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I think, out of all the music I heard from this game, the mars music sounded the most foreboding and threatening. Maybe it's the tone or the ambience, I'm not really sure why, but as soon as that spaceship landed I got really scared about going outside.

Does anyone think this has any significance? What's strange is that the music changes dramatically once you go down that hole as the midget. As little as I want to believe the "Masada raped Mado" theories, it does seem plausible. The space underneath the hole is filled with sad piano music and cluttered with debris (looks kind of like a decrepit alley filled with old train parts, something along the lines of that), it's raining, and if you took away the eye on the one leg at the end of the area, it would look like one-half of a lower body, bleeding from either the vagina or anus. I suppose the Mars music would tie into this as well.

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I've never actually played the game myself because it'd scare my pants off of me (12-year-old girls with sleeping disorders are NOT meant to play High Octane Nightmare Fuel games) and because my dad would kill me if he saw I'd downloaded something without his consent. I can't exactly say "HI I WANT TO PLAY A SCARY, BLOODY GAME POSSIBLY BASED ON RAPE AND FULL OF MULTICOLORED POLERUBBING PENISES."

Aaanyway, I've still done my fair share of research, so...theory time.


Madotsuki has become utterly bored with life.

Even at such a young age (maybe), she's a child genius with an interest in psychology who feels the world has nothing left for her. So, she teaches herself to lucid dream, locks the apartment to keep everything else away, not to keep herself in and sets off exploring. Also explains her almost complete lack of emotion - it's all too predictable for her.

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white knighting?
yeah, i never thought i would see this here.
yeah...i would play the game first, it make allot of difference.

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File: 1262775671086.png -(20.1 KiB, 350x483) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm sorry, well, not really, but...


Uboachan is very friendly, you don't have to try and shield yourself with RANDOM QUIRKY CAPS SENTENCES and TEH INTERNETZENZ CAPNS TV TROPES HURDURPS. :B

But again, just chill out. You're not here to impress anyone. And don't have an ego trip just because you're 12 and you're on a site like Uboachan, rather than Myspace like most teens. This site is no stranger to prepubescent children.

Anyway, even though you said you've come here before, welcome to Uboachan. And, I would recommend playing the game before you theorize. I read almost every post on here before I played, which convinced me that this game was filled with symbolism and crazy shit, but after I actually sat through and played it, I was slightly disappointed. So, I realise that you said you're not allowed to play it, but there are ways around that, like using a flashdrive. Or, just says it's a video game to your Dad?

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clap clap clap
yeah, um. we've had people that are ?-11. and they've played this. im a 15 year old girl with a sleeping disorder, and yume nikki isn't "high octane nightmere fule" it scares the shit out of me but i sleep okay.if your scared of getting nightmares that much then just put some music on and mute the game or just but someone speaking in the background and lower the sound. that really helps with stopping the nightmares.
if you want the game so badly then just say it's a RPG where you explore your dreams it's not hard.

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doesn't think that it's just a joke or a troll that we took seriously?

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I don’t know if anyone came up with this

Theory about Masada:

She has to go through a few obstacles to get to the Space ship in the first place (like the fire) which could represent that there was a huge problem that Madotsuki could have caused or was involved in. She fixes it the best she can or avoids any obstacle (puts the fire out), and notices Masada. He tells her he will take her home/ to his place/ somewhere she feels comfortable. She notices his car (a white car that looks advanced for the time) and gets in. She trusts her piano teacher oh so much. He tells her not to worry and to rest herself in the back seat. She does so. She looks up again and sees them going across a country road. But it's dark so all that can really be seen are the faint lights in the sky. She goes back to nap. The alarm is her now increasing anxiety that Masada is not taking her home. She begins to make him nervous by yelling (hence his moving about in front of the piano/ backing up when she pulls out the knife). The car finally comes to a stop in what appears to be a desolate place. There are few trees and the ground is rocky. Masada takes her forcefully and brings her to a nearby abandoned building where he possibly rapes her (which could be proven with the large leg and eye which is oozing something.) And as a side thought, this must have taken place when she was younger due to having to be the midget to continue to get into the building. The eye could also be Mado crying because she trusted him so much and he betrayed her. The reason Masada is black and white means he could have been arrested and she’s trying to write him out of memory. The green eye that comes out of stabbing the leg could mean she misses him and regrets getting him in trouble which is an anxiety many rape victims go though (supposedly). The music playing in the background of the place is the last song he taught her how to play. Her favorite. It brings tears to her eyes.

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So what is the deal with UBOA anyways? Is there any theories regarding him? The only one I know of is that is Poniko's true nature or something like that.

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File: 1262585003865.jpg -(74.9 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I Believe these Boxes are sad because they represent Mado's childhood, playing with those Boxes you Fit the Shapes inside, and Madotsuki misses being a baby so she put the sad faces on these in her dreams. The Aztec Rave Monkey was a Plushie she had as a Child.

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That might explain the Toriningen Picnic in that area too.
While the other kids are having fun together, she is isolated and plays with her toys alone.

