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I went into the sewer where the No-faced-ghost thing is located, and I saw an eyestalk sticking out of the water and swimming around. This happen to anyone else?

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Yep, But its just a random event.

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Honest to all the powers that be, I just couldn't think of a picture to go with this, but here's a theory for you. Ever considered the idea that Madotsuki wasn't meant to die? That in the creators mind it isn't cannon? (It probably is) Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. "We've heard this a hundred times before and you're in denial." Let's get something straight though... there is nothing in this game that suggests Madotsuki is in fact depressed. It's a dream world, some of it good, some of it bad, some of it ambiguous, and some of it down right terrifying. The only reason we think the character is so depressed is because the ending that was fed to us, well I say nay.

Here's my case. The game is version .10, I repeat .10, why in gods name is everyone convinced this is the cannon ending? According to Kikiyama's website, it's been two years since there has been any semblance of an update.

Versions 09. and .10 were made within unreasonable time frames, occasionally he came out with an update within the span of a month, but a major version upgrade usually happened every 2 to 3 (on average) months within a three year period.

In 2005/12/17 we received version .09. This was the first version to feature it's famed ending.

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Last edited 10/05/10(Mon)15:36.

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It does make you think, doesn't it. I never really considered that, but who knows if Kikiyama will pick it up again. It would be nice to think that the game was meant to stretch more and become a more immersive, deep experience.

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There has been rumors about the author picking it up again but I don't think anyone has built up the courage to email him, and if they did, hasn't responded. As popular as this game is I'm sure Kikiyama probably gets his fair share of email. It would be nice to know what happened, or what was going through the author's mind. I understand the deep and profound implications, both from a social stand point, and that the way the game ended turns it into a morbid poster child for people who have problems in today's world, but also the creators ambitions strongly being tied to the game, but a little closure would be nice. We've had our fun... but I can't help but feeling there was meant to be more...

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Dayum, this board died really quick.

So anyway, I have this theory: Her dreams are reality, while her reality are just her dreams. That means she lives in some world where Uboa exists, KyuKyu luvin some pole, and... I don't know, something about Calgary.


Oh yeah, that, and how do we know Madotsuki is in Japan, or Japanese at all?

Some Japanese culture spread around and a Jap name isn't evidence she's Japanese, maybe Asian, but for all we know she could be a Naruto fan who thinks that Japan is an otaku dreamland where Manga is free and the people there are nice.


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That would be interesting. I suppose if I lived in a fantastic world like that and went to such a blank and boring "reality" when I slept, I really wouldn't have an interest in seeing more of it (thus why Mado wouldn't want to leave the room, she simply doesn't give a fuck).
Also, Mado might not be Japanese-- her name, after all, is not even really a name so much as it is a description or a metaphor.

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(Pic unrelated first and foremost)

Okay, this seems like a no brainer, but wouldn't the best way for us to see if this game has any meaning is to look at the older versions of the game?

I know for a fact that .09 has the same ending as .10 as you can see here:
.10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzMSTwnWnbc
.09: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrzWO9tcs0Q&feature=related

(Huh, I just noticed the ending seems to be slightly different, too.)

and they were 2 years apart from each other, but how about .08? or .07? Do they have the same ending? Do they even have the ending?

I would think this is important because say if the game had the ending already in the first release, wouldn't that pretty much blow away any chance of a happier ending?

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Picture unrelated to start.

Masada's ship contains nothing obviously edible.
Bright lights present
and Masada is still alive.

my theory? Well, since there is an absence of obvious food, but an obvious presence of light, my theory is that masada is a plant that uses photosynthesis. Nobody gives a fuck why he can walk.

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But he's a dream, if he doesn't exist in a physical sense why would he need to eat?

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also this is retarded.

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File: 1273327138780.jpg -(30.2 KiB, 188x233) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1272746741826.png -(35.4 KiB, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I think that Mado is an escaped mental patient. Some of the lvls have lines of beds that resemble a ward, and there is one building where there are sinks inside that could be a hint to electroshock water therapy that was used on patients.
I think that rape or some disorder or something could have initially had her put in the mental institution. Or she killed/watched one of her friends die, etc.

I also think that the spaceship reminds me of a white walled ward and when it crashes, this is when she escapes. I think that is how she became a hikkimori and her dreams are her insane mind.

My second therory is that she perhaps made some sort of pact with the devil, or she and her friends got into spiritual trouble by messing with something like a Ouiji board perhaps. This lead to her and her friends being possessed or cursed and her dreams are a portal into hell.

