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I have this theory that Madotsuki is a murder victim.

Perhaps all the women in her dreams are the murder victims, Monoko and Monoe her closest friends.

Of course, Masada was her piano teacher who also fell victim to the murder.

Perhaps Poniko is the murderer, since she turns into Uboa, she maybe snapped one day and killed everyone, hence Uboa.

Perhaps Kyu-Kyu-kun, and the "face" that follows it might represent her seeing her friends getting killed(and maybe raped, since Kyu-kyu-kun looks slightly like a penis) by Poniko, who is really a boy, but an innocent girl, maybe saying he looked inncoent, but soon turned into a monster(Uboa).

And her killing herself at the end, maybe that's her finally coming to terms that she is really dead?

The Toriningen are maybe there to represent "gangbangers" that helped Poniko kill her?

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Uboa is a cross dresser and/or lolita, from now on.

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i don't think so buddy

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supported by this:
It is possible to meet with a ghost of madosuki in a blood cell world thing,(closets, math world) and the fact she can turn into a ghost :o...
Meeting up with own ghost: high

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File: 1270250703627.jpg -(12.8 KiB, 504x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And I'll take down anyone who gets in my way with a single finger!

Last edited 10/04/02(Fri)16:26.

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Blood in Madotsuki's dreams is not a result of a rape/accident-trauma, neither she is afraid of menstruation.

She simply has a blood fetish that invades her dreams every now and then. Knife implies it too, it might be that Madotsuki in fact IS able to interact with creatures in her dreams in other ways than stabstabstab, but doesn't want to.

She wants to see them bleed for the kicks.

She may be denying this aspect of her in the waking world, but can't help her sexual fantasies manifesting in her dreams. Victims of her knife disappear quickly because of her sexual frustration. She has driven all her past lovers away, because they could not handle her love for blood and sharp objects. If she reveals her blood-love to other characters, they either abandon her (by dying) or punish her. She might be confused about "normal" sexuality (insert 'fear of the penis- theory' of your choice here), beacause only the flowing red stuff can turn her on.

Hell, one of the only remotely calming places in that dark and gloomy Mall is the room with happy bucket full of blood.

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I never understand the fear of menstruation theory.

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yeah, i can see what your getting at, i don't really comply with it but since the blood is by the more cosmetic effects and there common things that people find sexy. sure i can understand it.
i understand the fear of menstation though but it's all depending on how bad she gets it.
if you know what i mean...

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You make Madotsuki sound like a dream girl of mine.

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Maybe Madotsuki committed suicide because she was bullied by other girls at school, represented by the toriningen. Monoko and Monoe were her friends, Poniko was as well, but Poniko might have talked about Mado behind her back and shared secrets she shouldn't have. Uboa is the representation of the anger and betrayal Mado feels towards Poniko.
Monoko may have been special needs (high functioning autistic maybe?) thus the distortion. Her sister Monoe has a perpetually cathartic smile as a result of her sympathy towards her younger sister. The fact that they are separated may also be a cause for joy in Monoe, if she resented having to care for Monoko.
As a result of the bullying, Mado becomes deeply depressed, and shuts herself away, wanting nothing else but to sleep all day.
Masada was her piano teacher, whom she was particularly close to. Mado's parents relied on Masada to bring her out of her self-isolation, but she didn't want to hear it and shut Masada out completely, thus why you find him isolated on a spaceship. By shutting him out of her conscious she shuts him into a single place in her subconscious.
Kyu-Kyu is not so much a phallic image as it is a representation of her growing confusion, thus the mottled body and the size of it, with the face being the constant definitive prescense of underlying anger that plagues Mado.
She travels through her own subconscious trying to come to terms with the depression, the effects being an abstract representation of a traditional psychological coping device (which I won't go into at length here). When all of them seem futile in the end, all Mado can do is choose to end her own life.

Last edited 10/04/01(Thu)17:18.

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I hear tons of theories about terrible, awful things happening to Madotsuki to lead up to the nightmares she has during the game... But what if she'd lived a perfectly normal life up until then...? What if everyone's just reading too deeply into things?

What if Mado is a schizophrenic? She could of lived a perfectly normal life up until schizophrenia began to manifest (which commonly manifests in the early to mid teen years -- seems about her age). One could say that there are two types of schizophrenics... the sane kind, and the insane kind. The sane kind know what's happening to them and can mentally cope with it. The insane kind... well...

How does this explain the things in her dreams, then? The people in her dreams may simply be things her mind invented. She may have never met anyone even remotely similar to the people in her dreams. They could represent nearly anything using this theory... they -could- be people she knew (or knows) and could be warped versions of them, or they could be figments she invented to serve one purpose or another.

