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Things i haven't seen theories of yet.

>How the beds that send you to the hand staircase are randomly selected.
>how the escalator that leads to the roof in the mall is occasionally blocked off
>Face carpet plaza
>Why the fuck poniko lives in a tepee
>That blob in the sewers that gets a face ONLY when you stab it
>Why there are so many sinks in the sewer
>Those red dancing things in the teleport maze
>That orange seahorse-thing in the barracks


think about that :Y

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>Why the fuck poniko lives in a tepee

Poniko is the Queen of the Indians. Uboa is her spirit animal. You are the invader that has come to rape her land (read: flick her lightswitch) and slaughter her livestock (read: everything) and she summons Uboa as an act of self-defense.

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To be as much of a Masada fag as I am, though neglecting the elevator option, maybe the beds are random because Madotsuki finds Masada a difficult person to understand. Or something. :\ Bad theory is bad.

Face carpet has a toriningen, right? Fear. Or more confusion. Maybe something that has to do with ugliness, even, and not reaching the high social status of the toriningen (if that's how things are with them).

Maybe Madotsuki has or has had OCD and the sinks everywhere represent her inability to become clean or feel clean, perhaps because she's done something wrong at some point in her reality. Then again, that maybe too literal.

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Also, pic not really related.

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You mean the forest?
They're ghosts. Interact with them and they haunt you, means they follow you (become your shadow)

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I support the Uboa=Mado's father, Poniko=Mado's mother... theory.

Poniko ignores ( or doesn't dare to look at her ) Madotsuki. I think the house is hard to reach, maybe she tries to forget her parents.

Kill Poniko, Uboa will appear.
Uboa will appear every now and then, anyway.
(not original) If she so much as touches him, he will beat her unconscious. She may also vomit blood, represented as Zoroark in Uboa's Semenland.
Uboa scares Madotsuki. He will lock the doors and then begin to yell at her. That Uboa scream, you know.

Perhaps i forgot some points, but that's the basic idea.

(pic not actually related)

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File: 1312916493016.jpg -(37.5 KiB, 483x292) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Kill Poniko, Uboa will appear.

Last edited 11/08/09(Tue)13:37.

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File: 1312921816092.png -(136.5 KiB, 300x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Poniko is an intergalactic space whore that fled to earth to escape the vice grip of her pimp daddy Uboa.

Last edited 11/08/09(Tue)15:12.

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Alright guys, get this.

You know how those stairs just seem to appear out of absolutely NOWHERE? How they're just conveniently there and at the perfect height for her to jump over the railing and off the balcony to her death?

Maybe they've been there all along, Mado just never noticed them. And they appear when she's made the connection between wanting to kill herself and how the stairs can help.

They make a difference in one of her biggest decisions in her life, therefore they stand out more in her view.

Sorry if this sounds sort of awkward, I have it all explained in my head, but it's hard to put into words. :S

(I've also got a theory on maybe why the stairs appear after dropping all the effects, but I'll save that for another thread. If you guys really want to hear it, just say the word.)

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File: 1311317535004.jpg -(60.7 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, yes. Nothing like a good meal when you're unconscious and your digestive tract isn't active. "Snore, snore, hey meido, could you open up my throat and pour some purple drank down into there? Oh also just leave those stairs over there."

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Or she could be an unreliable narrator, who doesn't let the player see the stairs until she's willing to use them. Saves her the trouble of shaking her head at us.

>> No.3085   [Delete]   [Edit]

Mado is still asleep and the stairs aren't real

also the ending was an interpretation of her brain melting and her becoming a vegetable

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That made me lol, but I meant serving her food and putting it on the table or something.

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crossover with puella magi madoka magica, inspired by this piece of artwork. spoilers for the anime below. and yes, I'm aware pmmm came after, so this technically makes no sense, but shut up it's my headcanon.

madotsuki was a lonely girl approached by kyubey, who wished to not be alone any more. however, with no intention of leaving her house, kyubey had to find an alternate method to give her friends, leading to her dream world. she only ever left the house to fight witches.

when she finally realized she would never have any real friends, she began to fall into despair and stopped bothering to collect grief seeds. her dream worlds became more and more corrupted, reflecting her mental state. this section of her life is where the game takes place.

by the end of the game, she is fully hallucinating, and though she tries to kill herself, corrupts becomes a witch before she hits the ground.

could she possibly be one of the witches in the series? maybe she was approached by an incubator who was not kyubey, and the form the incubator took is reflected in her dreams? discuss.