I think that some of the imagery and items can be seen as the 7 deadly sins and as she collects these elements, she gets deeper into hell. I think that her death at the end of the game is so that she can go back to hell forever because sinners/suicides aren't supposed to make it into heaven.

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Last edited 10/05/02(Sun)19:03.

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I've never thought of the second theory before, but that would be really interesting.

Blonde Effect, Long hair, cat - Vanity
Knife, demon - Wrath
Fat, buyobuyo - Gluttony
??? - Greed
Towel, poop hair - Sloth
Witch - Lust (think about it)
Blonde effect (again), cat (again) - Envy

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Maybe she committed each of these sins in her life?
Wrath- obviously she has some violent tendencies and might be a murderer for example?

Lust- I kind of think that she might have gotten pregnant and had an abortion/s and all the fetuses and sexual imagery in the game make me think that she feels guilty and it haunts her...and the crying fetus thing with the cut makes me think of an abortion.

Last edited 10/05/02(Sun)19:02.

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Greed could be the whole game. It's about collecting things, after all.

Last edited 10/05/03(Mon)11:12.

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Well, at least it's not rape like everyone suggests.

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Umineko spoilers here, duh.

Mado = Maria.

She's traumatised by the events of Umineko, and so, refuses to leave her room. The dream world? Her very own (albeit, messed up) Golden Land.

Masada is Meta/Endless!Battler. Maria thinks of him as being seperate from her family, and wants to escape with him. The spaceship crashing is Battler returning to the Ushiromiyas, after living with his grandparents.

Monone and Monoko are Bern and Lambda, respectively.

Poniko is Rosa. She starts off indifferant but becomes UBOA when Maria annoys her (like by flipping the lights on and off). The background of the UBOA world isn't groping - it's a beating.

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1.) the game is at 0.10, probably will never update, but that isnt 1.00, in otherwords a full first version, so if it was ever updated further than 0.10, yume nikki may of become more clear, right?
2.) Madotsuki goes to an all girls school, where there are really shy girl that open up only when she is cute (near the lake, if you use cat effect on the girls their faces litterally OPEN) but then when Madotsuki befriends them, girls that are jelous lock her in her dorm room, which is why she cannot leave,but some of the others were against it, yet did nothing, (so like the Torinigen the girls were) so therefore Madotsuki begins to feel secluded and alone, since none of her so called "friends" try to help her,and just recently her best freind, Poniko had moved overseas, (so she would be considered a foreigner to Madotsuki, feeling alone and trapped.) So in her dreams she would translate the shy girls to be about the same, the ones that locked her in her room like the Torinigen since if she gets in contact with a wild one, she is teleported to a closed place she cant get out of (like her room) and poniko is in a far place that needs balloons (airplanes) and going through water (ships) to get to.

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So, one of my theories is that since she's in the pink 'sea', she used to be one of Madotsuki's friends, then she moved away and didn't talk to Madotsuki for a while, and when madotsuki finally got to her Poniko wouldn't talk to her at all for some reason.

Theory 2: (Sort of like 1st one) (Moved away, blahlahl Madotsuki's friend,balhlbahl)then, she got really mad at her and decided to move away and she would never speak to her again, and whenever Madotsuki tried to interact with her she would just ignore her.

That's all for now. Bye. o.o

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File: 1272241912350.jpg -(73.6 KiB, 600x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Simple, easy to understand and connect with theories.
+1 supporter.

Last edited 10/04/25(Sun)17:32.

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Just had a little crazy thought but what if Masada's ship was Takofuusen? This was initially thought up with the shape of Masada's windows and how similar they look compared to the atmosphere beast's eyes. They both fly extremely fast (fast enough that you can see the stars move quickly) and I suppose the reason it's so hard to find Takofuusen is that he's mainly in space. This is just a little thought though.

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So... is Takofuusen a space travelling alien? And then... what happens when it lands on mars?

>> No.843   [Delete]   [Edit]


Well, it could be! I mean, we don't see it anywhere else and when we see it:


The little sound kinda sounds like it's putting along like a ship.

Now when it lands on mars.. I don't know orz.

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someone should land on mars and then return back to the white dessert and see if takofuusen still appears

>> No.861   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sadly, I looked at it with the RPG Maker and there SEEMS (can't be sure since Yume Nikki's RPG Maker project is so confusing) to be nothing on the Takofuusen event that impedes him from showing up. However I did notice that his random variable for showing is stored on the slot 0011; one of the game's earliest events?

Somehow I really like this theory. It's funny to think we're inside Takofuusen the whole time we're in Masada's ship~

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