About being a shut-in? Schizophrenics, especially the paranoia type, most often -hate- the thought of being watched. I speak from experience here, being the 'sane' variety of schizophrenic, when I say that doors, windows, and mirrors are absolute nightmares. "What's on the other side?" "What'll be there when I look?" "Will something be watching me?"

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That's a fine explanation. I too am not too big a fan of all the psychoanalytical Freudian loltrauma stuff.

Could Madotsuki not be a functioning schizo of sorts. I mean she knows that all the weird shit is in her dreams, and she doesn't seem fazed by it much, even considering the game's technical limitations. The only dangerous and threatening things in the dream world are the Toriningen. Even her suicide may be part of her dream, nothing more than (to her) a mildly disconcerting conclusion to whatever story she was experiencing.

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Ahhh, finally, someone who was thinking the same thing as me.

The only thing I disagree about is the dream diary thing. I think that Madotsuki, being a schizophrenic, was too much to handle for the parents and thus shoved off to some closed insane asylum. With closed, I mean the type of asylum where the patient can neither go out nor receive visitors; as far as I know, that only occurs when the mental illness has progressed so far/is so bad that they cannot cope with the living and the norm anymore.
That is the reason why she cannot go out her room when awake.

The dream diary part may be some sort of therapy or something that's supposed to help her get rid of those dreams; but instead, what happens is that it helped her collect information about the dreams she has and help her build those dreams into a complete world.
It's the same with the people who have Multiple Personality Disorder, if I'm not mistaken. I have a friend who suffers from MPD and vividly described to me what her mind is capable of; that she build worlds in her minds she can revisit everytime she wants to, those worlds even having seasons that change, depending on the "time she has in her mind".

It's a very, very, very far stretch, but it could be very plausible.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/03/28(Sun)11:06.

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Hm... Well, to use the Asylum theory, she couldn't of been able to kill herself the way she did. Asylums don't have open balconies like that for the patients, for that very reason. So I can see why you don't believe she really killed herself. But at the same time, I personally feel that thinking she didn't kill herself is sort of wishful thinking.

But yes, actually. I don't know anyone with MPD, but with Schizophrenia, it's quite easy to come up with personalities, with places, with complete worlds. I've been doing so since I was a kid.

And actually, it sometimes comes so fluidly that it doesn't even seem like I'm the one who thought of it. Like those people and places were always there, and I just 'discovered' them...

Also, the reason why we didn't see who put the stairs there by the railing? Schizophrenics, myself included, sometimes do things they don't remember. Being able to take notes and refer with other people to basically study myself, this is how it works, at least according to what I've found about myself:

Wake up one day... It's monday. Go through Monday routine. Go to bed... Wake up. It's Monday. The 'Thought Loop' process begins here. Go through Monday routine, go to bed. Wake up. It's Monday. More or less forever thinking it's the same day as it was the day before and the day before that. At least... until something brings to your attention that it's actually Thursday. At that moment, you suddenly forget most of what you did the past three days. Because, in that state of mind, Tuesday and Wednesday never happened.

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Well, all the things depicted in the game could very well be "figments" of her imagination. Example, the way those dreams don't really relate to her, also her room not really being the room she currently resides in....
ah, how to explain. Example, for all we know she could be sitting in a corner of a cushioned white room, being monitored 24/7, in a strait jacket etc. (very cliche, no?), or something to that degree, but what she sees is her former room she used to spend many years in. So it's kind of a... surreal, twisted version of her reality that we are currently seeing.
That's why her real world can be warped so easily... (in the sense of SUDDENLY STAIRS OUT OF NOWHERE)

But that's just the abstract poet in me. The more I think about it, I think it really is more plausible that she just locked herself up in her room/was locker up in her room by her parents.

(On an off note, I has personalities and worlds too - didn't create them, tho, just realized that not everyone had those people and worlds in those minds when I grew a bit older - but no apparent disorder, aside from the usual depression everyone experiences.... does that make me just a very imaginative person then? :D)

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FFFFFF. I had a thought and wanted to share. Ignore if it has already been talked about.

Well, I'd been watching a few Yume Nikki videos when it got to the part where you go inside the tiny room and those heads float above you [ Severed Head Area... I'm guess that's what it's called. >_> ]. If you're watching the video, skip to about 0:40 and watch from there.

Now, you notice both a male and female head appears, right? First thing that came into my mind: Decapitated parents? Not a lot to lead this, but what might have happened was that Madotsuki had been asleep when she heard a noise outside her door. She peaked through the keyhole to see her parents being murdered, their heads being chopped off. The killer might not know she's there and is rummaging through the rest of the apartment. That might be the reason she won't go outside her room. :/ The tiny room is her bedroom and the floating heads are her parent's heads, and she can't stop thinking about it, aka why they float mainly directly about the room.

What do you guys think?