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>mfw mado writes in her diary without opening her eyes
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File: 1311926011342.jpg -(5910 B, 113x108) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw maybe she opens her eyes as soon as she looks away from the screen
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Her eyes ARE open. Don't believe me? Have her kneel down, wait a bit, and she dozes off and closes her eyes.
Why does nobody realize this?

>> No.3090   [Delete]   [Edit]

^Also, even though Mono looks like she has her eyes closed as well, but if you check her you'll see her picture shows her eyes open. Mado's eyes are just just squinted cause she's probably Asian. (pretty sure this was discussed in /t/)

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She just scribbles sadly.

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Masada can't play the piano and the sheer amount of shame he feels permanently fucked his eyes up

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every theory ever

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he needs fucked up eyes so he can play the whole piano.

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I think I just had a moment of enlightenment. Or maybe a moment of complete nonsense, but I'm not good at discerning those two.
Here it comes:

What if the Toriningen aren't evil at all? I know this is hard to believe because they hinder you to finish the game by sending you to somewhere you can't get out, but just see what awaits you on the end of the game. Is it possible that the Toriningen try to refrain Madotsuki from commiting suicide? I mean you can find them in the weird place where you get that decapitation-effect and they are running to you so it's hard to get the effect. Just think about it. Maybe Madotsuki is traveling somewhere where she shouldn't be in her dreams and they are trying to put a blindfold on her so she doesn't see all these disturbing things...

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I like your theory, however, i think the theory of schoolgirl-toriningen is likelier.
They even wear human clothes. I think they are Mado's former schoolmates who used to tease her like locking her up in closet/locker etc.
Toriningen party, also something you should keep in mind.

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I see all the things in Madotsuki's dream related to real life. I think Madotsuki despises people and so some of the people (toriningen) bully her or attack her while some don't but they turn against her when she attacks them (insults them). This makes me assume she goes to an all girl school?

>> No.3097   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe the Toriningen aren't /evil/, but by stopping Madotsuki from killing herself they might just be trying to ensure their own existence in her mind. Maybe they represent the selfish nature of people she knew before the events of the game. Hence, why at one point you see them partying in an area that she can't reach, they're too busy thinking about themselves to worry about her, unless it somehow affects them directly.

>> No.3100   [Delete]   [Edit]

They don't hit her to wake her up, that would be cruel, so they send her away and force her to wake up. just adding to this theory

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Maybe... some situations in Yume Nikki were inspired in Pablo Picasso?

>> No.3081   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think I see some connections. Some of the monsters look like Pablo paintings. It'd be great if a group of people listed the possible inspirations for Yume Nikki. I believe Twin Peaks inspired Poniko/Uboa. She wears green and s blonde. With a weird black haired counterpart. There's even a scene in Fire Walk With Me that has a strobe lght effect when Cooper sees Laura, and then she turns into a freaky blood white face with black hair.

Anyone else wanna list what they believe some inspirations for YN are?

>> No.3086   [Delete]   [Edit]

There was that one game, i forgot the name of it.
Features uboa-esque faces. Also from 2005.

>> No.3093   [Delete]   [Edit]

Mischeif Makers?

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so, sort of like >>2890 I have a theory tying the fangames and original game together.

maddysuki was friends with both sabitsuki and urotsuki, and they visited her on a consistent basis even when she pulled the whole "LOL I'MMA GO SHUT IN NOW" thing. soon, though, she started focusing more on dreaming and less on them, and started being more testy when they visited. soon, she got so pissed that they wouldn't leave her be, she threatened sabitsuki at knifepoint to leave her alone, that they were stopping her from visiting her "real" friends. obviously at this point, madotsuki was insane, so they stopped visiting altogether and distracted themselves from her. urotsuki turned to hallucinogens, as she thought tripping her non-existant balls off would be more fun than dealing with an insane shut-in. sabitsuki was a little less fortunate, and the thoughts of the incident continued to haunt her throughout everyday life.

soon, though, they began to think that leaving her alone in an apartment would end up badly for other people, so they decided to go and check the building to see if anyone else had been affected. as they were walking up, however, urotsuki screamed and pointed towards the balcony. there was madotsuki, about to jump off of it, and when she did, they both darted off in opposite directions and didn't look back.
of course, you can't just leave a scene like that like nothing happened, so they both slowly crept back towards her body, stopping and staring at their late ex-friend. sabi and uro standing there was somehow thought of, in mado's dying, insane mind, as the jellyfish creatures wandering up to the blood splat in the ending. this was all just a story to her, and here was the ending.

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Sounds legit to me, i like this one

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