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(This may have been brought up before...but oh well.) Me and my bf were talking about lucid dreams today and he mentioned that he read that one of the way to "check" that you are dreaming is to flip a light switch in the dream. I find this to be directly connected to Uboa/Poniko and the light switch. Because you have to turn it on and of, she was trying to control her dream and check her lucid state and what Uboa could represent? I find this very interesting. (and lucid dreaming itself very interesting)

This is an example from online:

"The Light Switch Check: This is usually a quite reliable check. Find a light switch and turn it on and off. If it malfunctions then the odds are you are dreaming. Try it several times and pay close attention to when it should be on and when it should be off. It usually will not take long before it malfunctions or operates correctly while in the wrong position."

On this website, look under:
"Here is a list of the most effective reality checks:"
(this website has a lot of lucid dreaming info)

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Last edited 10/05/22(Sat)15:46.

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Mirrors work for me, but in the wrong way usually-- I'm typically able to interact with my reflection, and it moves and behaves independently of me. It's oftentimes even dressed differently, and on two occasions, an entirely different person.
I never see lightswitches in my dreams. Ever. I have no way of conducting a reality check within my own dreams, lucid or not.

Last edited 10/05/22(Sat)19:52.

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Oh god I hate that. Hey, if you think about cute crap all day, maybe your reflection will look like something cute in a dream? Works for me. No scary reflections so far. at least, that i remember.

Then you can use that as a reality check. What have you been doing so far when you see a room with no light switch? I would think im dreaming instead of going to the owner of the house and saying "Your room has no light switch! What the hell?"

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Mirrors usually transform me into what it reflects. It's normally myself but distorted but not enough to scare me. I even turned into a robot after seeing myself as one one time.

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Considering the kind of stuff I dream about (see /yume/) looking for lightswitches is usually the last thing I'm even able to think about.

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Analyzing it from a psychological standpoint...


I think the event of Uboa's appearance manifests the fear of change and of what is known in Troperville as "Schrodinger's Butterfly". (Yes. BUTTERFLY. No cat here, sorry.)

The fear that something seemingly nice and normal(-ish -How close does ANYTHING in YN ever come to normal?**) can change with a teeny-weeny seemingly inconsequential act, like flipping a lightswitch.

KITTY SAYS: "Or people are just creeped out by suddenly-appearing pixel monsters."

Because we can't always foresee what the consequences of our actions will be, the thought that something that has become routine (like walking in and out of a room a hundred bajillion times to flip a fucking lightswitch) can bring on a change we may or may not expect, one that we know will eventually happen in the back of our mind (because, let's face it, YN is an obscure game even in Japan! Half or more of the people who play it only heard of it because of Uboa's memetic mutation) yet we think the disaster will be stalled for one more time, the thrill of knowing it's always there and possible, is terrifying.

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Poniko is not a real person, she's the manfestation of fantasy. let's take it back.
you come to the pastle castle, a castle, why would she be in a castle? it's plesantly coloured and it looks like it's came right out of a barbie factory. her room is bigger and better than Mado, she's sterotipcaly better looking and also blond is a common princess like hair colour. her clothes are not elaborate either due to the limitations or the fact of the constant reapeating of the fact that anyone can be a princess and that and mado reflects that onto Poniko. so as you know Poniko can only travel within her room thus making her more or less trapped, a damsel in disstress.
now this balances on the fact that Mado's childhood is one that where she was caught up in fantasy and desperately wished for her dreams and wishes to come true and that shit.
as she grew up still living with that mentality people began to tell her to grow up and look around her. as she slowly began to realize that people were leaving her she had the cold realization that her fantasys were full of shit and could basicaly be summed up with
thus creating uboa and the inverted room.
the inverted room full of monterous things "out get you" uboa is the realization of all hopelessness in that fantasy will come true and the scream is copying Mado's crying went she realized this and now is transported a world of twisted and dark reality, though most of it is pictured as a child would draw it. one of the reasons she locked herself up, she doesn't want to face reality and want's her fantasy back but she know's that she can't and her dream's though the reason she still lives are brought down to her darkened perseption or reality and she feels empty. when you look at some of the worlds there hevily baced around real things. also take the witch effect, that also signifies her realisation she's flying allong without a care in the world suddenly starts going down, showing the loss of people around her and then falling out of bed into her dark and dreary room showing how her sudden realization of reality.