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh5mS5fRjig

Last edited 10/03/06(Sat)16:10.

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Are you saying that her house is being robbed currently?
How would she have been able to stay safe all that time, seeing as how she was going to sleep/etc. (Don't say time dilation, it makes no sense.)
If I was a robber, murderer, whatever, I would immediately break in any locked door, or open any closed ones. You gotta have sense about these things, you know. Even so, if that's true, I doubt he would have broken in only to leave her a tiny stepladder. What kind of a murderer does that?

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Plausible indeed,

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Possibly a David Bowie fan? Mostly, I am only posting this since Yume Nikki ruined all of my favorite songs. And here I thought Ziggy Stardust couldn't really get any worse.
Both of them are trippy as fucking shit, and David Bowie used extremely mechanized sounds in a few of his, er, "eras."
Not to mention the fact that, as much as I enjoy the guy, he's creepy. D:

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File: 1269294595176.jpg -(20.5 KiB, 425x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.750   [Delete]   [Edit]

Shigesato Itoi (earthbound/mother) was a fan of Bowie too. There was a song about the diamond dog for instance. Yume Nikki was inspired partly by Earthbound.

>> No.762   [Delete]   [Edit]


So... bowie by association?

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she is a preteen, she is grounded for a shitload of time and the lack of activity and boredom makes her try to escape from her reality in her lucid dreams, play videogames and write a diary about her dreams, since this is all the stuff that happens to her. she is lonely, probably dont have many friends. the faceless people are the random crowds in the streets and people who say things in languages she cant understand are people with interests very different from hers, she have a problem in relating and interacting with people.

the whore who chases her and traps her is her mother, babysitter or sister, the room she gets stucked everytime she is caught is her bedroom. its a representation of her being grounded, like in real life.

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File: 1268627425379.jpg -(260.5 KiB, 800x922) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

bumpin cuz, come on, my idea is not that bad

pic sorta related
just made this OC :D

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i like this idea. maybe her parents did die and shes forced to live with her mean aunt that mado is very afraid of.

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alright alright

i have a poniko/uboa theory

poniko and uboa are not the same person

poniko and madotsuki are the same person

poniko is her idealized self, she can be secluded from the world and have a swingin' pad with no money or food troubles

she has her own ocean i mean omg

but uboa is the landlord, she rents

he shows up when he's fed up with her fiddling with the lights

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>poniko and madotsuki are the same person

Yes. Blonde hair, long hair, etc. Her items can essentially divided (i'm doing quick thinking here, some may not fit) into things she wanted to be. (Blonde and tall) and things she was insecure about (fat and jiggly.)

>> No.747   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well if we want to play like that, we could say /every/ character was just another aspect of Madotsuki.
Let's not, and say we did.

>> No.751   [Delete]   [Edit]
>poniko and madotsuki are the same person

I was playing today after reading this thread and noticed that Poniko and Madotsuki's sprites are pretty much the same. Also the room and other stuff everyone else probably noticed.

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File: 1269383944201.jpg -(20.8 KiB, 420x315) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Uboa maybe was a rapist who tormented Madotsuki in her real life, but when she turn off the lights, she see that Uboa still in her idealized self, breaking it (Uboa's sprite replaces Poniko's).

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File: 1269317670842.png -(19.1 KiB, 478x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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There are numerous theories that fit this game. To me, the world seems to distort around Madotsuki when her darker personality comes out. When she is "herself", Madotsuki refuses to leave her apartment out of fear of what she will do or what she has done already. She is in denial to what really goes on when the other half comes out. Seeing herself hiding in the closet could denote that the darker half sees her innocent side in someplace safe away from what her dark side does. It is like she does not believe in what she does until the end, where she ends her own life.

Or, it's a kid who is off her medicine and has hallucinatory dreams, and finally kills herself due to depression.

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Do any of you have a theory for why the jellyfish are standing around Madotsuki when she die?
And while we're at it, what or who might they be?

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>> No.712   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yea, they must symbolize accident/incident. They always are near incidents/accidents/tragedies.

Dead person Shitai, there is one. Car crash's presence is obvious.
They gather around what is left of Madotsuki, in the end. (Suicide)

>> No.737   [Delete]   [Edit]

So like... I think that those are obiously apart of her dreams or a place thats not the real world. i never even think she was in the real world to begain with. i think that she had been transported or something. maybe this is heaven? hell?

>> No.742   [Delete]   [Edit]

i used a dream dictionary:
To see a jellyfish in your dream, represents painful memories that is emerging from your unconscious. There may be hidden hostility or aggression in some aspect of your waking relationship or situation. Alternatively, it may indicate feelings of inadequacy and a lack of self-esteem. Perhaps there is some situation in which you are unable to assert yourself.

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File: 1269105262487.jpg -(135.2 KiB, 397x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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