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File: 1262356817098.png -(70.1 KiB, 478x319) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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fox chasing it's own eye patterned tail

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File: 1262405557216.png -(272.1 KiB, 533x404) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That part of FACE looks like a deepwater fish to me...
edit: forgot image -_-;

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I always thought that looked like a little girl.

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I always thought face was Madotsuki's perspective on herself and the world around her. A strong hatred that even she is afraid of

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File: 1258242388076.jpg -(497.9 KiB, 1500x1149) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I think some characters inside her dreams represent friends she once had and lost them in cartain way.
Madotsuki met Monoko at school. they were getting along just fine until she got run over.
Monoe was Monoko´s sister. She probably got kidnapped and never seen again.
Masada was probaby a piano teacher who also played as Mado's friend. He had a car accident and was left in a vegetative state.
akll of them are monochrome but Poniko.
Poniko was probably Madotsuki's best friend until she fell in love and forgot Madotsuki to the point of ignoring her. This new Poniko is prepresented by Uboa who probably represents,
Madotsuki's despair of being alone.
And her not wanting to go out of her room? Thats easy. Its nightime, you would want to get out of your house at nightime...

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If Masada was Mado's piano teacher, she would be able to play the piano to some extent.

In the spaceship piano, she just plays random keys.

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I like to think of Monoe as the grieving older sibling, her smile is obviously false.

Perhaps she became depressed after her sisters death and sort of just "vanished" from Madotsukis life.

The monochromes are obviously people that Mado never sees anymore.
You dont have to literally be "dead" to be "dead" to someone.

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On the subject of friends, I think it's likely Poniko's was Madotsuiki's best friend. The outside of her house is a beautiful castle, and the inside has just as much detail as her own dream-room, like she's been there many times before.

My theory is Madotsuiki dropped out of Poniko's life once she became a shut-in, and Uboa is like Poniko's hidden hatred towards her for doing so.

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That picture made me baww...thanks OP. ._.

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Hello, Uboachan. First time poster here, and I would just like to share with you my theory on the game Yume Nikki. My speculation is that the character Madotsuki is not a linear character, but a representative of sorts. What I mean by this is that, instead of being simply a "game character" such as Mario or Master Chief, one who's experiences are not to be taken outside of the game's context, Madotsuki is a game character who is meant to be interpreted and symbolized. Firstly, the name she is given, Madotsuki, is not a common name. I believe that the main reason for this is that Game Maker requires a name. Kikiyama most likely (although I cannot say for sure) intended for the character in the game to be interpreted, and creating a name for a game character like this would make it difficult to do so. Instead of a traditional Japanese name, I believe he instead used a highly obscure inanimate object (her name means something similar to "peep-hole") to show that she is not to be interpreted as a "real" game character, but she is to be seen as a sort of "window" into what the lives of people similar her are like. Throughout Yume Nikki, the characters and scenery I encountered made me feel feelings of despair, fear, loneliness, sadness, and distrust. These feelings are the things that people who are "different" feel. Madotsuki, being "different", is afraid of the real world, similar to how real-life anti-socials are. Madotsuki could be seen as a poster-girl for all of the people in the world who need help from others. People like Madotsuki lived in their own mind. In a sense, they lived in their hopes and dreams. They lived dreaming, hoping that one day they would be accepted for who they were and live unafraid of the world around them. Maybe if someone had accepted Madotsuki, she wouldn't have separated herself from the world. Maybe if someone had helped her, she wouldn't have been afraid to go outside. And maybe, just maybe, if someone had been a true friend to her, (SPOILER ALERT!) she wouldn't have killed herself. This is my theory, and I believe adamantly that this is how the game was meant to be seen.

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I'm glad you liked it. I've done a few individual things like this for a couple of the areas and characters, as well. There's a lot to think about in Yume Nikki.

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File: 1261184251817.png -(2.2 MiB, 1874x1172) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"Death is an eternal slumber. I never have to return to this wretched world. I can go home. I can dream, forever."

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I remember feeling lonely while playing this game. I kind of thought Madotsuki had a mental illness, just as a possibility.

also, doesn't Madotsuki mean "moon window"?

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Yeah, that's what I thought too.
I could just picture Kikiyama working on the game at night - "need a name, need a name (looks out the window and sees the moon) good enough!"

but apparently it can be read to just mean "window" as well.
japanese is weird.

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File: 1261149646010.png -(540.2 KiB, 850x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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so ive got dis new theroy guiz

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File: 1261150071855.png -(127.5 KiB, 467x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.486   [Delete]   [Edit]


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I don't think Snape is fabulous enough to be Seccom Masada.

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File: 1261432125587.jpg -(107.3 KiB, 502x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You gonna get snaped

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File: 1261264590884.jpg -(143.4 KiB, 562x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I was wondering if anyone else noticed that some of the creatures and locations in Yume Nikki are similar to Kandinsky's paintings?


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I definitely see a connection in this one

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File: 1261353184313.png -(27.6 KiB, 315x123) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> http://www.booksplendour.com.au/gallery/classics/Kandinsky/Image4kan.jpg

Someone PLEASE tell me they saw this, too. o_o

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