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wait, so lemme get this straight.


sorry your princess is in another castle

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i know i can't spell XD i did this at god knows how early in the morining and i didn't bother checking it over let alone even thinking about it.


obviously it's a game of mario that you just can't win.

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This explains Masada's Mario-death sound.

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Came up with a theory.

Madotsuki is not the gentle or shy victim once assumed by theorists. She is in fact the hungry predator lurking in the darkness. It has been proposed that Madotsuki was raped, but we have never considered. Was it the other way around? Madotsuki, already an unstable individual has fixated upon her her victims. First, Seccom Masada Sensei perhaps indeed her kind piano teacher but he fears the knife and is very timid. Madotsuki raped him at knifepoint, perhaps injuring him in the process, but him being too ashamed to report it to the police became shy and reserved, afraid if you will.

We then have a crazed individual who has gotten away with rape. She believer herself to be invincible and soon targets another. The young Poniko. Madotsuki breaks into her house and threatens her with the knife, but Poniko fights back. Madotsuki flees injured from the scene and secludes herself in her small home. The adrenaline gone she feels both fear and remorse. She falls into a dream state and confronts her own internal struggle. Uboa being her fear of a victim who fought back and may report her, Kyukyu-kun being a manifestation of the deed itself and FACE being her guilt incarnate. She refuses to leaver her home in the real world due to fear of the police or repercussions of her actions.

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A girl not raping someone seems kinda sexist...kinda.

But, yeah, it goes with the whole "Mado is a boy" theory too.

Also like the Kikiyama theory.

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File: 1273069136903.jpg -(15.4 KiB, 311x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just one problem with Kikiyama theory:

No one who has enough time on their hands to create something like Yume Nikki has ever been laid.

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Sexist? Not really. I know there are women out there who rape people, but I just honestly really have problems with picturing that. Especially with Madotsuki - it doesn't really "fit" her.
But hey, it's just me herpderp



edit: No no no no wait wait wait. In Kikiyama theory, he did the raping BEFORE the gaming.

Last edited 10/05/05(Wed)22:38.

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Bump, awesome theory is awesome.

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So I was readin /ot/ and being overwhelmed by how many people on Uboachan speak Russian
and then it struck me.

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I don't understand why uboa would be a grandma.

I MEAN, He is pretty old, and wrinkly...And grouchy...And if you touch him....

And oh god maybe he is oh god it all makes sense.


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Found this on e-shuushuu.
Translation goes like this:
Urotsuki: "As God, what is the most painful time for you?"
Madotsuki: "Mother's day"

Anyone have any ideas about that?
First time I hear a theory about Mado being a god!
Anyone have more thoughts on this? I'd like to hear it!

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Madotsuki is the god of her dream world. By killing herself, she put an end to it.

>> No.557   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1015   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well duh. It doesn't exactly take a genius to figure that out. Isn't everyone the god of their dream world? And you don't have dreams when you die, so you do put an end to it.

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How old do you think Madotsuki is?

When I first started playing the game, I thought she was an adult (18-25 range), probably because she lives alone. The thought that her room is just one room in a house didn't occur to me until much later. But after finding online Yume Nikki communities, I noticed most people seem to think she's a lot younger than that (I've seen as young as 12 suggested), which to me makes sense in some ways but not in others. Now I'm guessing she's probably in her later teens. I just can't picture her as a child.

So what do you think?

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> Gameplay wise, it isn't feasible for the creator to make her dreams truly chaotic

Basically that, there's a lot of theories we can't really send one way or the other because it's simply part of the gameplay dynamic.

