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Why is Uboachan so fucking slow? I know Yume Nikki's niche, but that's no excuse. We need more discussion here, guys.

Let's post our theories regarding, well, anything: monsters, worlds, Madotsuki, the effects, anything. Even stuff that's been talked about over and over. Let's just get some ideas down.

I can't say I have many but I did notice that speaking to the human-ish characters(like in the Mall area), who appear as silhouettes, their only response is a hollow and empty beeping sound. It makes me so sad, because it's obvious how disconnected from other people Madotsuki was, how hard it was for her to relate to them.

I also hold up the idea that Madotsuki was a rape victim - examples like the uterus and vagina-shaped monsters, Kyukyu-kun leading to a threatening looking face, recurring blood themes...

Another thing I want to talk about is what strikes you emotionally(or otherwise) in this game. For example, the underground place in Mars fills me with such a terrible sadness every time I'm there, what with the combination of the morose music, the crying monster and decrepit, forgotten aura of the place.

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I think Madotsuki got raped or had sex with her music teacher, or a boy she new that played piano. When you use the cat effect it goes to that weird cut scene where it zooms in out of sight of the two.

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Does not.

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Most of the things in this game are a little too obscure for me to try and interpret. And why not? That's how a lot of dreams are.

But a theory that I like to entertain is that Madotsuki was very afraid of the outside world. You see a dead body where you get the stop light effect, which could mean that someone she knew had been killed in a road accident. Japan is quite notorious with hit and runs I have heard.

Either way there seem to be a lot of sequences that lead me to believe Madotsuki was a very frightful person. Most Hikkikomori are so because they fear something in the outside world.

These are just my opinions. I just enjoy the game so much. The eerie loneliness, the calm yet haunting melodies, and the foreboding ending.

<3 absolute love.

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File: 1267014427293.jpg -(1.2 MiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I agree with this theory also. I've always seen the Toriningen as guardians as opposed to enemies. The Toriningen to me act as the overwatch in Madotsuki's dreams, keeping an eye on her, and even going as far (in the case of the Lunatic Toriningen) as to trap her in a secluded room to protect her from something dangerous/traumatic. They seem to represent some sort of protective mother/older sister figure to Madotsuki.

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okay, so now that i know his name, have you got any theories for mountain-kun? :3

in the room full of walking pink eyeballs in the numbers world, you see him after you clear the room a bit.

Last edited 10/02/15(Mon)06:26.

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A theory...uh.. okay, Mado's otaku friend was trampled to death in front of a store in Akihabara the day the new NASU action figure came out and everyone was rushing to get it.
Or maybe it's Ao Oni.

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pinks eyes are vagoos that you stab with the knife and that thing is a phallus and balls.

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the mountain represents her penis

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and since its so misshapen and has vagoos attached it means she's a hermaphrodite or transgender who was raped by her piano teacher who killed her friends but she loves him anyway


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I don't get it. Madotsuki can revisit her dreams.
How? Is Madotsuki taking some alwayshavethesamedream drug?

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you are the god of your dreams

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lucid dreaming

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I realize that the following will sound like desperate denial, but then again, I don't believe Kikiyama intended Yume Nikki to be interpreted in a wholly negative way. Its complete openness makes up a large part of its charm.

Basically, I like to think that despite all the apparently depressing elements there's also something positive to be seen. These thoughts were inspired by the surprising amount of happy or optimistic fan art, which is legitimate in my opinion because literally everything about Yume Nikki is fan-driven, right down to the character names. My point is that the admittedly creepy scenery doesn't have to be interpreted in some disturbing psychoanalytical way.

Just because Madotsuki dreams of scary stuff doesn't mean that her subconscious is trying to torment her and make her relive some supposed trauma or mental issue. Maybe she's just a really morbid, but ultimately normal girl whose reclusiveness doesn't automatically connect to a plethora of horrible experiences. A girl whose dream world is simply centered around thrilling escapism. In fact, the only openly negative element may be the Toriningen, who banish her to small closed-off areas, obstructing her journey through her imagination. A journey to collect effects which give her all sorts of cool powers and appearances.

Now, explaining her apparent suicide in this context is gonna get metaphysical. I mainly support this theory by the unexplainable appearance of the staircase on Madotsuki's balcony. I think this means that by collecting the effects, Madotsuki has somehow established a connection between her dream world and reality. If, according to my theory, Madotsuki doesn't really have any suicidal tendencies, the jump off her balcony may simply be an ultimately non-lethal, final step in allowing her dreams into the real world, shown by the presence of the two bell-creatures during the credits. Perhaps her "death" may only go so far as to her vanishing from reality, but continuing to exist in her dream world, however real it may have become, but I like to think that it's the other way around and her dream-creatures can now exist in reality (perhaps only to be perceived by Madotsuki alone). If she didn't suffer any consequences, there of course remains the ominous blood splatter, but bear with me here (in fact, the blood is humourously explained away by the pic I posted above, which also shows a possible way how she survives the fall).

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That's a very interesting take on it. If I could make a mall assertion of my thoughts about her suicide. What if it was more of a commentary on the player's side of the game. Technically you don't have to kill Madotsuki, she could be left in her dream world for eternity, but it's built into to us that we have to complete the game no matter what. In effect, when we complete the game, we end the use of Madostuki's life thus we more or less kill her because she is of no use.

It's not positive in comparison to yours, good sir. But I feel you might take interest in this small idea.

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This is a pretty encouraging way to look at it, I think. It annoys me though that we will likely never know if Kikiyama had anything definite in mind when designing the game's setting. But where would we be without this healthy dose of ambivalence?

