TvTropes. And the article is pretty damn good.

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Can't edit, forgot to put in a password for #268.

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So, what's this I hear about Kikiyama making this game in tribute to a girl he knew that also ended up in the same fate as our tragic Heroine?

Apparently I read that someone else read (Yeah, I know how dumb that sounded)that Kikiyama posted on a Japanese forum that he made this game in tribute to a girl he knew. Anyone else heard of this? Is this even true?

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Yeah, someone posted about it here a looong time ago. It can only be confirmed by asking Kikiyama himself- his email's in the original readme.

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Of course, they also said that he said that it was based off his childhood in glorious Nippon, and someone also said he did it because he felt like it.

Remember Iron Eyes Cody? He was full Italian, but became a Native American because he wanted too. If he did it for the lulz, so can the Kikiyama.

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