EDIT: Numbers world suggests to me that she liked math or computers, but now that I think of it... good connection, anon.

Last edited 10/05/15(Sat)15:19.

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i can confentenly say that during my primary school years thats 11 and below i have had repeated dreams of kidnaping, public humilation with nudity, voyerism, light bondage,gore and rape. admittedly i didn't know the words for most of thoughs things at the age i had them, but none the less i had them, most of the time it was i mix or all of thoughs elements. call me fucked up, but i can confenently say that i have had dreams with mature elements at a very young age, and it didn't even scare me most of the time.
so, with this coming from a real person, does it seem more likly that Madotsuki could experiance these dreams, with the phycologial problems she may have?
don't forget all the young people with mental disorders aswell. the youngest person i know with a mental disorder is 13 having MPD.
so you know, take the whole world in the perspective here, she may be young due to it looking appealing but that doesn't allways mean that its wrong.

>> No.974   [Delete]   [Edit]

I don't doubt reoccurring dreams, but they're still disjointed and haphazard. Similar locations and settings and characters can appear, but at least in my case my reoccurring dreams are always 50% different each time they happen.

And the orphanage idea sounds pretty good too, but I'd say that would be mostly plausible if Mado is old enough to live on her own. I don't think she'd get emancipated and move away from an orphanage.

>> No.1000   [Delete]   [Edit]

I see her as being 14-15 years old. I don't thing she is anywhere near 18-20. Her clothes are not clothes that an older women would typically wear and pigtails create the image of someone young. All of her friends/people she knows appear to be young as well. I also think that early teens is a very difficult age for some people. I saw teased in middle school and was awkward and got depressed and had very morbid, emo, strange thoughts during those hard years. I think that she is a girl going thorough puberty and was teased and her parents probably don't care about her so she became a hikkimori. She's probably shy and a little weird/quirky kid to begin with, she seemed to have hobbies/interest that most young teenagers wouldn't like. Like how she likes Aztec things instead of makeup, etc. I don't think she lives alone, I think she lives with her parents, or perhaps in some sort of boarding school dorm.

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hello all,

i was thinking, mostly when you dream you dream about obsessions/feelings/traumatic experiences etc. so i think this "ran over man" is someone close to madotsuki. a brother/ friend or father. what do you think?

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Makes sense, considering you need to use the stoplight to see the other form of her, anyways.

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File: 1273991550482.jpg -(1.4 MiB, 1150x809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This alongside a post in /yn/'s "discovery" thread made me think of a theory.
Madotsuki's parents separated when she was a child. Mado lived with her father (Masada), her mother lived elsewhere taking care of Mado's two half sisters (Monoko, Monoe). Mado was deeply attached to her father, a pianist who taught her to appreciate music even in it's simplest forms. Masada's spaceship is a place where Mado hears only his piano and his voice, something that a child might find comforting.
Masada was killed in a car crash when Mado was a teenager (that sort of fade to black that happens when you fall asleep in Masada's bed, followed by the crash), Shitai is Madotsuki's mental image of him after that crash: the corpse of her father laying on the asphalt, covered in blood; having dragged himself from the wreckage in an effort to live long enough to get help. Mado probably never saw the effects of the crash firsthand, but that scene was what her mind fabricated when the police told her that her daddy wasn't gonna make it.
Mars is a metaphor for the way the world felt as Mado entered into a spiral of depression, scabbed over memories of her father, the only refuge from which is a tiny space she can squeeze into. That space is filled with metal wreckage and a creature who plays a piano riff, with what appears to be a piano for a foot (perhaps the background music plus the sound it makes were the first piano riffs her dad ever taught her?). The creature cries forever, one great big metaphor, again, for Mado's feelings. It's a point of no return.