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Shes Samara from the ring?

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Only if she has testicles.

/Im another anon, not Mobling.

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What if it isn't Madotsuki who has deep emotional problems, was raped, hates penises etc?

What if it's Kikiyama?

These fucked-up dreams didn't come from Madotsuki's mind, because she isn't real. They were thought out by Kikiyama and therefore reflect his own inner world of horror and penis hatred.

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Old theory is old

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I stopped taking you seriously once you said "penis hatred".

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Am I the only one the foot thing on Mars is not crying, but it's grinning and saliva is dropping out of its mouth?

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File: 1263587358235.jpg -(52.3 KiB, 360x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And I thought I was the only one.

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yes, you are the only one foot thing on mars.

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But what I didn't even notice it looked like that.

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i always thought mars looked like envy's true form from the manga (fma) well, he does, if you look closely.

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Pic not related, but it is pretty fucking awesome.

SO. Once upon a time, in Mado's childhood, Mado had a sucky babysitter named Poniko. Poniko, well, was a bitch. She ignored poor little Madotsuki. So, one night, while Poniko was letting Madotsuki ruin her young mind with a horror movie, Poniko wanted to scare Mado really bad. Therefore, she made a poorly cut-out ghost sheet and scared the piss out of the small child, yelling "UBOAAAAAAAAAAA" while Mado saw on the TV a thing throwing up a blood-like acid into some water. So she kicked Poniko, flight or fight reaction, and she groaned and laid there until Madotsuki left the room, her parents returning home and Poniko fired after Mado was a little tattle-tale.

And a bonus: Monoe was a popular girl that Madotsuki always wanted to talk to, and one day when she was walking down a path on a pitch-black night, she saw Monoe walking around. So, she talked to her, or at least tried. Monoe simply smiled and walked away, leaving Mado alone. So in a way Monoe is someone Madotsuki could never actually talk to, because Monoe avoided her.

May add more later idfk

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I actually really like this theory, never thought about it that way. It's so simple and yet makes so much sense.

Also, yes, that picture is cool beans!

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Damion-san theory

Madotsuki was "once" afraid of the dark, who wasn't and Uboa is what she manifested would be there when she was left in it.

So eventually madotsuki conquered her fear of the dark but since she goes sleep and dreams that fear comes back and now had a more physical manifestation.

As for Poniko she could either be a friend who helped her conquer her fear. Or Poniko traumatized her with it by locking her in a dark room or something.

Or Uboa could be melding with her Poniko dream and as the movie "Paprika" says two dreams melding together opens up a gateway to even more dreams so that would explain why talking to Uboa sends you to another world

Last edited 10/01/20(Wed)15:38.

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I'm certain I can't be the only one who thinks Kikiyama drew major inspiration form the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". See the man in the poster? No, that's not Masada, that's Cesare the Somnambulist. In the film, Cesare is kept sleeping in a coffin-like cabinet...Or so it seems. I reality, he's out running around committing murder. HOWEVER, at the end of the movie it is revealed that there was no murder and no cabinet of Dr. Calligari...Everything in the movie was a flashback as told to the narrator by an insane young woman. The real Cesare was a patient in the same mental institution as her.

Need I mention finding Madotsuki asleep in a cabinet?

Last edited 09/10/07(Wed)07:13.

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...Sounds reasonable.
Actually it makes perfect sense.

It mostly sounds like The Uninvited, that is.
This movie seems like something I'd want to get my hands on to watch, I'll give it a shot.

Although Jacob's Ladder did remind me a bit of Yume Nikki.


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I'm pretty sure this was mentioned on YN's TV tropes page somewhere. It makes sense.

>> No.552   [Delete]   [Edit]

That was such a good movie.

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Howdy Uboachan and /t/. Newfag with a theory I haven't seen here, yet.
Okay, so. I believe Madotsuki was a hikikomori for a while, and all she did all day was look out at the world from her balcony, even though it's really high up shh. One day, when she looked down, she witnessed someone get hit by a car that had ignored a stoplight. This is Shitai. Also, across the street lived a crazy ole' piano playing man that worse sunglasses all the time. Since he wore the sunglasses, Mado couldn't see what his eyes were like and thought he was blind, and she probably thought blind people had eyes like that (All googly). Masada. She would also watch, every day, a blonde haired girl walk home from school every day. Poniko. She intrigued Madotsuki, and she tried to get her attention but always failed. One day, a stranger drove up to the blonde haired girl and coaxed her into his vehicle, kidnapping her. Uboa, representing the stranger. Two twin girls would walk by Madotsuki's apartment every day, and one of them would usually wave and smile at her. One day, one of the sisters- the nonsmiling one- got hit by a vehicle and died. The other twin never walked by again. Monoko and Monoe.
That's all I have for now. Feel free to rip my theory to pieces hyuck hyuck.
... Pic unrelated.

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it's reasonible, but kind of weak being that you haven't said your reasoning that you haven't said why she turned Hikki. but the way i see it then it works, her attachments to her outside world means allot to her so anything that effects them must effect her greatly and well yeah you can imagine what there death would be like for her. but if i may extend your theory i would think that Poniko is forine and came to the contry not knowing allot of the language. it's just the image of Poniko being taken way by a stranger with a shadowed face while Mado is screaming at her from the balcony not to come's to mind.

>> No.516   [Delete]   [Edit]

Who would wave at a hikki?

>> No.520   [Delete]   [Edit]

some girls that are too innocent or young to know what a hikki is?

>> No.548   [Delete]   [Edit]

Is there even a way to tell if someone is a Hikki or not? I mean Mado is a human being and there was nothing physically abnormal with her.

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