Mado gets sent to live with her mother and half sisters. Her depression is getting worse, and she's reaching the onset of Antisocial Personality Disorder at about 15 years old. The world is black and white to match her thinking-- either people empathize with her, or they don't. She resents her mother and sisters because she feels like they can't feel her pain. Monoe seems very fake and catty to her and keeps her at arm's length (the smile, teleporting her to different places). Monoe is always discontent with something trivial (the look on her face), and as Madotsuki's personality disorder progresses into a more violent and increasingly less empathetic stage, Mado begins to want to disfigure her and give her something to REALLY be unhappy about (stoplight image).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/05/15(Sat)23:38.

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>Madotsuki runs away from home at 17, only to turn up 2 years later living in section 8 housing

May I add something in? She ran away using the train, and to avoid being caught from watchful eyes (A recurrent theme), used wigs to obscure her identity.

I've been meaning to to write a theory about her running away myself at one point, but I wanted to make an entire cohesive thing that explains all the effects, etc before that.

>> No.994   [Delete]   [Edit]

Might I add that I think she might have lived in the slums during that 2 year gap after she ran away, represented by the barracks town and all it's unhappy residents.

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There's been a lot of speculation over the rape theory, and although it's plausible, it also has "symptoms" of another theory that makes... decent sense.

Madotsuki is a lesbian.

Lots of little girls running around. The only men in her dreams are distorted, sent into space, or dead. I suppose it also explains the fear of the penis, which is what you all have speculated Kyukyu-kun means.

There's one scene in the purple pyramid, I suppose, where Madotsuki sees herself in the closet. More hints at lesbianism, perhaps? Homosexuals that hide their homosexuality are often referred to as being "in the closet."

I dunno. Made more sense in my head.

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File: 1273838376959.png -(93.1 KiB, 560x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

what the fuck is going on in here

>> No.949   [Delete]   [Edit]

Woamigod arrogant anon. Just because choices are caused by chemical processes doesn't mean they don't exist. Are you telling me that every time you've given up on something you had no other choice? Because that either means you are unbearably pessimistic or obnoxiously optimistic. You either see everything as pointless or think that you're constantly giving it your all.

One things for sure, you give yourself way too much credit for a half assed lecture about the classic argument of choice that has never ever been concluded and never will. Dude, get over yourself.
Lastly, this is a "theory section" amirite? That means nothing here is proven. So stop making such a big deal out of something so piddly.

Back to sanity: I think Mado is a girl, and too young to do anything tranny anyway. I think that it is a compelling argument she has identity issues, hence entering both male and female bathrooms. At the same time, when you gotta go, you gotta go---having a male bathroom that you have to use could just be some other kind of awkwardness for her.

Either way, I think she mostly identifies with being a girl and prefers the company of other girls the same way most young girls do anyway. But she may already be parting from them, hence Poniko's apparent indifference to her, due to a developing gender identity crisis that is only just budding.

>> No.950   [Delete]   [Edit]

Me again. I just noticed something! To support the sleepover idea, I just noticed that Madotsuki has a lot of pillows out on her floor in random locations. It wouldn't strike me as so significant, given they just might be sitting mats, if it weren't for how randomly laid out they are. Then again, this reflects both the dream world and the real world, not sure how you could interpret that, but I thought it would be worth the food for thought to say.

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File: 1273911839259.gif -(1 MiB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1272741965291.gif -(48.3 KiB, 288x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Bizarre and improbable theory gogogo

Psychological studies have shown that people with Avoidant Personality Disorder (hikkikomori, basically) often create worlds within their own head to deal with their feelings of aloneness.

Judging from the rug in her room, I think Mado is obsessed and fascinated with Mesoamerican culture. Her fantasy world would reflect that, hence why there are several worlds filled with Mesoamerican-inspired drawings.

Now, think about all those stories and legends about Aztec cultures having human sacrifices. Mado's dream world is a power fantasy where she has the power to sacrifice others, where she's a god.

>> No.936   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah I like this theory the best.

>> No.954   [Delete]   [Edit]

That is fucking awesome.

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